How to choose the right neighborhood when moving to Toronto

Where to live in Toronto
It is not an easy task to pick out the best neighborhood in Toronto

So you’ve decided to settle down in the Toronto, a.k.a. “the city of neighborhoods” but you are not sure on where exactly to settle in. Seeing that the city of Toronto has a total of 140 neighborhoods, it might prove hard for someone that is just moving in for the very first time to choose the most suitable and reliable one. Well, this short article might just be the compass you need, so pour yourself a glass of wine and scan through the following neighborhoods before deciding which one to make your new home.
To start you off, let us differentiate between the six major areas of Toronto, after which we’ll give you a small but detailed introduction into each one, and all towards the hope that you might just instantly fall in love with one of them, but hey, let us not get carried away – down to business.
The six largest neighborhoods to choose from are as follow. We will give you a short info on all of them, but if you want even more info, check out this website.

  • Old Toronto
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • Scarborough
  • North York
  • York

1. If you are leaning more towards the traditional, pick Old Toronto

Where to live in Toronto
Check out all six of the big neighborhoods in Toronto

It is definitely hard to pick the appropriate neighborhood in Toronto, especially when there is so many to choose from, but you should always check out what suits you best. It is not about picking the best neighborhood in Toronto, it’s about picking the one that suits you the best. Old Toronto was the center of the capital in the late 60’s and sometimes it is called “South Toronto”, or even “Central Toronto”. Many important buildings and monuments are located precisely within its boundaries. Many parts of this neighborhood have the names of saints, which further enhances the antique feeling. If you are interested to live amongst some of the most important historic buildings, you should definitely pick this neighborhood. Here you can check out more about this place, and see it’s interesting heritage, modern events and the way it is governed.

2. For a more urban feel, check out East York

What Old Toronto might miss East Your definitely will re-compensate, so when deciding which Toronto neighborhood to live in, make sure to do your homework, otherwise you might miss East York. It might attract you because it is located between the Don River and the Victoria Park Avenue, which clearly underlines it’s connection to the original York. Just like every other neighborhood in Toronto, it is separated into smaller zones, each with its own charm and uniqueness. Real estate is very affordable and many young families are choosing to settle down precisely here. In addition, it provides a quick and easy access to downtown.

3. Settle down in Etobicoke if you are looking for a diverse environment

Located on the west side of the Humber river, this Toronto neighborhood is filled with internationalism. More than any other part of Toronto and with a population of less that 400.000 it includes people of different ethics background, religion and any other diversity you can think of. It also has lower population density, much larger main streets and a lot of shopping malls. In order to make you feel even more comfortable this Toronto neighborhood has several expressways, so don’t you worry – they got you covered. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to choose this Toronto neighborhood, perhaps we should also tell you that it is a home to numerous public parks, filled with amazing waterfalls, flowers, and paths to stroll over. The favorite sport is golf, so, clearly, it has one of the best golfing courses in the country. Not convinced? Let us move on.

4. Do you care about the environment? Check out Scarborough!

This suburban district that occupies the eastern part of the city has been declared greener than any other part of Toronto, which should no be easily dismissed. It is also bordered by a park a river, and a lake, so all of you nature lovers, we have found your perfect neighborhood to settle down in Toronto! Its peculiar name comes from an English town in North Yorkshire, and since it was founded in the late 18th century by a group of farmers and villagers it continues to rise. It shares some similarities with other neighborhood because it is very diverse, due to the fact that it has recently become very popular immigrants immigrants seeking refuge in Canada.

5. Urban economic center? Don’t miss North York

If you want to have the best of every world, make sure that you choose this neighborhood in Toronto. North York is located just above Old Toronto, and it is surrounded with Etobicoke and Scarborough, which sounds like a perfect place to be. It is a very fast-growing district, much due to the fact that it has rapidly become a central business district for many companies, which have chosen this particular neighborhood for their company headquarters.

6. And for the end, make sure to check out York.

The last big neighborhood inside Toronto in Canada is York, bounded by the Humber River. Like many others, it was created when villages came together. One of the things that make this particular neighborhood special is the fact that it was home to the very first Black community in this area. It still has the largest percentages of Black population of all six large neighborhoods.

Welcome to Toronto
Where to live in Toronto?

Picking the right neighborhood in Toronto is not an easy task, especially when you have such a diverse and quality bunch to choose from. Make sure to pick out what best suits you, regardless of what other people might think, considering the fact that you will be the one living there in the end. When you do finally decide, make sure to check out our article dedicated to newcomers who have chosen the amazing Toronto as their new home. This huge step for sure was not an easy one to make, but if you are careful, check out our helpful advice and do your research, you are going to enjoy your new home. Welcome to Toronto!