Best places to live on the US East Coast

Do you need a place where you can settle in and relocate to? Let’s face it – in this situation, you’ll need to choose your location with the utmost care, especially if you’re not moving alone but with your family. You want an area that is completely safe, so everyone in your household can enjoy it freely. But also, you want a region that has enough job and educational opportunities. And with all of that in mind – there’s really no place better than the East Coast! This is an extremely varied region, from the rocky shores of Maine to the sun-filled skies of Florida. There’s really no lifestyle that the East Coast can’t indulge. And that’s precisely why we’ve crafted a list of the best places to live on the US East Coast. Take a look below, and enjoy!

Ashburn isn’t a bad idea

While we point out the best places to live on the US East Coast, you might find that we’ve selected some cities that are somewhat of a cliche. Many people will say that New Jersey has the movers you need, or that New York is the best place to be. But in reality, you may want to think about DC; especially if you want a family-friendly area. And if you want a taste of suburbia without living in DC proper, don’t worry; there are still a couple of options for you in the Washington DC metro area. For example – Ashburn is definitely a good option. You’ll find that this is a county with some of the highest average home incomes not just on the East Coast; but in the entire nation. 

What else does Ashburn offer?

As you can see, making a living will not difficult in Ashburn. But as you prepare for your long-distance move, you must also be wondering; does this place offering any other kind of amenities besides great salaries? After all, these also come with a caveat; local prices also rise in comparison to the national average. So, the town would need to have some other kind of amenity to completely stand out. 

The White House, during the day.
Ashburn is quite near to Washington DC!

First of all, it’s been the home port of the Washington Redskins for decades now. But that is far from its main draw. Apart from that, the town has also become something of a tech hub in the area. You’ll find that Verizon and companies like Telos are some of the largest job-creators around here; meaning that there’s a lot of IT jobs. If this is anything close to your field of expertise, you should start packing for a move here right away. Also, we mustn’t forget – this is a place that’s actually close to DC proper; so if you want to work there, it’s only a short commute away. And if you’re more locally-minded, but still love the great outdoors; you’ll see that this place is great for hiking and biking, with plenty of historical routes. 

Looking for a prosperous area

Obviously, when we talk about the best places to live on the US East Coast, you have to make your choice carefully. And there’s one especially crucial factor that comes to mind: the prosperity of any given area. When you think about it, you’ll find that not every city is an economic powerhouse; especially for your particular career niche. For example, an artist may want to hire moving experts from Brooklyn, NY; but for someone who’s in tech, New York might not be such a good idea.

A view of a Manhattan street with yellow cabs.
Living in an economic hub akin to New York definitely has its advantages!

As you can see, it all depends on your personal career choices. But there are still places where people from all walks of life may easily find work. If we take a look at East Coast cities, you’ll see that Boston is definitely one of them. 

Boston is incredibly interesting 

But when we talk about Boston, especially if you’ve been living in a small town, you must be thinking; what exactly does this city offer? For one, you can definitely be sure that Boston is one of the most historically interesting places in the entire United States. If you’re a fan of history, and you’re interested in the American historical and cultural heritage; this is definitely the place for you.

A panoramic view of downtown Boston at sunset.
Boston can fulfill all of your needs and hobbies!


As you might have surmised from above, when you’re choosing among the best places to live on the US East Coast; there is an entire host of different things to consider. First and foremost; you want to be certain that a place has amenities that can fulfill your interests. But apart from that, what you also want is an area that can present enough job opportunities. It’s a careful balance to maintain, but if you’re thorough enough; it’s definitely nothing that you can’t handle.