Beware of moving scams in Toronto

Moving scam may ruing your moving to Toronto

Moving day to Toronto is getting closer, and you are looking forward to it! There is nothing weird about that. But what you should pay attention to is- Do not let the moving day become your worst nightmare! You wonder why would we say that. Well, there are a lot of moving scams in Toronto today, and what you should know if you are moving to Toronto, or moving within Toronto, is that Toronto is maybe the city that has the most fraudulent movers comparing to all of the big cities of the rest of the world! That is why we have done the research on how to avoid moving scam in Toronto, and how to recognise one.
It wasn’t only ‘Toronto Local Movers’ that recognised this problem. There are so many moving scams that Toronto police appeals for attention when hiring a mover. They received a lot of scam reports and arrested hundreds of movers for money extortion and other frauds connected to relocation scams here in Toronto. Also, many of our site visitors claimed to have experienced some kind of moving fraud, so we decided to help you prevent hiring the wrong mover that would make you a victim of Toronto moving scam. Therefore, be careful, read carefully our article and pay attention when searching for a mover to hire when relocating to Toronto! Here are some of the most important tips what to pay attention to if you don’t want to hire a fraudulent mover:

  • Get recommendations- Ask your friends and family if they can recommend you a reliable mover packer in Toronto, so you wouldn’t hire a fraudulent mover
  • Get estimates- Make sure you have the information about how much would the relocation to Toronto cost, and how much time would it take
  • Hire companies with their own moving facilities- Do not pick movers in Toronto with rental vehicles, moving scam is all around you in Toronto
  • Avoid moving companies you can’t find information about- Choose only those moving companies in Toronto offering relocation services that you may find information about

Get recommendations

Ask people you trust to recommend you a reliable mover in Toronto

          If you have relatives or friends that moved to Toronto recently, the best possible information would be their experience and their recommendation, if not which mover is good enough to pick, then what they think would be the most important to pay attention to. Because, someone who did the relocation these days knows what a problem it might be, and how many moving scams are there in Toronto. Anyway, it is not an easy process conducted with the lack of stress and with a constant smile on your face.

Get estimates

Ask different companies to give you an estimate on how much the relocation would cost, and how much time it would take

Avoide moving scams in Toronto- Get the non exceeding biding estimate signed by company representative, and save your money!

          Talking about estimates, we must mention several things. First, when informing about different companies offering to move your home to Toronto, you get the initial estimate. It may vary based on the kind of furniture, type of home, accessibility etc. Therefore, when you have received the initial estimate, and you picked several moving companies offering the best terms for relocation, there is next important step- Require the representative of the company to come to your home to check on what might represent o potential problem during the moving process. When the representative comes, he/she will make a more precise evaluation of what would be tho cost of the relocation. When that happens, at the end of the visit, you need to require a biding estimate that may not be exceeded. And you require it to be in written and signed by

the representative. When that happens, you may rest assured that you can’t pay a single dollar more than it is agreed. Because there are many moving scams in Toronto that increase the amount for every step of the moving, making you pay two or three times bigger amount than you agreed. When you have in your hands a signed biding estimate, you did the most important job when trying to avoid getting ripped-off by a Toronto fraudulent mover.

Hire a company with their own moving facilities

          In case you hire someone using rental trucks, you can be sure that there is some kind of a problem just waiting to arise

In case you notice the track that comes to transport your stuff doesn’t have a name of the company you hired on it, be suspicious and check what is going on because that is the first sign something is going wrong and the company you hired for moving to Toronto might be a fraudulent mover. Also, if they are answering the phone without mentioning the name of the mover, delete that company from the list of movers you are considering to hire, it could be the sign that that is racketeering mover!

Avoid moving companies you can’t find information about

          If a mover doesn’t offer you exact information of who he is, and what he does, is it someone you can trust your valuables?

Before you hire a company offering relocation services, the most important thing is to find out everything you can about themand based on that make your decision on what moving company is good enough to be hired, avoiding moving scam. First, you can do is contact some of the previous clients. If you can’t find them, search the data over the web, or find articles about the companies in the local newspaper. Another way of collecting information could be topay them a visit and ask them questions you need to know. Also, what is maybe the most important, is to check if they are licensed to do the relocation. In case you can’t find out anything of aforementioned, and they are even not licensed to do the relocation in Toronto, do not hire that moving company because you would be putting you and your family at great risk, with big chances of being robbed, charged additional fees for the relocation, or have your items damaged. When moving to a new home in Toronto, those things are certainly not something you would like to happen.
In order to prevent potential problems with fraudulent movers in Toronto, have a look at our tips on how to avoid them, and make sure you are very detailed about it because any mistake that you make preparing to hire a mover in Toronto can cost you a lot of money and a lot of time.
To remember how to avoid moving scams, we suggest that you watch the video: