5 main differences between Ottawa and Toronto

There are many differences between Ottawa and Toronto but for some reason, they are always compared and even get mixed up. They are both big cities. But Toronto is much bigger. For example in Toronto, there are about 210 000 residents whereas in Ottawa are “only” about 60 000. That’s a pretty big difference but the 5 main differences we want to show you have nothing to do with how many people there are or how big of a city any of them is. Since they are both very popular we will talk a bit about relocation there too. Just so you can see who can help you out if you decide to relocate.

5 main differences between living in Ottawa vs Toronto

  1. costs of living
  2. job/employment opportunities
  3. entertainment
  4. weather
  5. green spaces

Costs of living

When choosing a place to live, costs are very important factors and there is a big difference here. Ottawa is very affordable. Toronto is not as much but still many families are moving to Toronto as well. If you are looking for a place to raise a family and save some money you might want to consider Ottawa first.

Pig as a symbol of saving money because there is a big difference between Ottawa and Toronto money-wise
There is a big difference between Ottawa and Toronto money-wise.

Job opportunities

For young professionals, this is the most important factor, and as you might have guessed Toronto is in the lead here. Toronto is a much bigger city and that’s the reason why this city has a booming business scene. But Ottawa is not bad either. There are government businesses available and you know what that means – stability. But if you want to work in Ottawa you will need to learn French, otherwise, you will have trouble finding a good job.


For sports fans, Ottawa will be a perfect place. Of course, they also have some pretty good restaurants, coffee shops, museums, galleries, movie theaters,s and all those regular spots for hanging out and relaxing. If you prefer vibrant nightlife, Toronto might suit you better since its nightlife is amazing. They have some world-class attractions but keep in mind it is a much bigger city and that is the main reason.

Toronto colorful sign
If you are all about partying you will love Toronto.


Ottawa is farther north than Toronto and that means colder weather. That is especially noticeable during the winter. But, during the summer Ottawa can actually be a bit warmer.


Ottawa is a winner here. Toronto actually resembles NYC and that means no greenery – concrete jungle so if you are moving from NYC you won’t have a big cultural shock. If you want to enjoy some nice parks or picnic areas, maybe go and work out on bicycle paths, or simply enjoy nature in general you should go to Ottawa.

Ottawa vs. Toronto which city is better?

This is the most common question asked but it is impossible to answer it. As you can see these two cities are very different and which one will be better for you depends solely on what you want from the city you live in. Are you looking for a nice and cozy place or do you like to hassle? Is nightlife important for you or do you like to focus your energy on your workouts in nature? All those factors are very important and that’s why it’s necessary to do a lot of research before deciding on a place (just like you are doing now by reading this article so, good for you). Families usually choose Ottawa since it’s a more family-friendly place and if you are looking to relocate there with your family, make sure to call professionalmoverottawa.com to help you out.

Toronto is not the capital, Ottawa is

Because Toronto is such a big (and famous) city many people assume that it’s the capital city. Ottawa is the capital even though it’s way smaller. But Ottawa is one of the best places to live in Canada. Don’t worry, even though there is plenty of greenery Ottawa is not a rural area, this is a very urban city. In fact, if you are moving within Ottawa you will easily find the best movers. Experts are there for you always in this city, this can not be said for any other place. If you are moving from NYC (which is becoming a real trend) chances are you will like Toronto better.

Education Ottawa vs. Toronto

Education is a very important factor and many will base their decision based on better schools. Especially people with kids because naturally, you want your kids to get the best possible education (which is perfectly reasonable). Canada is known to have a good school system and some of the best universities in the world. Did you know that both University of Ottawa and Carleton University have the highest number of residents per capita who have completed their Ph.D.? Both of them are in Ottawa but Toronto also has some pretty good schools don’t worry you just need to research them in order to understand Toronto better and their schools.

Understanding the differences between Ottawa and Toronto will make your decision easier

If you are in search of a new home and you narrowed it down to those two cities research will help you a lot. Understanding the differences between Ottawa and Toronto will make everything easier. You will be able to make a decision based on what looks better for you and your family (in case you are moving with your family). Take your time, this is a very big decision but no matter which one you choose chances are you will love it there.

Ottawa Parliament
Sometimes a smaller city can be better.

Moving to Ottawa or Toronto

When it comes to moving there, we have already shown you the best way to do this – hiring professional movers. This is the only way to have a stress-free experience. Relocations can be rough and there is a way to avoid all that mess. You can focus on you and your family and movers can deal with the hard part of relocation. How great does that sound?