Best winter vacation spots in Canada

Looking for a best winter vacation spots in Canada was never this easy! Especially when there are literally hundreds of places you can visit. Let us give you a few pointers on what you can do this winter, and what places you can come to. We assure you, some of this vacation spots will fit your plans perfectly! So you can spend your free winter time

Ottawa, Ontario

Over the course of years, millions of tourists pour in this wonderful city. For two months, January and February, you can enjoy a lot of winter activities. Some of them are ice skating, sliding, twirling and even walking. Watch in awe Canada’s Parliament Buildings and famous Chateau Laurier hotel. If you happen to be here in February, the weekends are the best! During the February every weekend is reserved for Winterlude festival. This is an annual celebration where you can find a lot of tasty chalets and delicious desserts. Try out Canada’s famous maple taffy and other tasty foods. There are just one of the pros of relocating to Ottawa this winter. Make sure you know them all before you decide to visit or move here!

A road and forest covered in snow in one of the best winter vacation spots in Canada
Under the snow, Ottawa is one of the best winter vacation spots in Canada

Rideau Canal skating 

If you love ice skating then this is a perfect place to be! What makes Ottawa one of the best winter vacation spots in Canada is this! A couple of millions of visitors come here to enjoy the wonders of ice skating. The Canal is almost 8km long, which means you can skate over 90 Olympic-sized rinks. And, also it holds the title as the worlds largest ice skating rink. Take your loved ones on this trip and you will enjoy it to the fullest for sure!

An ice skater skating
Rideau Canal is famous for ice skating

One of the best winter vacation spots in Canada is Niagara falls

What is more dazzling and beautiful than Niagara Falls? The frozen falls in the winter! During the summer you can witness all of it’s majestic and raw power Mother Nature provides us. But when winter comes, it is like we manage to tame an untamable steed. The breathtaking visual of frozen Niagara falls will leave you stunned! Only during the winter can you see how peaceful they are. And for the brief moment, witness their tremendous power, before the ice melts. There are no words that can express the sheer beauty of this place. Even famous poets lack words to describe them. What makes Niagara falls one of the best vacation spots in Canada is its mysticism. Take a look at a chilling mist rising above the falls. Before you come here, make sure you planned your vacation well. You really do not want anything to go bad. There are ways to make relocations and vacations easier than you think! Find out about them all before you come here!

A frozen Niagara Falls
When frozen, Niagara falls are majestic

Ice Hotel of Quebec City

Here you can experience how the Eskimos live! This particular hotel is made entirely out of ice. Here, everything is made out of ice! You will even eat food out of icy dishes. SO if you crave for that full winter experience, come on in! Do not worry! You will not freeze to death here! More than the warm welcoming crew of experienced people here will show you around. And you will have more than enough things to cover under during the night.

People standing in an ice hotel
Everything is made out of ice in this ice hotel

Ice Hiking in Alberta

If you are more of a hiking person such as myself, then this is the right place for you! Alberta is on our place of best winter vacation spots in Canada because of its hiking trails. One of the greatest winter activities here is ice hiking through Johnston Canyon. This sidewalk is made popular by the Canadian Tourism Commission. So you will know they mean serious business! This wonderful winter experience is simply unique! Through the ice walk, you are guided by an experienced tour guy/girl. What makes this ice walk even better is constant tales your guides will tell you. From unfortunate treasure and fame hunters to outstanding explorers and adventurers. Gaze in awe as you pass through all the icy scenery you can only see in movies! But, bring out your camera as well! This place is home to a lot of furry friends! Some of the most popular here are wolves, coyotes, mooses and foxes! So if you are an animal lover, this is perfect! Perhaps you are coming here with your furry friend! They know how to prepare them for winter weather without any problems. They will surely be grateful to you!

People hiking in forest in winter
Ice hiking is very popular in Alberta

Whitehorse, Yukon

Ever wonder how it is to experience local culture and community during winter? Come and see it in Whitehorse, where you have a chance to enjoy the sunshine during the day.  What places Whitehorse on our list of the best winter vacation spots in Canada is its spectacular Northern lights. They soak up the sky and the city during wintertime. Enjoy a variety of winter activities here such as:

  • Famous dog sledding
  • Ice fishing makes this Whitehorse one of the best vacation spots in Canada
  • Hiking
  • Snowmobiling

But for those who are more into indoor activities because Whitehorse has them all. A big variety of galleries, shops, cultural centers, and cafes. Not to mention an abundance of restaurants and places where you can spend the night. Taking River Lodge is the most popular place for tourists here. Yukon is a very eco-friendly city! Not only do they take pride in their winter activities, but in their green policies. It is a good idea to know how to deal with dangerous materials before the move when you decide to visit or move here!

A man driving a snowmobile in a sunset
Drive a snowmobile through Whitehorse

There are many more places you can visit during the winter time. And to count them all would be almost impossible. Canada is among the most beautiful places! There are literally hundreds of places where you can visit and still have a good time. What we selected to present you are our choices of the best winter vacation spots in Canada. We hope you like them and soon enough check them out. If you have any experience whatsoever, feel free to hit us up! Our comment section is just down below and we can’t wait to hear from you!