Best summer activities in Toronto

Toronto isn’t just the capital city of Ontario, it’s also the most beautiful Canadian city filled with diversity, fun and unique attractions for locals, and for tourists. Whether you are just visiting it or you have just moved to a new home in Toronto, you will fall in love with its landmarks, skyline, and people as easy as counting to three. No matter what people think – Canada isn’t always cold, it has all four seasons. In case you are still deciding, or have already decided to be in Toronto during summer, check out these summer activities in Toronto that will make your stay even more interesting and fun.


Your relocation is finally done and now you can start exploring Toronto after your move. We strongly recommend to take a ferry ride and visit Toronto Island, it is just 15 minutes away from the downtown Toronto! Even though it is popularly called „The Island“, it is actually a group of 15 small islands that are connected by bridges and pathways. The Island is unlike any other destination. It offers all sorts of summer activities in Toronto for people of all ages and interests.
Because of its inter-connection, you can easily walk from one end of the Island to the other and enjoy its beautiful nature by yourself, with friends or family members. Also, if you have a dog, it will certainly be grateful for taking it for a walk here. If you’re feeling sporty, take the advantage of a beautiful day and go for a run, swim on its beautiful sandy beaches, rent a bike or even a canoe or kayak. On The Island, there is also a small 150-year-old community of people who live in charming cottage-like houses and a 200-year-old Gibraltar Point Lighthouse that you should definitely pay a visit to when you are thinking of best summer activities in Toronto.


A girl watching a shark in a tank, enjoying one of the best summer activities in Toronto.
Kids love going to the Ripley’s Aquarium.

While thinking of exploring Toronto, take a small walk on a beautiful sunny day, grab some ice cream with your family members and make a stop at Ripley’s aquarium. This aquarium holds more than 20,000 exotic sea creatures and freshwater specimen that will take your breath away. Their looks and vibrant colors will amaze you. Everyone loves that part of the building where there is a huge tunnel made of glass so that when you are walking through it, you can see sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and much more just swimming around you. The feeling is priceless!
Please don’t be afraid of taking your children to these exhibits – most of them love this place. The important thing is that visiting this kind of exhibits and exploring the bottom of the ocean isn’t just fun. It also offers a phenomenal learning opportunity, especially for your kids.


Toronto is famous for its different culture, enormous festivals, great food, and having some of the best shopping spots. But that’s not all! It would be such a shame if your list of summer activities in Toronto didn’t include visiting Toronto’s remarkable museums. Whether you want to explore neighborhoods, search through Toronto’s fine arts, wander through museums or watch the most beautiful examples of architecture, there are some places that we strongly recommend you to visit.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a historic house museum, the only full-sized castle in North America. Built in gothic style in 1914. , Casa Loma attracts the attention of many onlookers. This castle has many hidden tunnels and secret passages, but not all of them are open to visitors. Not to forget to mention that Casa Loma is also a popular filming location and a venue for wedding ceremonies. This is one of the best of Toronto’s attractions.

Hockey hall of fame

Since you’re already in Canada, it would be great to visit the place that honors Canada’s favorite sport. You don’t even need to be a big hockey fan to visit this place. Be aware that this isn’t a typical exhibit where you just wander around the museum and look at hanged pieces. Hockey hall of fame offers you interactions, exhibited trophies, few traditionally-styled galleries that can teach you about the game’s history. Spare a few hours and get to know everything you can about Canada’s favorite game. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a fan of this game if you already aren’t one.

Hockey players playing hockey.
Hockey is Canada’s favorite sport.

Art Gallery of Ontario 

The AGO is one of the biggest galleries in North America – it has 45,000 square meters of physical space. Its collection includes almost 95,000 works dating from the first century to the present day. Visiting the AGO gives you a rare chance to get familiar with Canadian, European, African, Oceanic art and much more. All off that in this mesmerizing place, so visiting it is a must when planning summer activities in Toronto.


Want to take a walk but maybe put it to an extreme level? This one is for the bravest and those who are seeking some adrenaline rush. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but whoever decides to try it out deserves our full respect. If we’ve succeeded in catching your attention, now you can do the research on the Edge Walk at top of the CN Tower.
In short, if you are brave enough, you have an opportunity to walk a full circle, outside, in the air, at the height of 553 meters! Don’t worry about your safety because you will be fully provided with their special equipment and best professionals will be by your side the whole time. All you have to do is to gather your strength and make the first step. After that, you’ll forget about the fear and get a thrill of a lifetime that words can’t describe.

A skyline of Toronto during daylight.
For thrill seekers, Edge Walk is one of the best summer activities in Toronto.

Whatever you choose, you won’t be sorry for spending your time doing summer activities in Toronto. This beautiful city has great locals and everything you need, so you’ll never be bored. Don’t forget about just one more thing. When doing all of these activities, always have on you:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottled water
  • Light clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Good mood – never go without this when you’re looking for summer activities in Toronto.