5 tips for moving your valuables safely

If you are moving to another home or moving your office to another location, you must have some valuable things to relocate. This guide will help you prepare and secure your inventory when moving your valuables. Depending on the size and value of each item and the distance of your move, there are many ways to secure your inventory. Take a look at how you can prepare for the moving process without losing money or damaging your fragile belongings.

Make a packing plan

Before moving your valuables safely, you should decide on the best way to pack and transport them. Making a packing plan will help you decide which items you can pack and move by yourself and which you can’t. Keep in mind that some expensive inventory that is too bulky or fragile can damage during transportation. For these items, it’s highly recommended that you hire professional movers who can guarantee for your inventory’s safety.

antique cabinet
Keep in mind that items like artwork, antique furniture, and musical instruments are sensitive to temperature changes.

When it comes to making a packing plan, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Moving your valuables is equally complicated, no matter the distance of your move. If you are moving across the street, it doesn’t mean you can just move one item at a time without securing them. No matter how far you need to move, your belongings should be secure while they are in the moving truck.
  • In case you decide to hire professional movers, ask them about the insurance policy. Depending on the value of your inventory, moving your valuables might acquire additional insurance.
  • Items like artwork, antique furniture, and musical instruments are sensitive to temperature changes. Fine art can be moved in a safe manner only if you protect it from the outside weather conditions.
  • If you need to move them long distance, ask your moving company how they plan to secure them from moisture, heat, and cold.

Choose quality packing materials

Whether you decide to pack on your own or to hire a professional moving company, you should consider getting professional packing supplies. While you can pack regular items into clothes, old blankets, and kitchen towels, you can’t do that with expensive items. In order to secure your belongings while moving valuables, you should make sure to find quality packing materials. Here are some suggestions for packing materials you could use for packing your valuable and expensive items:

Moving your valuables such as crystal glasses is something you need to prepare for.
You can pack smaller items that are not fragile or made out of glass together in a box, along with some packing peanuts.

  • Bubbly paper. Everyone knows what this material serves for. The air in the bubbles will prevent your belongings from pushing each other during transportation.
  • Cellophane wrap. For bulky items that are hard to maneuver, you can use cellophane wrap in many layers. This material is perfect for protection against moisture and temperature changes.
  • This material is usually used to secure valuable items like computers, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices. Styrofoam is good for fixing the position of your items during the moving process.
  • Packing peanuts. You can pack smaller items that are not fragile or made out of glass together in a box, along with some packing peanuts.
  • Quality moving boxes and plastic containers. Depending on the distance of your move, you might want to consider using cardboard boxes or plastic containers.

Disassemble and wrap your valuables individually

When it comes to moving your valuables, the wrapping process is a very important step. Some items like crystal glasses or a chandelier are too sensitive. You can’t move them in the same moving boxes with other things. This is why you should consider packing them separately. Another thing you should consider is the disassembling process. For example, if you need to pack your kitchen, you should either take it apart or ask a moving company to transport in one piece. The smaller the parts are, the easier it is to pack your valuables for the move.

Some items like crystal glasses or a chandelier are too sensitive to be in the same moving boxes with other things.

Secure every item before packing

There are some items you can’t manage to secure for the move without professional moving assistance. Some of your valuables are too bulky or too heavy to move. You should consider using special equipment like dollies and straps to move them. Objects like pianos, office inventory, computers, and big appliances are not easy to load into the moving truck. That is why you should make a plan before the moving day. Think about the time it will take to secure and move those items. Also, keep in mind that moving your valuables that are too big can cause many moving injuries.

Hire professional movers before moving your valuables

In the end, the best way of moving your valuables safely and securely is to hire a professional moving company. In case you need to ship your inventory to another country or overseas, your movers can take care of your belongings’ safety and take care of the entire process. For example, if you were moving from Brooklyn to another state or Toronto, a good moving company like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn could help you with moving your valuables. Everything from wrapping, packing loading and unloading of your inventory should be a job for professional movers. In the end, the safety of your belongings and their value should be your priority during a move. Any sort of damage or loss of any item can cause you to lose money and get into moving troubles.
If you are moving your valuables, make sure to follow these 5 tips and take one step at a time. Just like moving any other item in your home, the preparation process can take time and good organizing skills.