How to research and compare local movers in 2020

You need to hire the best movers in your area but how to choose the best one? How to know that the company is reliable and to be sure you are making the right decision? Research and compare local movers (a couple of them) and see what is the best option for your relocation. Here is what you should pay attention to. You must trust a  moving company because you will give all your household items to them.

Tips to research and compare local movers for your upcoming relocation

If you are moving your home this year, booking a moving company is part of the moving process. With these tips, you will have a stress-free relocation because a professional moving company will do all the hard work for you.

Research and compare local movers and give them a review.
How to recognize a reliable local moving company and choose the best one?

Pick about 3 companies (all those companies must have a license for moving first) and pay attention to these things:

  • Comparing the company’s services – look at is the list of moving services that each company provides and separate companies that offer services you need. Each move has a different approach and they offer different services. Especially pay attention if you need to move special items such as a piano, pool table, or a hot tub – a few movers will offer this service.
  • Moving costs – to find affordable movers, you need to get moving quotes from a couple of companies. But, to get an accurate moving estimate, you must get an in-home moving estimate (online estimates will give you the average price). When you need to research and compare local mover, don’t choose the cheapest or the most expensive movers. Be realistic and choose the golden middle.
  • Insurance and coverage – the safety of your items is also a very important factor. Not only the safety of your items but also, the safety of your family and home too. Compare the insurance coverage that companies offer and choose the one that is fully insured.  Anything can happen to your items during transportation, so better be safe than sorry.
  • Reading online moving reviews – you can learn a lot about a moving company by reading moving reviews. But, make sure you are not reading fake online moving reviews (fake reviews are too positive, too negative, the same date of posting, too many details, the same style of writing, etc.). Only speak with neighbors and friends, maybe they can recommend a company for moving.
Rating a moving company.
After the relocation is over, write a moving review and rate a company to help other people choose

Know what you need

You must know what services you need from a moving company, how many items you have to move, and what your budget for moving is. Besides transportation, you can choose storage services or packing services. Before you start to research and compare local movers, know your moving date, because the price may be different for different moving dates r the company is maybe not available.