Leaving Canada for a better job – is it a good idea?

Even though Canada has been a dream country for many, recent trends in employment show different findings. Many Canadians are considering leaving the country to reach a better opportunity somewhere else. If you are one of them, we understand your concern. There’s a lot to think about – your future career, the effects on your social and emotional life, the moving process. Everything can be a lot to take in so it’s natural to question your decision. Let’s see if leaving Canada for a better job is a good idea and what it takes to move.

Leaving Canada for a better job – all the reasons to go for it

Quitting a job is never easy – especially if you like your employer. However, sometimes there are many reasons why another job can actually be a better job – even in another country. Here are the reasons to move on:

  • Better pay – Finances are probably one of the top reasons to choose a position. Even though that’s not the only thing you should think about, better pay can definitely help you enjoy your life more. Think about the real numbers, and if you can get what you’re worth – go for it.
  • More comfortable working environment – Sometimes, a good salary is not everything. Very often, leaving Canada for a better job means looking for a more pleasant working environment, less commute time, friendlier co-workers. All of these are perfectly valid reasons to start looking for another workplace.
  • You want to live abroad – If you feel that you will function better in a foreign country and that it is a bigger challenge that will help you develop – leaving Canada for a better job is definitely a good idea.
  • You need the change – Very often people get used to their surroundings and forget that there’s something more. It’s normal to seek for a change, so moving abroad can be a great life chapter with many new opportunities.
A satisified man smiling at work - if achieving this means leaving Canada for a better job, go for it
Job satisfaction is of utter importance.

Why leaving Canada for a better job may not be the greatest idea

Yes, we all seek for a change sometimes. But do you really want to leave one of the best countries in the world? Let’s see why leaving Canada for a better job can be reconsidered.

It’s quite easy to find a job

If you really want to change your job, maybe you don’t need to look abroad. There are amazing job opportunities in Canada, especially in big cities like Toronto. Being Canada’s financial center, Toronto offers a lot of opportunities, as well as being one of the most livable cities in the world. It has an aging population, which means job positions are opening up so be sure to consider staying here.

a view of Toronto
Canadian cities are financially stable, safe and exciting

Canada is safe

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, with a low crime rate and gun ownership. If you are moving with your family, or you plan on having one, this factor is definitely something to bear in mind.

It’s diverse

When it comes to culture, Canada is a true melting pot. This proves that the country is friendly and accepting foreigners with respect, which is not that easy to find in other countries.

It’s economically strong

If you are thinking about leaving Canada for a better job, you should remember that this country is providing its residents with economic stability like nowhere else. Secure economy means stable jobs and a wide range of career options – so be sure to think about it.

Healthcare is amazing

Canada offers one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Medical treatment is free in most cases and the system itself is easily accessible.

Moving costs are high

When leaving Canada for a better job, you need to think about the moving process, too. Depending on the place you are moving to, the moving costs can be pretty high. For example, if you are moving from Canada to Florida, you and your family will be traveling a long way. This means costly high tickets and expensive delivery/shipping costs.

How to move from Canada

Relocation is never an easy thing. Furthermore, moving long-distance is even more complicated because you are relocating to another country. You need to prepare for a long-distance move both physically and mentally, and here’s how to do it.

Prepare yourself mentally for this new life chapter

Give yourself some time to absorb the fact that you are leaving Canada for a better job. Think about all the advantages you are getting and help yourself feel excited about the move. Be ready for some judgment – people don’t often understand leaving a ‘perfectly good job’ and going to the unknown. Remember why you are doing this and just focus on the good.

Think about the weather

Canada is not that hot. So, if you are moving somewhere warm, be sure to consider all the things to expect when moving to a hot climate. It may change your packing style, leaving some items behind, buying other clothes, etc.

Pack wisely

Moving to another country means you need to be well organized when packing. Be sure to pack only the items you really need – you can reduce the moving costs a lot. Furthermore, make an inventory list, to keep track of everything you have.  Use proper packing supplies and label all the boxes. Also, you might need some assistance when packing, so think about hiring professionals.

Hire a reliable moving company

Relocating long-distance is no joke. That’s why you need to be sure that you’ve chosen a reliable moving company. Companies like the one at spydermoving.com have enough experience with the long-distance move so you can be sure that they will take care of your relocation professionally and without mistakes.

house keys
Moving long-distance needs to be well-organized.

Conclusion – is leaving Canada for a better job a good idea?

Well, it depends. Of course, Canada is a great country. But sometimes it is not enough. If you are looking for a change, you can always try somewhere else and come back. Leaving Canada for a better job doesn’t need to be permanent, so you should definitely go for your dreams if they are somewhere abroad. Just be brave and focus on the good side of your new life chapter.