What to do for entertainment in Toronto?

Moving to a new city is as frightening as it’s fun and exciting. Especially if we are talking about a city so big such as Toronto. Moving to Toronto from anywhere in the world is not easy. Toronto is a city like no other. It’s diverse. So many things to see. A lot more things to do. You definitely need more than just a few months to get to know this city and find something that is right up your alley. But with my help, it is possible. Not easy, but possible. There are so many options for entertainment in Toronto, possibilities are endless. That makes it even harder to choose and to know what to dedicate your time to. I will let you know about the cheap and the expensive options so you can choose for yourself.


You don’t always have the time and the will to cook. Sometimes you just want your food ready, warm and delicious without any effort. Luckily, Toronto offers a lot. From Italian food to American fast foods, to Asian cuisine you have never heard of.

A restaurant in Toronto.
Go to a restaurant when you are not in the mood to cook

If you enjoy Mexican food, the best place to go to is a small restaurant called Seven Lives. This restaurant is the best you can get for a small amount of money. The food and the service are amazing. And if you feel like spending a lot of money on good Mexican food, a restaurant called El Catrin Destileria is for you. I recommend going with a friend, and if you are new to town make sure to make new friends fast because you will have more fun. Plus, they can show you the places they enjoy.
If you don’t eat meat, there are so many vegan and vegetarian options. The best restaurant for you is Matisse Restaurant and Bar. There are many options, the prices vary from dish to dish. But it looks nice and the service is great, I believe anyone can enjoy it.


Getting to know Toronto is fun. The best way to see the whole city is to go up inside the CN tower. It’s a must and it isn’t even that expensive. Another great way to see the whole city is to fly over it with a helicopter. This is a more expensive way but you will have amazing pictures to show. You can’t miss Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada. It is fun for everyone, especially if you have children. But if you prefer the outdoors, Toronto Island Park will make you fall in love with Toronto if you haven’t already, and again if you have. From there you have an amazing view. Don’t forget to see the zoo. The animals are cute and well taken care of, of course.


Toronto Botanical Garden is perfect for a sunny Saturday. It is beautiful and you will enjoy spending your time there without any doubt. And if you want more, the Toronto Music Garden exists too. Edwards Gardens is a nice garden too, situated in North York. In the summer, there are multiple musical performances which you can enjoy. Spending your time outside is important and everyone should do it at least once a week. If you prefer music festivals, Toronto has a bunch of them as this sort of entertainment in Toronto is very popular.

Botanical gardens make a great place to spend quality time with your family.
Botanical gardens make a great place to spend quality time with your family.

If all this isn’t the type of fun you prefer, Toronto has a lot of museums. One of them is the Royal Ontario Museum. It shows art, culture, and nature from around the globe. It is situated in Old Toronto. The Art Gallery of Ontario is among the largest and most famous art museums in North America. The Gallery also has an award-winning restaurant FRANK which I definitely recommend.
You’ve heard of Chinatown, but have you heard about Koreatown? If you don’t visit the Koreatown in Old Toronto, you will be missing a lot. If you ever start craving Korean food, this is the place to go.
Get a true craft beer experience with daily brewery tours at the Mill Street Brewery. You won’t regret it a bit if you like good beer and fun.


Fear not, Toronto has so many good places to shop in. A lot of the malls are in the city center, which is good. They are close to each other, and if you don’t find something in the first one you visit you can easily go to the next nearest one. In North York, Yorkdale Shopping Centre is the biggest, with over 250 stores. Fairview Mall is the closest to it, so you can check that one out too. If you are in Old Toronto, visit the Toronto Eaton Centre. Dufferin Mall is a good one too, also in Old Toronto.

Shopping as entertainment in Toronto.
Shopping malls are everywhere, which makes it so easy to find what you are looking for.

Open-air shopping plazas are becoming more and more popular. So are flea markets and you can find some gems there too. If you are moving, this is a great place to shop for professional packing materials for your move. Flea market shopping is also a popular form of entertainment in Toronto.

There are so many things to do for entertainment in Toronto

You will never be bored. There is a big variety of:

  • cinemas
  • malls
  • parks
  • museums

There is no way you will have time to see it all if you are a busy person. Therefore start as soon as you can. Be sure to plan it ahead as there is a lot of Tourists and traffic. Toronto is great for young people. Toronto is famous for its’ good nightlife. But elderly people can have fun too.
Toronto is a multicultural city and you will have a chance to get in touch with cultures you never thought you will. Consider yourself lucky to live in a city like this. Entertainment in Toronto is on every corner.