A simple moving out checklist every tenant should have

Renting is a process that requires many things! As a tenant, you have to keep the entire space clean, pay your rent on time, etc. In other words, there are so many duties you need to pay attention to! So, you will probably feel relieved when the right time comes for you to move on and relocate to another place. Anyhow, to learn what it takes to get ready for that mission, you might want to continue reading this text! Below, you’ll discover some tips that will help you create a simple moving out checklist! Thanks to that, you’ll move to another home without hustle!

You see, since you are a tenant, there are certain sets of rules you need to be aware of when planning on leaving your landlord. Also, you must learn how to organize your relocation, pack and move like a pro, find some ways to simplify your household transition, etc. Thanks to those things, you will have pretty much everything you need to begin this moving project!

A man is making a moving out checklist.
Tenants need to learn how to get ready for the upcoming relocation!

So, how to create a simple moving out checklist?

Before you dive into handling your moving tasks, you need to learn what it takes to leave a home as a tenant! So, collect your tenancy documentation and do some homework. Thanks to that, you’ll know what you must do to leave that property and relocate somewhere else. For example, if you are planning on moving somewhere in Toronto, your tenancy documentation must include government-issued ID, lease paperwork, your income, etc. While doing so, get ready for househunting and start working on making your moving checklist!

Once you confirm the moving arrangements, it is time to book movers. Therefore, as soon as you determine the date for leaving Toronto, begin your search. You see, when it comes to this city, you can easily find professionals to help you with transfer of your stuff to another location. Therefore, you can rest knowing you won’t have anything to worry about your move. Instead, hire reliable local movers from Toronto and let them do their job. In no time, they can complete the entire project, so you can expect to leave that home in no time. 

Packing checklist

Again, packing for a move also depends on the lease you have with your current landlord! Therefore, tenants need to be aware of that. However, the packing itself requires many things. So, to begin, create a list of the inventory you own and begin decluttering. Make sure to ditch unnecessary furniture, inventory, clothing, appliances, etc. When you get rid of the excess belongings, collect packing materials and other moving supplies. And, of course, to complete the packing project like a pro, you’ll require tips and tricks.

Anyhow, when getting ready for packing, you should also learn how to prepare your apartment for movers. Therefore, you must discover some hacks that can help you pack strategically, so your relocating professionals can easily move around your stuff, etc.

Moving checklist.
As you can see, tenants need to learn how to properly create a moving out checklist!

Clean the entire living space!

While packing up each room, you should also handle the cleaning. Of course, this is recommended to do because you can’t just go away and leave a mess in there. Although, without a doubt, that would be the easiest thing to do! However, it won’t benefit you especially if you have plans to ask your current landlord for a letter of reference and rent again. That won’t look good on your resume! So, to avoid that, make a deal with your landlord and discuss the methods of cleaning. 

Usually, the best solution for this job will be to hire professional cleaners because they can provide you with the best cleaning services. You can hire them to clean the entire space. Or you can use their professional carpet cleaning services, ask them to help you clean glass surfaces, etc. In other words, there are so many reasons why they can be perfect for this job. You see, thanks to their services, you can rest knowing the entire home will be 100% clean. But, if you don’t use their help, give that space a deep clean on your own! This is, for sure, another task you should add to your list of things to do when moving out!

What else do you need to know about when making a moving out checklist?

Before you begin packing and cleaning, make sure to find out exactly what’s expected of you when you move out. Well, to pull off that job, you’ll probably need to check these things:

  • Utilities – water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Make sure your personal information is properly secured. So, get rid of every piece of evidence in that home that will show access to your bank account, credit card providers, friends, family members, and so on.
  • Also, before you move, notify whoever you need about changing your address.
  • Organize a moving day, learn what things to consider when renting a moving truck, etc.
  • And finally, prepare yourself to say goodbye to that home.
A hand, key.
The final task in your checklist should be to – give back the key!

Talk to your landlord

Everything that concerns your leave, you must discuss with your landlord! So, make sure to put this task on your moving out checklist as well! Therefore, the moment you decide to move out, visit your homeowner and bring up this subject! That will give you and your landlord enough time to take care of everything. For instance, you will have lots of room to organize the move, complete the duties you have as a tenant, etc. On the other hand, your landlord can work on the search for another person to live in that home, and so on. Of course, all those things depend on the previous agreement you have with your landlord! However, if there are any misunderstandings between you two, feel free to reach out to a lawyer. But, if the relationship with your landlord is correct, ask for a reference letter, help with moving, etc.