How to make friends in Toronto: An expat's guide

For every eager expat moving to Toronto there comes a time when they face the unknown. And, while the thrill of the unfamiliar will help you start a good life, you will need something else. Sometimes meeting people in class or at a local pub isn’t enough. If you want to make friends in Toronto after you move, you will need a few tips. After all, it is a big city. So, let’s start your new life in Canada without stress. After you unpack in your new home it’s time to begin experiencing Toronto with your eyes wide open and new companions at your side. Welcome to the rest of your life…

If you're looking to make friends in Toronto, a dog park is a great spot to start...
A dog is always a great conversation starter with strangers! Bring your best friend to Toronto with you…

If you’re looking to meet your neighbors in Toronto a dog is a perfect conversation starter

In case you’ve been following our blog, you already know that moving to Toronto with pets in a welcome action. So, in case you and your best friend are coming to the city together, you won’t have too much trouble making new friends here. In fact, the dog park is a great place to start. With a common interest such as pets, it’ll be easy to strike up a casual conversation. Don’t be afraid to tell your new acquaintances that you’re a recent expat in Toronto. They will be able to give you some good recommendations for vets in the area.

You can make friends in Toronto by embracing your inner bookworm

There is no better way to meet new people than by discussing your favorite books...
For all those who want to make friends in Toronto, you should try visiting a book reading.

For all of those who are wondering, yes, Toronto will embrace your inner nerd completely. For all of those who enjoy drinking a cuppa and reading a good page-turner, there’s a spot. For all those who’re looking for a good convention, they’ve found the city of their dreams. If you’re looking to explore Toronto after you move, there are some ideas. Head down to the Monkey’s Paw for your pick of a random vintage book. Or, you can visit one of the ninety-nine public libraries available in the city? A sure way to meet new people in Toronto is by discussing your favorite titles. After that, you’re sure to have a few more friends. And, if you’re not one for going through a book yourself, you can attend a reading.

Toronto has plenty of festivals which will give you a chance to meet new people

So, you’re new in town and looking for a way to quickly become a Toronto local, right? A great way to start is by checking out some of the festivals in town. There’s always something going on in this city, believe us. You’ve got beer festivals, cheese get-togethers, and numerous wine tastings. Head online and search for something that sounds even remotely interesting. You can’t really go wrong. After all, each and every festival in Toronto is more than special. But, the number and variety aren’t the only things these events have going for them. They are a sure entertainment for practically every weekend. How to make friends in Toronto after moving? Checking out a festival is a sure way to score some connections. And, no, don’t worry. Going alone isn’t going to turn any heads at all.

If you need some more connections in Canada, explore the neighborhood and create a routine

Toronto has got plenty of great neighborhoods to move to, right? And, especially if you’re relocating alone, you’ll soon be looking for ways to meet your neighbors. Well, the friendly areas of Toronto are the perfect spot for that. Explore your new neighborhood and check out different spots. It’s time to create your daily routine, outside of work or college. Find a good café for your afternoons. There is certainly going to be a nice restaurant in the area, as well. It’s time to embrace the best of the neighborhood. And, as you’re going to these places and checking them out, be sure to talk to plenty of people. The best way to make friends in Toronto is while exploring the area. You’ll soon have both your comfortable routine and a few new contacts in your phone.

If you’re too busy to walk the new neighborhood, find some friends online

Surely, Internet is a great way to meet new people in Canada?
Have you tried connecting with some people online in Toronto?

After you’ve moved as an expat, you should be quite familiar with the magic of the internet. Toronto neighborhoods have plenty of groups on Facebook, limited to the area denizens. You’ll be able to get plenty of recommendations for good spots to visit there. Not to mention that making some friends online is always a great idea. Take caution when meeting them in person, of course, and always choose a public area. And, while we’re talking about Facebook groups, let’s also mention Tinder, right? It’s a great way to find new people in the area eager for a chat.

You know what you want to do, but don’t have anyone to do it with? Introducing Meetup in Toronto

Sometimes you’ll just end up finding the perfect event for your interests, right? But, you’re either too new or your current friends aren’t into it? No worries. Visit Meetups in Toronto and find some friends online. They will surely be more than eager to invite you into their group for a common event. This way, you won’t be going awkwardly alone into a crowd. Instead, it’s a way to make friends in Toronto who share your interests.

In the end, the best way to make friends in Toronto is to speak to some strangers

Essentially, all strangers are potential friends, right? Well, if you’re going to be an expat in Toronto, here’s a tip: initiate contact. To most people who see you, they won’t know that you’re looking to meet new friends. Instead, they’ll probably assume that you’ve already got your routine and won’t try to bother you. If you want to become a part of the residents in Toronto quickly, we’d definitely suggest talking to some strangers. Say hi to your next-door neighbors or stop to chat with the cashier at the nearby café. Tell them that you’re a recent expat. Soon, you’re likely to have some invites to hangouts and parties.