Family relocation from Canada to Florida – help your kids adapt to a new home

Moving to another country surely sounds like a tough nut to crack. Just making the decision can be quite painful for you and your loved ones. Moving away from the place you’ve seen as your home, where you’re kids had their first steps. One thing’s for sure: the adults will take the blow like adults. Sounds kinda dull, but you get the point. There are a couple of ways you can make the whole process less painful for the kids. Helping them adapt to their new surroundings will be one of your top priorities. Canada ain’t like Florida but it’s not like you’re moving to another continent. So, don’t panic. Read the article below and find out how your family relocation from Canada to Florida can turn out to be a piece of cake. Stay tuned for some helpful info.

Explain your decision

First things first – talk to them about your decision to move to Florida. Make them understand why was your family relocation necessary. Kids can be quite reasonable sometimes. Don’t treat them as if they couldn’t understand the situation. They’ll respect you for treating them as adults. Of course, this advice seems a bit too idealistic. But, there’s nothing stopping you from trying. Also, explain to your kids that moving to your future home is not something they should be afraid of. Instead – they should look forward to making new friendships. Try to point out all the good things about your relocation. You’ll see a positive change in their behaviour.

A father and son sitting on the lake shore. Talk to your kids about the family relocation from Canada to Florida and the reasons behind your decision.
Treat your children as equals. Firstly – try talking to them about your decision to move to another country. You’ll be surprised how reasonable they can get when you treat them seriously.

Involve them in the process

Once you’ve done talking about the reasons for the relocation, you can try and involve your kids in the moving process as much as you can. Of course – all according to their capabilities. Your 5-year old girl is not going to help you load the truck, for sure. Packing objects that cannot break might be the best option for young ones. Also – involve them in the decision-making. Ask them to pick what kind of wallpapers do they want for their new room or something like that. Helping your kids feel less separated from the decision-making process is surely a way to go.

Allow your kids to take with them as many things as they can

Although you’ll not be a able to bring with your everything your children desire, try to be reasonable and let them take as much as they want. Moving away is a great moment to downsize. But, when downsizing try avoiding the stuff your kids like. That way, by having the objects they like near – they’ll adapt more efficiently. Again – try to be reasonable.

Organize a farewell party for the kids

Saying a proper goodbye to your old neighborhood is always a great thing to do. Why? Well, afterward you’ll feel like you’re really starting a new page in your life’s diary. Sorry if that was too sentimental. Anyway, you should organize a farewell party for your kids. Let them say a proper goodbye to their little friends. Also, you’ll have a nice time too chatting with the friends you’ve picked up during your stay in the old neighborhood. Your family relocation from Canada to Florida will be the talk of the town.

Two boys and a girl enjoying the backyard pool.
Let your kids say a proper goodbye to the old place. Organizing a farewell party might be the best thing to do in that situation.

Make your children’s bedroom a priority once you get to Florida

Once you settle with all the unopened boxes and everything the first room you should arrange is your children’s bedroom. That way they’ll adapt quickly to their new home. Just like nothing has changed. Whilst having your new home arrangement underway you’ll need some space to store some portion of your belongings. If by any chance your new home is in Miami, or it’s somewhere in the Miami area, you’ll easily find a secure unit to leave your stuff. Miami storage providers are one of the best in the county, there’s no doubt about it. Having your stuff safely secure inside a storage unit while you make your new home shine is a pretty good decision. You’ll have more space to operate on and your new home won’t look like a construction site.

A storage unit facility.
Renting a storage unit while you arrange your new home is an expert move.

Need some help moving in?

Moving in the quickest and safest way possible is something you should pay attention to. Of course, there’s no need to panic. Florida movers are among the best in the state. We’ll feel free to give you a recommendation. Contact the guys at and see what kind of services do they offer. They’re an experienced crew with lots of positive reviews from Florida locals. Don’t hesitate to contact them if anything goes wrong while you’re moving in.

The usual routine and other things

Did you take your kids biking on Saturdays? If you did – continue the tradition as soon as possible once you settle in Florida. Get back into the routine is one of the quickest ways for your kids to adapt to their new surroundings. Also, try making lots of new friends and get to know other families in the area. Although going to school will help a lot, your kids making some new friends in your neighborhood should be your top priority. Of course, don’t forget your old friends from Canada. Keep in touch with the old neighborhood gang, have your kids talk to their old mates. They need to know they haven’t lost their friendships just by moving to another country.

Our own little farewell

And that was that. These were some of the ways you can help your kid to adapt more quickly during and after your family relocation from Canada to Florida. Nothing is more special than your children’s well-being. That being said, hopefully, this article was helpful to you and your family. Best of luck.