How to pack your boxes like a pro

Moving is a very stressful. When it comes to packing your household goods, you cannot just throw it all into some moving boxes. The packing process is much more complicated. Hence, we bring you some tips how to pack your boxes like a pro. With this gu, de you will know how to plan, sort and pack all of your things. In this way, you will save your time, money and energy. So, don’t worry, you can pack your boxes like a pro in just a few easy steps.

Tips for packing a moving box

  • Use the right size box

Choose the size of moving boxes fitting your needs
Before you start the packing process, pick the right size of your moving boxes

When it comes to picking the right size of moving box, you should remember that you have to pack heavy items in small boxes. And when you need to pack lighter items you should do it in larger boxes.
Before you place your heavy items in the moving box, you should bubble wrap them. In this way you will protect them and avoid damages. When you put them into moving boxes it is time to pack lighter things.

  • Fill the box

When you are packing things in the moving boxes, you should use socks to fill in any gaps between items. In this way you will pack your socks but you will also protect other items from being damaged.

  • Keep breakables protected

When you pack breakables, you should put smaller things inside larger ones. Also, you need to protect your breakables with bubble wrap. In this way, you will ensure your fragile items survive moving process.

  • Line boxes

For extra padding – Use towels to line the bottom of each box.

Gather your tools

When you are moving, your house can be disorganized. So, keep in mind to keep all your moving tools in one place. In this way, you will not search for them while packing. And you will avoid stress and losing the time. Remember to put your packing materials like a pen, marker, tape, tape dispenser, labels, scissors, bubble wrap, and sharp knives in easy access.

Label boxes

If you want to pack your boxes like a pro for moving to Virginia, you should try to do it like Movers Virginia Beach. The most important part of packing like a pro is to label moving boxes like movers do. So, learn from packing professionals how to do it. You just need a black marker. Use it to label your boxes with all important information. You should write the name of the room the box contents belong. Also, you should note if your things are fragile, etc. Label all your boxes on all sides. Write the name of the room you want each box to end up in your new home.
So, in this few steps, you will know how to pack and label your boxes like a pro. Remember to pick the right size of the boxes, and to label them properly.
Also, if you want successful move, you should know some extra tips.

Do a proper labeling while packing your boxes
When packing your boxes – make sure you label them properly

Clear out everything you don’t need

Before you start packing it is really important that you sort your belongings. If you want to save time and money while moving to Virginia, the best thing you can do is to clear out everything that you don’t need. You can sell, donate or throw away all the things that you don’t use anymore.

Pick the right moving boxes – buy them or find used ones

When it is time to provide moving boxes, you can buy them or you can use the used boxes. This means you can find used boxes in grocery stores, restaurants, office, etc. In this way, you can save money and use it for another step in moving process. But, remember to find boxes in good shape. Avoid boxes with damages because you can risk your stuff during relocation to Virginia. So, if you don’t want to risk it is a better idea to buy them from Local movers in Virginia Beach. Maybe this option will be a little more expensive but you will get quality boxes that will not risk damage to your belongings.

Plan ahead

If you want to pack your boxes like a pro, don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Start on time with packing the stuff you won’t use like decorations and off-season clothing, photo albums, books, CDs, etc.  All the things you will need for the moving day you should pack the last night before the move.

Pack the essential box

The last night before you move to VA, you also need to pack the essential box. This box should include toilet paper, toiletries and medications, plastic dishes, cleaning products and other things you will need for the first day and night in your new home.

Pack smart

Don't put heavy items into the big boxes
Be smart – put the heavy items into the small boxes

Do you know the golden rule of packing like a pro? Always put the heaviest items in the smallest boxes and the lightest items in the biggest. And fill your boxes as much as possible if you want to avoid damages when the truck is moving. Don’t forget to protect all the fragile items with bubble wrap or wrapping paper.
Also, leave no empty space in the box. You should fill all the empty spaces in the boxes with fabrics – you can use socks, clothing or dish towels.

How to pack computer and cables

When it comes to packing computers and cables you need to know how to properly pack them. Use a strong box for packing your computer to ensure it stays intact during transit. And all cables you should pack in the same place and label them to know what kind of cable is.

Don’t use garbage bags

If you think about packing your clothing in garbage bags, think twice. Garbage bags can tear easily during loading or unloading. So, it is better to use boxes which are strong enough to hold clothes.
The essence of packing boxes like a pro is to make your items easier to load into the moving truck. You need to be sure that your things are safe for transport and for loading and unloading.