Moving from Brooklyn to Toronto

Getting to know yourself outside of your comfort zone is one of the most rewarding changes you can experience. This is exactly one of the greatest benefits after moving from Brooklyn to Toronto. Living in a new city will let you make new friends, experience a different culture and, most importantly, grow both personally and professionally. Some people may even say that moving to another country has let them reinvent themselves. Whether you believe this possible or not, moving to Canada will, for sure, be a great adventure!

toronto skyline
Moving from Brooklyn to Toronto from NYC will be an amazing adventure!

Changes that are important as relocating to a different country are fun and exciting. However, if not planned ahead, any international relocation can turn out to be stressful and overwhelming. No worries though! We got you!One of the best and most important pieces of advice we can give you is not to do it on your own. Let your friends and family help you plan your next steps. Also, for any relocation process, you should consider hiring a reliable moving company. Our article will help you prepare for the move and give you tips on how to find reliable movers in Brooklyn. Therefore you will be all set for your moving day!

Reasons for moving to Toronto from NYC

Even though Canada and the US are not so much different, and you are not relocating to an exotic place, you should know that it will probably take you some time to adapt to the new environment. Therefore, keep in mind you need to be flexible and enjoy the fun of moving from NYC to Toronto.

The best of Toronto at a glance:

  • The people and diversity– Canadians are friendly and polite! And the best part about moving from Brooklyn to Toronto is that you will feel welcomed! Almost the half of its residents have been born outside CA.
  •  The safety– Toronto is one of the safest cities in the World!
  • Affordable housing!
  • Saving time on commuting– Toronto has a great transportation system. You can also choose to walk or bike. You don’t have to worry about winters, Toronto has an underground walkway!
  • The PATH- is an underground pedestrian walkway network you can use to avoid the cold or steer crowds. It also features many restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • The food– Toronto has many great restaurants and coffee shops!
  • Nature and healthy lifestyle– On weekends you can visit one of many great small islands nearby and have a quick escape from the city life. Toronto also has one of the best farmers markets in the World, the St. Lawrence Market. Also, you will always be able to find fun outdoor activities to have fun and stay healthy!

Even though the list could go on for a while, we will let you discover on your own the other upsides of living in Toronto. The best way to do is to go exploring Toronto after you move. Give yourself enough time to get to know the city and you will probably make new friends along the way!

Moving from Brooklyn to Toronto – the relocation guide

The best way to have a stressfree move is to prepare a relocation plan. Start planning your move as soon as possible. Having few months time of planning will make the whole process much easier and you will have enough time to prepare for the next big step in your life. It will also prevent you from overlooking any important pre-departure responsibilities.
The best way to stay organized is to create a relocation checklist:

  • Get familiar with visa requirements.
  • Find the right neighborhood.
  • Hire a reliable moving company.
  • Create a packing plan.

Visa regulations for moving from Brooklyn to Toronto

If you are moving to Canada as a foreign citizen you should research visa options in advance. For the American citizens, there are a few visa types available. Keep in mind that your spouse or children may need a different type of visa and documents to provide. Therefore make sure you check if you are eligible for the permanent residency, express entry. or one of the other of the 5 visa types. You can also contact a licensed immigration service that can help you with the applying process.

If you plan on moving with a pet to Toronto you should take care of necessary certificates. Contact your vet and find out the best ways to prepare your pet for the transportation.

Choosing the right neighborhood

neighborhood houses in toronto
Find a neighborhood that will make you feel welcomed

When looking for a new living place the very first thing you should do is create a list of priorities. Whether that is the size or proximity to your work you should have a clear list.This will allow you to keep on track, not get carried away, and save time. Finding a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle will help you feel at home much quicker. Therefore, research online and visit some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto and look for the borough you can imagine your new life in.

Finding a reputable moving company

Relocations can easily turn into a nightmare if you accidentally choose the wrong moving company. Moving scams are not as uncommon as you may think. Therefore, make sure you find a reputable moving company with good recommendations and many years of experience. Find the best moving services in Brooklyn and let you mover do the heavy lifting and thinking for you. Besides the transportation, you mover can take care of your packing and additional moving tasks. Ask them for a quote and the services it includes. In addition to the estimated price, ask your mover to do an in-house estimate. This way you will be able to meet their representatives as well as to get a more accurate price.

The packing list for moving from Brooklyn to Toronto

boxes packed for moving from Brooklyn to Toronto
Buy quality packing materials that will keep your belongings safe

So, you have found a reliable mover, rented an apartment in Toronto, informed your friends and family about the move… The only thing left is to pack and go. This may be the moment where the actual relocation becomes real. People tend to get emotional and that usually takes its toll on packing. In order to prevent any packing mistakes, create the list in advance. Keep in mind that you are packing for your new home. Therefore, it may be that you don’t need all that furniture or that broken old mug, you’ve never managed to get rid of. Be aware of the moving expenses.
Relocating with more boxes will result in a higher overall cost. Make sure you follow your packing list and labeled the boxes. Clearly labeled boxes will help you unpack in just a few days and let you reach essentials as soon as you move.
Moving from Brooklyn to Toronto you are about to have a long distance relocation, consider buying some quality boxes and packing material in order to keep your fragile items safe.