Moving from NYC to Toronto

Toronto is a thriving city and it is no wonder people want to move to Canada. As the world becomes smaller and business opportunities expand into the Great North, people are more and more moving from NYC to Toronto.

Here is a list of reasons why you should move to Toronto from New York:

  1. Apartments in Toronto have much more space and almost every building has a concierge.
  2. A luxury you never had before moving from NYC to Toronto – being able to control the temperature of your apartment.
  3. Your windows will not face brick walls. You will have a skyline view.
  4. You can get a mortgage without any Canadian credit history – and the mortgage rates are low.
  5. Toronto has a lower cost of living.
  6. The subway system is way better and every station has a countdown clock.
  7. This city is a lot easier on your nose than New York.
  8. You will never dispute an insurance claim again.
  9. Toronto is one of the safest big cities in the world.
  10. People are much warmer here.

How to move to Toronto from NYC?

Research Immigrations website before you make any decisions about moving from NYC to Toronto.
Research Immigrations website before you make any decisions about moving from NYC to Toronto.

Making a good plan is crucial. Organize everything few months ahead, and prevent any stressful situations that may cost you time and money. You never have too much time to prepare. Set a schedule and stick to it. Explore all the options and neighborhoods. Find out what fits you and your lifestyle the best.


With the valid US passport, you can stay in Canada up to six months. According to Canada’s immigration website, you will need to determine your immigration eligibility. After that, you can decide what type of status you’ll seek. The current processing time for residency status is about two months – and that is the best case scenario. It can take a lot longer. You should also secure a job and a place to live before applying.

 Come prepared

The most important thing to know about apartments in Toronto is that you must come prepared. Collect all the paperwork you may need, such as checkbook, background check, and credit history. You will miss out on many apartments if you don’t.

Inspect your rental

This step is very important before you sign the lease. Go to the apartment with your friends, and look inside all the cupboards, fridge, under the bed, check the windows. Make sure that everything is good.
Also, the best thing to do is to rent from a property manager or real estate company. If you rent from a private owner the problem is that you won’t get much security. If anything goes wrong in the unit, something brakes or they want to kick you out, there is no one to protect you from all that kind of stuff. Signing a legal lease that has rules and regulations will provide you much better service.

Find yourself a reliable moving company

You may come to a temptation to cut costs by moving by yourself, but keep in mind that you will most likely have to hit the road several times when moving from NYC to Toronto, thereby you will not save any money. Also, it will increase the risk of property damage. A reliable company will make sure to take care of your stuff so that no harm is done. When it comes to moving companies, go with the best of the best. Make sure they have a good reputation. Get NYC moving quotes before you choose the moving company. Do your research, find out how much do movers cost in NYC, find out all about additional fees, insurance options, and extra offers.

Cancel or transfer memberships and services

A lot of places, like gyms, auto-renew memberships and it might be an extra charge for canceling at a late notice. That being said, it’s always best to cancel a more than a month before the end date. Change your billing address and cancel your internet provider services. Just make sure you do all of this before moving from NYC to Toronto, and save yourself from any additional stress.

Make a list of essentials

Make sure you buy boxes in all different sizes. This will prevent fragile items from breaking when moving from NYC to Toronto.
Make sure you buy boxes in all different sizes. This will prevent fragile items from breaking when moving from NYC to Toronto.

Before you even start packing for your big move from NY to Toronto, make sure to leave out things that you will need on a moving day. This bag should not be too big, but it must contain all the stuff that will come in handy. Since you are moving to Toronto, it would be wise to pack some winter clothes, and boots just in case. Also don’t forget toiletries such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant etc… Don’t forget your laptop or phone chargers. The worst thing that can happen here is for you to show up in your new apartment, and you don’t know where your essentials are. So write everything down.

Clear out the clutter before moving from NYC to Toronto

Think about all these things that you don’t really use or need anymore. There is always so much clutter, and you might not even be aware of it. You can give some of your stuff to your friends, sell online, donate, organize a yard sale or just throw everything in a trash. No matter what you do, the important thing here is not to move things that you will eventually throw away.

Gather packing supplies

If you are not using moving company’s packing service, you will have to do this alone. You might have some of packing supplies already, but it is most likely that you will need to buy them.

  • Boxes – make sure to buy enough boxes, and in different sizes.
  • Packing tape – don’t use the regular one, that will harm your stuff.
  • Packing peanuts – use them for filling the free space inside the boxes so that nothing ends up broken when shuffled.
  • Foam – it is great protection for edges of glass, mirrors, artwork, furniture, and appliances when moving from NYC to Toronto – it is a long way.

Pack in sections

Start off with all stuff that you don’t use as much, and gradually finish with appliances that you use every day. If you pack in sections, it will be so much easier for you to unpack after moving from NYC to Toronto. Make sure to label the boxes. I know it sounds silly, but it helps a lot. And please, be specific. Don’t just write ‘’kitchen’’, write exact things that are in the box.