How to become part of the community after moving to NY

After moving to a new place everybody is facing the initial adjustment period filled with uncertainty and anxiousness. It’s not just NY, but it’s the same thing for every place and every individual after moving. What you need to do is to learn how to become part of the community after moving to NY. To get to know its culture, different local customs, how to deal with diversity, and many other things that make that place unique.

How to become part of the community after moving to NY

Becoming a part of one neighborhood may not come so fast, and you may be in a situation to change a couple of neighborhoods before finding the right one. Switching the place often can be a burden but looking at the bright side, you can get the packing supplies you need in New York much easier. Not only that but plenty of other services are there, everything you can think off to make your moving and adjusting easy.

Start with your place

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a building or in a house, there will always be some people around you. Start by getting to know your closest neighbors. Be kind and polite and don’t hesitate to greet them. It is not that there are not some extreme cases, but people appreciate kindness. After all, you are going to see them a lot if you are serious about living there. One way or another you will make contact to that “strange alien species”, so why not making it a pleasant experience. Believe it or not, but some neighbors care for each other more than you assume. Who knows, maybe some of the future best friends are among them.

Continue by spreading the circle

It’s time to recon the area. Go out and see where are the stores you might need in the future because you will need groceries, that’s for sure. Start small talk with locals and you will be surprised how much useful information you can get from them. Of course, you will get a lot of unnecessary information as well, but that’s what neighbors are for, right? Anyway, everything, that may come useful at some point, can be heard from your closest neighbors. From local habits in Bronx, and events in Queens, to the places where you can dine or even rent additional storage space in Manhattan, NY. Little by little, you will not even notice it, but you will start to feel more accepted.

Don’t hesitate to offer help

NY is a big city, and as it happens in many big cities strangers are keeping the distance from each other and don’t interfere with other people’s business. But in that process, something else is lost. The empathy toward a fellow human. You would be amazed at how people react positively if you offer them help with the luggage, hold the door to an elevator, or any other small act of kindness. It’s not that you need to go out and play Samaritan on every step of the street and throw yourself in some awkward and unpredictable situation. But, often time even the common decency can mean a lot to someone. If nothing else, you will feel a lot better about yourself.

Minimalism can be helpful

For many people, especially those coming from suburban areas, it may be a shock how Newyorkers are making use of a small place. You may be living your whole life in a large house with a front yard and a lot of space. But since living in NY is expensive for the majority of people, the apartments are small so you probably won’t have enough space for everything. If that is the case, then you have a few options. Either get rid of all unnecessary stuff or rent a storage unit for your extra belongings. Luckily, NY has many companies like Big Apple Movers Brooklyn NYC which can always help you with those things. There is another option, but it often comes later. Always strive to increase your budget so you can have a bigger place.

Be familiar with commuting

Without false modesty, in most cases, you will be better off without a car. About half of NY residents don’t own a car. In general, that’s because the parking prices are way too high, the traffic can be hellish, and the gas doesn’t fall off the sky. On the other hand, going to work every day with public transportation can save you a lot of money. In NY, nobody wastes money, so try to assimilate that mentality. Oh yes, and be ready to walk a lot in NY.

Traffic in NY neighborhood
Having a car in NY is not necessary.

Explore the city on foot
There are plenty of things to see in New York, so the best way to explore it would be by walking. The city offers a lot of attractions and places to go to, from museums to public parks. Grab a pair of comfortable and quality pair of shoes and walk. If you have kids, organize exploring adventures so they too are getting familiar with their new city. If not, even walking your pet should do the trick, and in no time you will start to get used to NY.
running across the bridge when you become part of the community after moving to NY
One thing you will need in NY is a quality pair of shoes.

Go to local events to connect with the same interest groups

Now that you are doing your walking tours, local events would be a great place, to begin with. Ask around and you will have all the necessary information about what is going on, in no time. There are always different kinds of events across the neighborhoods. They are a perfect place to meet new people, to feel the atmosphere of the area, and even to find the same interest groups you can join. Moreover, if you are feeling altruistic, you can join some of the volunteer groups. That is if you have time for such activities.

kids playing with snow in park
Park is a great place for your kids to make friends, even in winter.

Help your family become part of the community after moving to NY

Don’t forget that it’s not only you that needs to adjust to a new life, but your family needs that as well. In detail, there is a couple of good steps to start with:

  1. take your kids to parks
  2. include them in sports clubs and activities
  3. choose hobbies everyone will like
  4. make funny tradition like a movie nights
  5. a school is a great place for them to make a friend
  6. explore restaurants, and children’s favorite – fast food stands, together

In order to completely conquer the task to become part of the community after moving to NY, there is one thing we should not forget: safety. It’s not about NY only, but living in any new big major city like this one comes with a certain responsibility to learn to take all precaution just in case. I’m sure most of the people are aware of this but don’t let your guard down. Especially if you are with kids. Develop a system so at any given time you know where others are, and how to react in certain situations. You can always talk with local police about crimes in your area and what their advice would be.