How to childproof your new home after moving to Toronto

Moving with kids is not easy. If you moved to Toronto, you must childproof your new home after moving because the safety is in the first place. Especially when you have kids. How to make your new home in Toronto safe? We know how.

Childproof your home on a moving day

The first step in this process is to immediately make your new home the same on a moving day.

Kid drawing.
While you are making your home safe and unpacking moving boxes after moving, keep your kids busy

Some steps are necessary. Right after you enter your new home, do these steps:

  • Get prepared before you move and pack the essential moving box. Label all boxes so you will know what boxes to open first. A box with baby gates, toilet and cabinet locks, etc.
  • If you are moving locally in Toronto, make another plan for your kids on a moving day. For example, ask your parents to watch your kids on a moving day.
  • If you have one extra room, use your spare room to store all your unpacked items there. Don’t put boxes all around your new home.
  • Put gates on the stairs immediately.
  • Let them watch a movie on your phone while you are unpacking boxes.
  • To childproof your new home after moving, cover up the outlets right away.
  • Check all the windows in your new home. Make sure they all have screens.
  • Don’t keep your boxes stacked high because kids can climb.

Tips to childproof your new home after moving

When the moving day is over, it is time to work more to make your home safe for kids. Don’t make clutter in your home, and if you need more space, find a safe way to store your items. Do one room at a time.

  • First, do the nursery room. Install electrical outlets protectors in every room in your new home.
  • Place nonskid strips on the bathroom floor and install a toilet lock (or always lock your bathroom door).
  • Keep medicines, cosmetic, and sharp items out of your kids’ reach.
  • Don’t put chemicals and cleaning supplies underneath the sink.
  • Place convenient stove knob covers when you are not cooking.
  • Put safety gates on the stairs if you have stairs in your new home.
  • Mount your TV on the wall.
  • Make sure your bookcases are secured to the wall also.
  • Cover furniture edges with soft corner guards.
  • Keep all your battery-operated items away from kids.
  • Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Always have a first aid kit in your home and prepare a list of emergency numbers, just in case. When moving to Toronto with kids, and if you are not from Canada, keep in mind that emergency numbers are different.
Childproof your new home after moving and nursery room.
Separate one room just for toys and playing

The most important thing is to childproof your new home after moving and to help your kids adjust to life in Toronto. Explore Toronto together, it has many family-friendly places and parks your kids going to love.