Hints on how to survive winter in Toronto

Let us agree that winter is usually cold and boring for those who don’t ski, but winter in Toronto…You need to be prepared if you are moving so you will survive winter in Toronto without stress or frostbite. After you have done your research about moving, see the good side of the winter season in Toronto.

Winter in Toronto
How to survive and enjoy the winter in Toronto

First things first, if you have decided to survive winter in Canada and not only survive it, but have a great experience, be sure to get warm clothes and good shoes. Embrace the weather because if you already moved here this is the first winter from many to come. Hey, at least there are plenty of things to do around the city.

Indoor activities – first choice on how to survive winter in Toronto

Even if you aren’t a fan of hockey, you should see at least one major-league game and experience true Canada, if you haven’t moved from some other city in Canada, of course. Surely the best way is to get a ticket and go to the hall for a live show, so to speak. The next best thing, if you can’t get a ticket, is to watch a game surrounded by fans. Go to any of the numerous sports bars where you can see it.
For artist and culture lovers there are so many different choices. Toronto is the city of diversity, where you can find almost anything for anybody. This is a great recipe for cold winters. Choose from many events, exhibitions and art galleries, and museums. This is a great way to survive winter without a walk around outside the beautiful streets of this cosmopolitan city.

Winter on streets of Toronto
Toronto with all its winter glory

Toronto is also fun at night

One of the biggest music and entertainment scenes is right here in Toronto. It offers so many nightclubs, bars, festivals, restaurants and of course big concerts, something to do for each weekend.
There is no better way to survive winter in Toronto than to go and look for shark and fishes like it is summer. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium and enjoy in the warmth of watching the swimming sharks. There are different events and shows all year round. Inside you can buy food and drinks and make a great day trip.

Outdoor sports and activities

So if you belong to those lucky ones who love winter and winter sports and you have moved to Toronto or at least you are planning to move – you are coming to the right place. If you have already decided to move to Toronto, you will be satisfied. Believe it or not, there are options for example skiing near the city and even in the city limits. There are hills with slopes in the city. Visit the Centennial Park or Earl Bales Park, both of them have slopes which are working during the season.
Also, you can make a great weekend trip to nearby ski resorts that are located from one or a couple of hours drive from the city. That is a great way to relax in a hot spa even if you are not a fan of snow. Not only the way to survive the winter, but also have a great time meanwhile.
Some of the most popular ski hills near Toronto are Blue Mountain – the most famous and largest ski resort in the area. It has different types of runs, for beginners and advanced skiers. Also, there is a snow school for the absolute beginners. Then there is Mount St. Louis Moonstone, Hockley Valley, Horseshoe Resort and etc.

Shopping – favorite pastime during winter in Toronto

If nothing else works, you can always go underground, literary! The best shelter from cold and freezing weather is the PATH. PATH is the largest underground shopping complex in the world, it has 30 km long shopping, entertainment, and services. Also, there are health centers, restaurants, and hotels. Many buildings are connected to PATH so it is easily reachable from underground. There are also six subway stations and Union Station which is the busiest transportation hub in the city. So, one of the most interesting ways to survive winter in Toronto is the underground because it connects the best of Toronto. Some of the major tourist attractions that are accessible through PATH are:

  1. The Hockey Hall of Fame, the historical building where you can see a lot of interactive exhibits, interesting to everybody, not just to fans of hockey.
  2. CN Tower the well-known attraction that was once the tallest building in the world. Here you can warm yourself in the restaurant, of course, if it’s in your budget.
  3. Rogers Centre or SkyDome, famous city landmark not only because this stadium was the home of many games and cups, but because it has so many different types of events throughout the year.
  4. Air Canada Centre, now named Scotiabank Arena is a multi-purpose arena
  5. Eaton Centre, an excellent shopping mall
  6. City Hall
  7. Roy Thomson Hall, a concert hall that has a very interesting architectural design
  8. Brookfield Place with its two towers and etc.
Winter night in Toronto
Winter night in Toronto

Survive winter in Toronto by escaping to a warmer place

Many residents are traveling to Cuba from Canada in the winter time so they can relax and enjoy the warm weather. Bear in mind that the hurricane season lasts from June to November. Even if it’s not the perfect time for beach and sunbathing, you can enjoy the nice and warm weather and explore Cuba. Be sure to bring cash, because not everybody takes credit cards. You can exchange Cuban currency in Cuba, you can’t do it in Toronto.

Enjoy in the winter escape

Relax, drink a couple or many cocktails and bring back cigars and be sure that winter in Toronto will quickly come to an end. The only thing that remains for you is to choose some of many ways to survive the winter in Toronto and actually enjoy it. If you are moving from some milder climate be sure to get some warmer clothes and shoes. December and January will be easy months to survive because it is holiday season and the holiday spirit will keep you warm and cozy. Then comes February, the “longest” will receive the bills from Christmas and New Year. Also, months when you used all that heating. Survive this and the thought that the winter is almost over will keep your sanity. You’ll definitely survive the winter in Toronto.