Moving from Canada to New Jersey on a budget – where to look for housing

Moving from Canada to New Jersey will be easy after you read this because you will know where to look for your new house/home. New Jersey, or as some like to call it – Garden State, is recognized for its beautiful beaches, busy roadways, the most amazing food, and let’s not forget the diverse culture. So, this is definitely a great choice but which city will be the best and most affordable?

Hightstown is the most affordable place in NJ

Some Canadians choose Tampa and some prefer New Jersey. If you think that a small town can be good for you check out Hightstown! The costs of living here are pretty reasonable and affordable for many. The thing we like the most about this about it is the location. You will be close to New York City and Philadelphia. Peddie is a top-rated private school in town and that is an important piece of information for families with younger children. Princeton University is also close by (approximately 20 minutes away) for those with older kids. As you can see, this place has a perfect location.

A person counting money while preparing for moving from Canad to New Jersey.
Housing in New Jersey can be pretty affordable. If you choose the right place, of course.

Our top choice when moving from Canada to New Jersey – Montclair

Montclair Township is part of Essex County. Many people will tell you that this is one of the best places to live in this state. We can tell you that this is one of the most affordable as well. This is the reason why we said that this is our top choice. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Montclair Township you can enjoy in your free time. Moving here won’t be hard at all, you just need to find reliable assistance to help you to settle in.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is often known as the Hub City. This is another one of the affordable cities in New Jersey. This place draws young professionals mainly because of the major corporations like Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb that have many job openings right now. If you are looking for some great shopping, dining, and entertainment – you will be able to find it all around the city. Residents of all ages can have a good time here. This place is really close to NYC and many Canadians love New York.

The commute is great

If you wish to go to NYC for any reason, it is only one hour away. The commute is great and we know for a fact that many people live in New Jersey, right here and work in NYC. This means you have a lot more job opportunities. This can also be a great place for you to check out housing and if you find something that you like make sure to call

A woman watching a train pass
This is a big plus.

Pompton Lakes

If you enjoy outdoor activities Pompton Lakes is a great place to live. This New Jersey town has three rivers running through it which means this is a perfect place for the ones who enjoy water sports. The best of all – hosing is very affordable. Make sure to research this place as well, outdoorsy people really love Pompton Lakes.