How to do proper research when moving?

Moving is always an exciting thing to do. It is something that you need to prepare for thoroughly in order to have a smooth relocation. It is indeed one of the biggest projects you will have in your life. Not to mention that it is probably the most expensive one as well. Relocation requires a lot of time and money. Therefore your preparation must be flawless. Just like for any other planning and preparation process, you will need to research when moving. A lot. Especially if you want to plan a long distance move. There are so many things you need to have in your mind during this research. Some of those are when and where you are relocating, how to find a proper moving company and how to recognize all kind of red flags. In order to help you with this responsible task, we made this ultimate moving research guide.

First things first – how to plan your research when moving

As mentioned before, there are many things you need to cover with your research when moving. And at this time you are probably not aware of all of those. And that is totally fine, even if you are not moving for the first time. Important to realize is that trends in moving industry are changing on a daily base, and it is normal if you missed some new ones. Just five years ago you could find no more than five companies in your city that are in the relocation business. Nowadays, there are plenty moving agencies in the market, all offering various moving-related services. Additionally, these companies are using much better equipment and moving techniques than a few years ago.

a man researching
Thorough research is essential for a successful move

Not to mention that relocation services have different rates than before, so you will need to prepare yourself financially for your upcoming move. Planning your moving budget is equally important as planning your relocation process. As you can see – you will need to research a lot. But what exactly to look for during your research when moving? Well, these are some of the topics that are a must:

  • Your new surroundings
  • Future living costs 
  • How to find reliable movers
  • How to stay safe and avoid stress during the move

Not exactly something that you can do in a day. And it shouldn’t be. Thorough research when moving is something you need to do carefully if you want to ensure a smooth relocation. Therefore, clear your schedule for a few days for this task, and do not let anything or anyone disturb you while researching.

How to properly research your new surroundings and future living costs

One of the most important things is to prepare for living in the new city. This is particularly important if you are changing the country of living. There are many things that will change, and you need to adapt to those fast. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to learn what you can expect from your new place of living. Let’s say you are moving from Toronto to Florida. From one country to another, from north to the south. What will change? Well, the most obvious answer is the country of residence. But, there are so many other things as well – weather conditions, culture, currency and living costs, and much more.
Speaking about the climate and weather conditions, you will need to change all your clothing. Form winter to summer. There is no snow in Florida, but there is a plenty of sunny warm days. So you will not need your jackets, sweaters nor any winter-sports equipment. This information will affect your move as well, as now you know that there is no need to bring everything you have. So you can sell some of your belongings and expand your moving budget. Additionally, your moving costs will decrease, as you will have fewer items for transport.
But now, you do not have enough clothes appropriate for living in Florida. What you will do is to research prices in Florida and compare with those in Toronto and decide where to buy new ones. Not only that you will be able to find the most cost-effective option, but you will know what to expect from your future living costs in Florida.

It is not all about money

sunset in Florida
Make a list of all the interesting places to visit after relocation

Moving to a different country will mean that you will have an opportunity to discover many interesting things and places. Therefore, you should include in your research all the beautiful places you can visit once you move to Florida. And there are so many of those in one of the most exciting US States. Hence, schedule some time to explore the things you can do after you relocate to the Sunshine State. A smart thing to do is to make a list which you can follow.

Finding the best moving company for your relocation

Finding a good and reliable moving company is not an easy task. Especially the one capable of executing long-distance relocation. Important to realize is that this type of relocation is very delicate. Your belongings will travel a couple of days, or maybe even weeks. And you will not be able to oversee the transportation, which can be very stressful. And additional stress is the last thing you need during this move. Therefore, you need to be sure that your things are safe and that you can sleep tight while waiting for them to reach your new home.

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Learn how to find a reliable movers

Luckily, there are some pretty good moving companies which you can hire knowing that everything will be ok, such as Purple Hearth Moving Group. Just make sure you include in your research while moving characteristics of good and reliable movers. Once you know what to look for, the pursuit will be fast and efficient. There are many moving-related forums and blogs where you can find a lot of useful information and tips, so make sure you go through these as well.