Leaving Canada for UAE – how to beat anxiety?

If your relocation to UAE from Canada has been successful, you are probably having the time of your life right now. There is no better feeling than sitting in your new home right after the moving truck has left and thinking about what a great job you have just finished. The UAE will be your new fresh start and a chance to try living someplace completely different from the Canadian lifestyle you were accustomed to. Many people see this as a great opportunity. However, for some, the time for opening that special bottle of champagne has not come yet. Some people are afraid of the unknown, some people feel depressed because they left their loved ones at home. Do not worry, it is all normal. So, if you want to know some tips on how to beat anxiety, or maybe fear or depression, keep on reading.

Try to Find New Friends

If you were wondering how to beat anxiety, the fastest solution is definitely to make new friends after moving. Yes if you are not that young, or at least young at heart, making new friends will no be a walk in the park. But you must do your best. That does not mean knocking on all of your neighbor’s doors and saying hello. Start small. For example, if you see a neighbor on the street, go and introduce yourself. The same goes for your colleagues at work or university. Just be friendly. Also, make an effort to go out more than usual until you fit in some group or meet somebody interesting. You can also call everybody you have met so far in the UAE and throw a housewarming party. If you have a smile on your face, you will make friends in no time and beat the anxiety easily. 

friends talking and laughing - how to beat anxiety
A small and humble housewarming party is a great way to become good friends with your current acquaintances.

Keep Meaningful Relationships Alive

And while you are trying to meet new friends in the UAE and have fun while doing so, do not forget to keep those old relationships alive. Sometimes they can be the best cure to beat anxiety. Being in touch with familiar people can help you with the transition. And what is more, it can ease your fear of the unknown. So, what are you waiting for?
Nowadays we are just one click away from everybody we love. Thanks to technology, you can now see and hear pretty much anybody you want to in a single second. Yes, the UAE is far from Canada, so seeing your best friend in person that often is not possible, but, make an effort to have a skype chat at least once a week. Also, while you are preparing for your international relocation, do not forget to exchange contact information with all your loved ones. Trust us, it will be worthwhile and a great way to beat anxiety, depression or even fear.

Find a Hobby

Another great way to beat anxiety when leaving Canada for the UAE is to find a great hobby that will occupy your free time. If you have a lot of free time on your hands or if you spend too much time working, no wonder why you are feeling anxious. You should allow yourself to have fun and do something for yourself. If, for example, you had a hobby back in Canada, why not do the same thing in the UAE. This country does have a lot to offer, and who knows, maybe you will have even more fun while doing your favorite things here.
So, if you enjoyed swimming, you will love the beaches and the sea in the UAE. If you loved doing yoga, you will be surprised to hear that some of the best trainers are working here. And if the fact that professionals teach you yoga sounds a bit overwhelming in the beginning, go by yourself. Find a park, a recreational center, a course, or something else, and start your hobby again. With a great hobby, you will not even have time to think about how to beat anxiety.

A woman exercising
Even doing something small, like yoga or taking dance lessons twice a week can help you beat anxiety.

Do Something Crazy

For some people having the same routines and the same hobbies as previously mentioned, helps them beat anxiety. Yes, being surrounded by familiar faces and doing the same things as you did back at home might help. But, why not look at things from a different perspective. You receantly moved, and you are in a completely new country, so why not take advantage of that. Do something crazy, or something you have always wanted to do. The UAE is an amazing country and you will have a blast wherever you are, you just need to try. You can try some extreme sports, go to the desert and ride a camel, visit Burj Khalife or something else. Or you can decide to completely change your lifestyle. Do that by getting a personal trainer from Dubai PT. They will help you get in shape and change all your habits.

Camels in desert
The UAE is definitely the country of possibilities. What your preferences are, you will find something for yourself here.

Explore the UAE

When you arrive at your new home in the UAE, you should first give yourself some time to adjust and settle in. Then, do not waste your precious time and go and explore this amazing country. Here are some suggestions on what you can do in the UAE in order to have fun and beat anxiety.

  • Visit the desert – You can try four-wheel-driving trips, hiking, camel riding, and sandboarding. This experiences will make you feel alive.
  • Go to the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa There you can see an amazing panoramic view of Burj Khalifa.
  • Visit the Sheihk Zayed Grand Mosque – a one of kind mosque that will take your breath away.
  • Go to the beach –  If you are moving to Dubai from Toronto you must visit the beach there. It o, you can offers something for everybody.
  • Go shopping – explore some of the soak districts.