How to choose where to live in Toronto

You decided to move to Toronto, but you are not sure where. Toronto has over 200 neighborhoods, so it can be a bit overwhelming for you to choose where to live in Toronto. Toronto is divided into districts and since 1998 the number has increased. Every district has its own little neighborhoods and every one of them is unique in something. We are gonna provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to choose where to live in Toronto

an image of toronto landmark
Toronto landmark

Toronto districts

The city of Toronto has 6 districts in total. Although they are part of the city, they still have their own identity.

  • Old Toronto – it is often referred to as “South” or “Central” district and it is divided into several parts. You have Downtown Core, East End, West End and North End. Here is located, Queen West – named by Vogue as a second coolest neighborhood in the world.
  • East York – is divided into two zones: Old East York and Suburban East York. East York, in general, has a lot of history and when you are choosing the right Toronto neighborhood – this might be the one.
  • Etobicoke – it is divided into three zones- central, north and south. It has a lower number of people living there due to heavy industrialization.
  • Scarborough – it is in the east part of Toronto. It is one of the most diverse and multicultural areas in Toronto. It is also one of the greenest parts of Toronto.
  • North York – It was a separate city until 1998. It is divided by Yonge street into two parts- east and west.
  • York – it is divided into west and east section. You will find a lot of area for outdoor play.

Tips on how to choose where to live in Toronto

Once you have familiarized yourself with all the districts in Toronto, now you need to know a little bit about the most popular neighborhoods. Also, we will give you tips about economic status and things you can find in each of them. Some of them are more artistic, while others are a business core of the city. Anyway, now the decision to choose where to live in Toronto should be easy for you after reading this. Also, when you are moving to Toronto, especially if you are moving from warmer places you need to think about your health.

The view of Toronto
Air view of Toronto

Yonge Eglinton

You can find it between Forest Hill and Lawrence Park, and by the survey conducted in 2017, it was one of the safest neighborhoods. Also, it is ranking high when it comes to finding a job, schools, and health. It also has a lot of entertainment places like cinemas, different bars, and restaurants. It is becoming popular for young entrepreneurs. Also, the value of homes is growing steadily so it is a good place to invest money. And, one thing not to forget- it is heaven for shopaholics.

Queen West

As we mentioned earlier, it is the second best neighborhood in the world. If you are an artistic person then choosing the right Toronto neighborhood is never been easier. here you will find a lot of art galleries, design studios and much more. Queen West has a lot of historic buildings. And one of the most famous places is Graffiti Alley. There are artsy hotels, new restaurants and different music venues here.


This is one of the most crowded neighborhoods in Toronto. Here you can see the diversity, try different food and enjoy your hunt for fresh products. Chinatown is unique and it is the largest in North America. Chinatown has 464 restaurants, so if you are into it – you will enjoy eating out.

King West

Today, this is the fashion district. It once was the heart of the textile industry in Toronto, but things have changed.  The 401 Richmond is now an art hub. Ig you are into nightlife-  this is the best neighborhood for you. Here you will always find something happening and it is full of night bars, trendy cafes, and restaurants.

East End

This is the home to the Toronto LGBT community. Here you can find the Gay Village that is always friendly to newcomers and filled with bars and restaurants. Also, we have to mention that East End Victorian homes. All of them have been restored so you can enjoy the tour. And East End has a place named The Beach – that is basically Lake Ontario. You can ride a bicycle there, get some sun and enjoy fantastic food.

How to choose the right neighborhood?

These are just some of the Toronto neighborhoods that we have mentioned and provided you with information about them. When you start choosing the right neighborhood for you, there are some things you need to consider. You need to think about your budget first. You need to calculate the price of moving, decide will you hire a professional moving company. All of the materials you need to relocate such as boxes, bubble wrap, the tape a- calculate it into your budget.

A woman is thinking about the budget
Think about budget

You need to check rent price, see can you handle it in first few months. Also, the crucial factor is do you have a job in Toronto? If you do, and you are relocating just locally- then you need to think about what do you want to change. Is it a noisy neighborhood, do you want more of a nightlife? Those are all the things you need to consider.

Meeting the neighborhood

One of the things that you can do, you can try to visit the neighborhood by day and by night. You can take a walk and try to see all the things around your potential new place. How does it look like by day and by night? How much time will you need to get to your work from your new home? You can try the local coffee and maybe sit in some restaurant. Those are small things, but the details are what is important. If you are new to Toronto, you can also visit some of the most popular landmarks. You can decide to spend one day just to get to know the surrounding which will help you choose where to live in Toronto.