Why do we love Sanford, NC?

Sanford is not a big place, we won’t argue that. Actually, it being a small town is exactly the reason to love Sanford, NC. Most Americans live in big metro areas. This kind of life is taxing on health and finances, and even when surrounded by a lot of people, we can often feel alone and isolated in huge cities across the nation. So why Stanford? What is so special about this small town? Well, it certainly has history and spirit, and also a plethora of things to do. Without further delay, we would like you to get to know it.

Two cities combined into one

Sanford has a population of 28.518 people and is the seat of Lee-county. Located in  North Carolina, it was long called the brick capital of the USA, producing around 10% of bricks in the county.
Its history goes a long way, but its rivalry with Jonesboro began in 1907 when the county it currently presides over came to be. Sanford and Jonesboro were of equal size, so the decision was made to, instead of making one city the seat of the county, the courthouse was build exactly between two towns.
However, Sanford grew to encompass not only the courthouse but also Jonesboro itself, which is now known as Jonesboro heights neighborhood. Sanford was kept as a town name for this new, combined settlement.
The name is in honor of C.O. Sanford, a railroad civil engineer whos railroad lines through the area were so important to the future foundation of the town that the town was named after him.

Moving into a small town, what to know?

Let’s say you just finished up on finding local movers in Sanford area. What to know before you move? Well, obviously, its a small town, and if you are not used to it, there are a few things to get used to:

  • Smaller community – reason to love Sanford, NC is surely its tight-knit community. For those of us used to the urban sprawl this change is strange but refreshing.
  • Free parking everywhere – no need to be careful around parking. There is a lot of it, everywhere.
  • No traffic jams – yup! There is simply not enough traffic. However, don’t think that you don’t need a car. Smaller towns have less developed public transportation services, and if you live a little far out of your job, you will need to have your own four wheels.
  • Cleaner air – quality of life, in general, is much higher in small towns such as Sanford. Lack of numerous cars in cities or great amount of industrialization means the air is a lot better, and due to less noise and light pollution, life itself seems to be in a better, more natural state.
love Sanford, NC for its pines
There is an argument to love Sanford, NC for its pines trees. There is a national park close to the town, providing clean air!


Are you moving with children, or planning to have them after you move? Education that is possible in Sanford is certainly among the top of everything you need to know before relocating to Sanford. There are six elementary schools, three middle and three high schools. As a lot of population is under 18, your child will have friends of his age to spend time with which is really important for his/her development.

Pen and a razor on a white notebook
Providing education close to home is important.

Elementary schools are Greenwood Elementary, J.R. Ingram, Jr. Elementary, B.T. Bullock Elementary, Broadway Elementary, J. Glenn Edwards Elementary, and Deep River Elementary.
Three middle schools are West Lee Middle School, East Lee Middle School, and SanLee Middle School.
As for high schools, there are Lee County High School, Lee Early College on CCCC’s campus, and Southern Lee High School. Lee Early College is especially important here as it also grants an associate degree.
Finally, for academic education, there is Central Carolina Community College.
All in all, Sanford is good for raising a family and providing your children with quality education, right there in Sanford.


There is a lot of recreation and entertainment option to be had in Sanford, NC. Here are some of them.


Tobacco Road Golf Club offers you another reason to love Sanford, NC. With its well-designed field, you can have a lot of fun close to home on regular bases. We wish you luck in your strike!


There are a lot of nature-enjoying options in and around Sanford. Simply put, Sanford has huge parks and great access to nature. You can go on bike tours through the woods or hiking in the mountains. Not to mention

lake and a boat
A lot of fun to be had on the lake, for those with little adventures spirit, of course.

all the fishing and kayaking you can do in clean waters of the lake and river around Sanford.


Yes, after you get off the four weels that brought you to Sanford, and take your items from trusted movers you found on movingkingsnc.com, maybe you would like to go right back on, but this time four-wheeler will offer a little more of a wild ride. For those seeking this kind of fun, Sanford will oblige.
For more fun in nature, check out White-Pines Reserve and San-lee park!

Little more family friendly-calmer entertainment

Seek less excitement and more culture. Take into consideration a jazz orchestra that provides a lot of love to Sanford, and that has been carefully perceived and encouraged for decades. There is also the “Broadway Our Way” festival for local bands that will gather.
Temple Theatre will provide you with yet another reason to love Sanford, NC… and if all of that is not enough, there is always a wine festival for those with a taste for it.

Final words

Sanford is a small, yet vibrant place. It grows and develops and resists to be stagnant. Sanford is welcoming and thriving. It possesses natural wonders, job opportunities, and educational institutions for its youth.
If you are to move here, we can offer nothing but words of encouragement and hope that you will love it for all the same reasons we do.
Bon voyage!