Experiencing Toronto with eyes wide open

Still having doubts on whether or nor Toronto is the place for you? Well, let’s see if we can push you a little bit more towards the jewel that is Queen City. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of moving to Toronto, we need to add that the city has a specter of sights to experience. It doesn’t really matter what you background is, where you’re from or what you do – Toronto will give you something to look forward to.

Deep breath in, slow one out
Can’t you just hear it calling to you

Experience Toronto at it’s fullest through this post-move guide

There are more than a few ways to get to know and fall in love with Hogtown. It all comes down to what your social preferences are – you looking to do some sight-seeing, or are you perhaps party-oriented. Doesn’t really matter, since moving to Toronto gives you all of this, and more. So how about we take a closer look at what you might want in the city you plan on moving to, and how Toronto works out.

  • Sightseeing– what better way to get to know any city than by visiting the places that make it famous to begin with?
  • Wining and dining– for all those of us with refined tastes for diverse food and drinks, a proper city should provide a variety of places where one can indulge in satisfying his/her appetite.
  • Nature– everyone needs that small patch of green untouched land that can provide some escape from the urban jungle.
  • Nightlife– sometimes you just need to vent out by going out. And a city with pubs, bars and nightclubs is sure to help with that.

Top sights and landmarks to see after moving to Toronto

CN Tower

Toronto Beacon
Top of the world

Built back in 1976, the 553.33m tall CN Tower stands as one of the tallest towers in the world. The American Society of Civil Engineers actually considers it as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Having four different levels (Glass Floor Room, LookOut level, Restaurant, SkyPod) it proves to be a real treat for architecture enthusiasts. And if you have an adventurous spirit, consider that this is the highest hands-free edge walk in the world. All in all, this crown gem of the Queen City skyline will leave you breathless…literally.
Distillery District
Ever wondered what it’s like being in Victorian England? Well, a stroll through the Distillery District can give you a unique perspective. Formerly known as the the Gooderham and Worts Distillery in early 1800s, this neighborhood has now been turned into a pedestrian zone. What makes it unique is ambient look and atmosphere is possess. The old Victorian-style buildings and cobblestone roads will make you feel like a character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels.  And given that it’s located at the waterfront of downtown Toronto, the Distillery District is host to a variety of local events and festivities.

And for those in the endless pursuit of knowledge

Royal Ontario Museum
If you’re a history buff, what better than a variety of museums and galleries to get you in the right mood. And ROM is more than up to the challenge, having around forty different galleries and over six million artifacts, making it the largest museum in Canada. Located in the University of Toronto district, the museum offers an incomprehensible range of relics, dating back to dinosaur bones, minerals and fossils. So if you’re looking to go back in time, look no further.
Ontario Science Centre
You doubt moving to Toronto will stimulate your brain? Think again. Located in North York, the Ontario Science Centre is an endless pool of knowledge for all ages. This magnificent facility offers a number of interactive exhibits from all spheres of life. Human anatomy, physics, astronomy, music are just some to name. The best thing is that there are constantly new experiments and research being conducted, so you never get to that “I’ve seen and done it all” point.

Where to satisfy your culinary appetites after moving to Toronto

St.Lawrence Market

Experience Toronto cuisine
Dine like royalty in Queen City

No matter how specific and refined your taste is, you will find more than you can bargain for at the St. Lawrence Market. This culinary jewel located in the heart of Old Town is considered one of the world’s best food markets. And with over 120 vendors, you can only imagine the range of tastes one can find there. The market is divided into three building:

  • South Marketwhere all the vendors, cooking courses and exhibits are held.
  • North Marketwhich hosts the farmers market where you can find everything you need for the perfect meal.
  • St. Lawrence Hallwhich acts as the seat for retail businesses.

With a 200-year-old tradition, this unique marketplace will leave you speechless and full with the food and reasonable prices it offers. And once you do visit it, do not let yourself leave without trying the Peameal bacon sandwich at the Carousel Bakery, which is a signature meal.

Finding the perfect escape from the urban jungle

Toronto Islands
Whenever you’re feeling the stress and noise of the city life getting to you, know that a solution exists. And it’s just a ferry ride away to the breathtaking Toronto Islands. Having the city landscape on the one side and Ontario Lake on the other offers an indescribable tranquility. Consisted of three main islands (Centre, Ward’s and Algonquin) which are all connected and offer unique experiences, Toronto Islands provide the perfect escape to Wonderland.
Centre island would be considered the largest and public-adjusted. Other than offering an expanse of beaches, picnic and sport areas, the island is also home to Centreville amusement park.

Toronto outdoors
The Getaway that is Lake Ontario

Toronto Zoo
What better way of getting in touch with nature than getting in touch with your spirit animal than in a zoo? And where better to find it than among the 5000 animals residing in the Toronto Zoo. Spreading over 700 acres in near the Rouge River, the zoo offers 6 miles of walking trails. In addition to this, you get to experience various world regions while strolling. And if that wasn’t enough, the zoo offers a plethora of activities to participate in (depending on the season of course). So whether you decide to see the Giant Pandas or experience the Gorilla Rainforest, you won’t be disappointed.

Toronto-style night out on the town

If you’re worried about not being able to go out and have some fun, let us put your mind (and liver) at ease. Toronto has a great night club/bar scene. If you are a student looking for a good time in a club, visiting The Guvernment, Bar 244 or The Brunswick House are all good choices. If you are however in the mood for something a bit different and stylish, you should head on over to Queen West/King West/Wellington area. Here you’ll be able to find all ages and types of people. And if you’re only looking to relax in a traditional well-known local bar – you can find those everywhere. One more important fact to know is that the legal drinking age in Canada is 19.
And there you have it! A short guide into what to expect when deciding to move to Toronto (as we both know you will end up doing). All that’s left for you to do now is start packing and consult with professionals on the moving part.