How to meet new friends after moving?

When we were kids we all had a lot of friends. Well, most people. There were kids from daycare, preschool and then, of course, from school. While growing up, some friendships came to an end, and others bloomed. You probably also had some friends from after-school activities, like sports and language classes. And then came college, where you also met a lot of new people. At classes, in dorms, at parties etc. Not all of them became your friends, but you were close to some of them. By that time, you already lost connection to some childhood friends, due to life circumstances. Nevertheless, you started working and from all the people around you, probably with just a few of them maintained a relationship outside of work. And then you had to move to another city or maybe even made an international move. So now you wonder how to meet new friends after moving.

Can I really meet new friends after moving?

The short answer is YES, you can. The long answer contains the reasons why it can be a little challenging to meet new friends after moving when you are older, but still not impossible. It can be a little complicated, though, especially after relocating to another city or even another state. Maybe you had to leave everything behind and follow the love of your life. Or perhaps you decided to try your luck with another job. Whatever is the case, now you are alone in a new city and wondering – what’s next?

Meet new friends after moving - food and drinks at the table
If you decide to be open minded you will easily meet new friends after moving

Well, the first thing you should do is decide that you want to have friends. Everything else will fall into place. Of course, it’s a bit harder gaining new friends when we are older, but there are ways to make it easier. You just have to put a little work into it and it will worth it. You don’t have to know someone your whole life to become friends with them. Just be opened and willing to give it a try. Some of the ways to meet new friends after moving are:

  • with the help of social media,
  • at work,
  • while training,
  • in different classes,
  • through people who you already know.

Don’t hesitate to try all of these suggestions. Firstly, the more people you meet, the chances are bigger of making friends. And secondly, you can learn from various people, experiences, and situations, so you are definitely not losing anything if you try.

Use the social media

Five hands and laptops
We are lucky to live in the modern age, so we could use social media for meeting new people

No matter how old you are, this is a great way to meet new friends after moving. A new town means new groups, activities and, of course, new people. You should try to learn the facts about Toronto before you move here, so you would know what to expect. Also, read how are the people, where to go and what to do. And then incorporate those findings in searching on social networks. Don’t stop at Facebook. Find out what are other popular networks in the city you are moving into and add them. Maybe you will meet someone who shares your love for flowers so you can visit a botanic garden, for example. And then again, it can happen that you meet the love of your life over Bumble. Just be careful with strangers, make your dates in public until you can be sure they are not dangerous.

At work

Some workplaces are more or less easy going than others. The atmosphere is probably a bit more serious in the law office than at daycare. Well, all of the places and people in them have something in common. Everyone has to eat. Sure, one option is not leaving your office, class or work cubicle. But isolation will not help you meet new friends after moving.
On the other hand, if you use your lunch breaks wisely, you can meet a bunch of new people. Avoid speaking about work while on breaks, and you can learn a lot about people’s interests, likes, and dislikes. Some of them will have the same opinions as you, which is a great starting point to befriend someone. Also, even if you don’t meet a friend for life at that job, you can easily improve your social life. And when you apply for a new job in Canada, you will have a new chance to meet different people. And it’s always good to have someone to hang out with after working hours.

Meet new friends after moving while training

Two girls training
Your training partner can become your best friend

We all know that training is good for your body and soul. Well, it can also be great for your social life. Here is how. Firstly, if you are a person who likes to go for a run, you can always visit some of the popular parks and maybe meet new friends after moving. People like to chat while they are taking a break, and sometimes they are looking for a running partner, which could be you.
If you are more of a gym person, there is no way not to meet a whole lot of people. You already have mutual interest with them. Use that to start a conversation and maybe you could finish it on a protein shake after the workout. Perhaps they will also need some advice from you if you are coming from a place that they plan to move to. You could help and recommend DA Moving NYC if they need a moving company. They will be grateful for your share of experience and recommendation.

In different classes

Well, this could really be the easiest way to meet new friends after moving. Everything you always wanted to do and didn’t get the time, now you can try. Take a cooking class, a decoupage course or a photography course. If you ever wanted to learn a new language, there’s no better time than today. First of all, you already know what in common you have with others in classes or courses. So striking a conversation should be easy. After that, try to apply the things you learned after the class. Before you know it, you could be organizing a winter vacation in any of the great spots in Canada. Maybe your friendship could even grow into something bigger. If not, at least you have a new friend.

Two girls laughing with a camera
Photography course is great for meeting new people with same interests

Through people who you already know

This is a time to use Facebook and let it help you to connect with a childhood friend who you’ve lost touch with. But, you saw that he or she is nearby, so why not giving your old friendship a new shot. Also, all the people you meet at work, in classes, courses, or while training could potentially help you meet new friends after moving. Just be positive and opened for new adventures, and, of course, new great people in your life.