5 Things to do in Santa Fe after moving from Canada

Moving to a new city is stressful. Relocation is not easy. Especially long distance international relocation. And we know a lot of people from Canada have been moving to Santa Fe over the last couple of years. This is an amazing city to live in for so many reasons but one of our favorites is the fact that there are lots of things to do in Santa Fe after moving from Canada. No matter your age, you will certainly find a fun activity to do after moving here.

If you have been thinking about relocating to The United States and New Mexico is one of the states that you are considering moving to, Santa Fe certainly is a city to add to your list of possible moving destinations. And here is where you can read just what are some things you can do with your family or by yourself if you decide to move to Santa Fe all the way from Canada.

Meet your neighborhood

The first thing we would suggest you to do is to meet your neighborhood. Knowing your surroundings is important for lots of reasons. For starters, this is the first step to meeting Santa Fe as a city as a whole. You cannot skip over getting to know the streets in your area, where the grocery stores are near you, or some shortcuts to get faster through the city. These are all the things you need to know in order to feel comfortable with where you live. Living in a place you do not know can be quite stressful even if you do not realize it.

Santa Fe train.
There are plenty of things for you to do in Santa Fe after relocation.

This is why you should definitely start exploring your surroundings after moving to Santa Fe from Canada. And the best way to do so is to simply walk to wherever you need to go. If you need to go pick up some groceries, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find a store on foot. You should of course look up online where the nearest stores are and then get to walking, this is just so you don’t wander around. But even wandering through Santa Fe has its charm. There are plenty of beautiful parks perfect for afternoon walks with your dog or for going to the playground with your children. There are lots of locally-owned stores, restaurants, and other businesses in Santa Fe that getting to know is going to be fun on its own.

Even though Canada and Santa Fe are far away, moving there easily is possible. The best way to do that is to team up with experts in this area and have them help you relocate to Santa Fe. They will make moving into your new home in another country an easy task.

Try local food

One thing you probably haven’t had a chance to experience if you haven’t been to New Mexico before is true New Mexican food. There are plenty of dishes that come from this area that we love and eat often. This is why we suggest that one of the first things to do in Santa Fe is to go to a local restaurant for dinner. You will certainly love carne adovada if you eat meat. Definitely try beef and chicken enchiladas as well. Burritos, huevos rancheros and chiles rellenos we also recommend you \to try. This is certainly not a part of the culture in Toronto.

Mexican food.
There are plenty of amazing tastes to try after moving to Santa Fe.

There are plenty of restaurants and you will not make a mistake by going to any one of them. As they are all locally owned they sure are fantastic. This is also where you will be able to meet people from the city as a lot of them love to sit down, eat and spend their free time talking to people. And meeting new people after moving to a new city is another very important factor of getting used to your new surroundings.

After moving into your new house in Santa Fe with Pro-Move Logistics, we definitely suggest getting to know your closest neighbors. This way you will know the people in your surrounding as well which is going to ease getting used to the change.


Once you have gotten to know some things about this amazing city, now it is time to get to know some more. There are plenty of things you can do here. There is an amazing museum by the name Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. You also have the museum of Indian Arts and Culture that you must visit.

Visit the city’s landmarks

There are a couple of landmarks you must see as well. One of them is the Santa Fe Plaza. Santa Fe Opera house is a must-visit as well. El Rancho de las Golondrinas is a beautiful landmark to go see as well. It is very unique landmark, there are 33 buildings on 200 acres.

Santa Fe monument.
Santa Fe has lots of beautiful landmarks.

Fun places for families

If you have children, they will certainly love the Meow Wolf center. This used to be a bowling alley and now it is a multimedia art experience. Artists have turned this into a really fun place to be. You just have to go and see it in person in order to realize just what it is. It is fun for the whole family, not just children. A lot of people actually say this is more fun for adults than children but we believe all ages would have some fun here.