Moving and shipping your antique car

If you are an antique car owner, you surely know how much effort and care you need to keep your beauty in good shape. But, if you are about to deal with moving and shipping your antique car, well, that really requires some extra attention. Therefore, follow these few quick steps and do it the best way.

Make a good choice

When you are making a list and thinking about everything you need for your move, try not o forget this – you’ll really need a reliable moving company. What’s more, if you are about to relocate your valuable classic car, the reliability of your movers should be your priority. So, don’t rush and choose carefully. Read customers’ reviews, and try to find several companies with a good reputation.

Ask around before choosing someone for moving and shipping your antique car

However, maybe the best way to get some of the best relocation experts is to ask around. Talk to your friends. Find out about some other fellow classic car lovers and contact them. Share your ideas, and ask for the experiences.

Important papers

Yet another very important thing to consider well is the question of insurance. Don’t miss the first chance you can get to ask your chosen moving company what their insurance really covers. Get all the insurance information. Check whether their policy is still valid. Take this matter seriously. No one knows what may happen along the way.

There is a paper document and a black pen.
Think about your car’s security- ask about the insurance.

Do read carefully

Before you sign any kind of agreement with the company which is going to relocate and ship your antique vehicle, do a thorough reading of the contract. Make sure you have understood every single part of it. Do not leave anything unclear and search for the potential hidden clauses or terms.

The precaution

Always check the amount of fuel in your tank. Remember, it is not smart to ship any vehicle with a full tank. What’s more most of the responsible moving companies require the fuel amount in a tank to be less than one quarter. This is especially important when it comes to long-distance moves.

There s a man filling the car's tank, something you should not do when moving and shipping your antique car.
Do not fill your tank to the top before shipping, it can be dangerous.

Collecting pieces of evidence

All the time we keep mentioning different precaution steps for moving your classic vehicle. However, there is one more, and it’s really practical. Take some photos of your car before the shipping process. Pay some special attention to the already existing damages or faults. This is extremely important since these photos would be the best proof, in case something unexpected happens to your car.

Finally, when you reach your destination, do a thorough inspection of your car’s condition after shipping. Make sure everything is exactly the same as it was before the move.

Those are some of the main ideas to think about when moving and shipping your antique car. And for the quick recap, let’s see this list:

  • find reliable movers
  • think about the insurance
  • read the contract
  • think about fuel
  • take some photos