10 Things to Expect When Moving to a Hot Climate

Are you about to move somewhere new? If you’re relocating to a place that’s got a hotter climate, there are obviously upsides and downsides. But all things considered – it’ll be quite a change you’ll be going through. That’s why we recommend thinking about all of the things to expect when moving to a hot climate. There’s no need to figure them all out on your own, though – we’re here to list them out for you!

Expect to sweat when moving to a hot climate

Let’s face it – when you’re thinking about living in a place with a sunny climate, they always think about the great blue skies and beautiful beaches. But what they don’t think about is – there will definitely be a lot of sweating. So, if a company like instamove.com helps you relocate to a place which has a hot climate; expect to sweat a lot. And this isn’t related to how much you usually sweat; if you experience a big change of climate, your body will need time to adjust. So don’t be alarmed, this is something to expect when moving to a hot climate.

Exercise in tune with this

Many of us exercise on a daily basis, and that’s great. Obviously, it’s a good thing to keep a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re moving to a place which has weather you’re not comfortable with; you may want to tone down your exercises outside. If you do your workouts indoors, do what you usually do, as you’ll be in a climate-controlled space. But imagine moving to somewhere in Florida, from a place like Chicago. After finding relocation specialists in Altamonte Springs, Florida and moving there, for example; take it easy with the exercises. Doing a very hard workout outdoors, where it’s extremely hot, may be detrimental to your health. Naturally, once you’re in tune with the local weather, this will be fine for you as well. Keeping all of this in mind, though – don’t go overboard in the beginning.

A pier leading into an ocean in a hot climate.
Once you move to a hot climate, go easy on the workouts at first!

You can’t always find summer clothes

Sometimes, even the way businesses operate can defy logic. For example, one of the things to expect when moving to a hot climate is – you can’t find summer clothes at all times of the year. Let’s face it, to you it doesn’t matter if its December if the weather outside is hot. You still want to wear those denim shorts. But for some inexplicable reason, most clothing stores abide by the seasonal rotations they have in more diverse climates. So, you may find yourself lacking the place to buy decent summer clothes when you need them.

Keep sunglasses with you

As we’ve already mentioned, moving to a hot climate may require a degree of adaptation. Especially if you’re from a colder area, you’ll definitely have a period of adaptation ahead of you. And that’s something that’s true for every aspect of your life, ranging from the big things to little daily details. Such as – your sunglasses. If you’re moving from Canada to Florida, for example; you probably don’t have the habit of wearing sunglasses everywhere you go. But once you complete your move – you’ll definitely have to adjust to that.
Watch out for the sun
Speaking of the sun – your eyes won’t be the only thing that will have to adjust once you finish moving to a hot climate. If you’ve got sensitive skin, and white complexion – trust us, you’ll definitely want to watch out for the sun. And not just for a couple of weeks either. It takes literally years of living in an extremely sunny place for your skin to adapt to the environment. In the meantime, chances are high that you’ll have issues with sunburns if you don’t treat your skin in a timely fashion.

A woman near the ocean, wearing sunglasses.
You’ll be wearing sunglasses all the time after you move!

Bigger bills during the summer

So far, we’ve talked about all the ways you’ll have to personally adjust after moving to a hot climate. But what you may not have thought about is – your wallet will have to adapt as well. Sure, you’ve probably done some research on the costs of living in your new location. But still, there are some details you’ve probably missed – like your energy bills. If you haven’t lived in a hotter climate up until now, and you’re doing something like retiring in Florida you probably don’t realize this; but you’ll have higher bills in the summer. Realistically, you’ll probably have the AC on for most of the day, seeing as the heat could be unbearable otherwise. So keep this in mind while you plan your personal expenses for the foreseeable future.

Your car will get hot

Let’s face it – if you have a car, it will get hot in the constant sun. When the sun shines on your windshield, it will slowly heat the metal parts of your car. In due time, they may become so hot that you can burn yourself by touching them. At that point, you will barely be able to drive at all, as the steering wheel will become hot as well.

A van parked near a beach and palm trees.
Make sure your car doesn’t get hot!

So, if you want to avoid all of this, take all the needed precautions to protect your car from the summer heat. There are shades with a specific design for your windshield, keeping the interior of the car cool enough for comfort. And there are special coverings for your steering wheel, which are made out of materials that don’t absorb heat. Also, remember – never leave your kids or pets in the car if it’s too hot outside.