Moving from Vancouver to Toronto

British Columbia is so much different from Ontario. You should plan in advance this moving and be prepared. So, organize your moving and learn something about your new city. Moving from Vancouver to Toronto is not simple, but it may be if you have your checklist with you. It does not matter what is the reason for your relocation. A new job, college moving, you are getting married or anything else, you must be prepared.

Toronto at night.
Toronto is a beautiful city in Canada, especially at night.

Hire a moving company for moving from Vancouver to Toronto

It has about 4200km from Vancouver to Toronto. So, it is a long distance move, and it is hard to do it without a professional help. Our advice is to hire a good moving company which will help you with transportation. Driving more than 4000km is dangerous for you and people around you if you do not have experience. So choose a reliable mover you can trust. 

Loading box into a moving truck.
Hire a moving company because it is not easy and safe to drive alone. After all, it is a long distance move.

Manage your costs

Money is a big factor when you are moving from Vancouver to Toronto. Relocation costs, new rent, changing documents, etc. First months are the hardest one until you learn how to manage your costs. So, because of that, you should do a proper research when moving.

Bill for grocery.
Costs are different in Toronto. First months will be a little difficult, but after you learn how to manage, you will get it.

A new home in Toronto

First, you should decide do you want to rent or to buy a home. After that, choose do you want a house or an apartment. However, in both cases, it will cost you. If you want to buy a home in the city center of Toronto, the average price per square meter is 9,657 C$ and a little bit outside the city center, the average price is lower. In that case, you need to separate 7,427 C$ per square meter. On the other hand, if you want to rent a home in the city center, the average rent for three bedroom home is 3,263 C$, and outside of the city is 2,293 C$. As you can see, rent is a little bit lower than in Vancouver.


Basic utilities in Toronto for the apartment of 85 square meters are about 159 C$ for one month. That includes electricity, garbage, cooling, heating, and water. Basic utilities are more expensive in Toronto than in Vancouver. Of course, nowadays, life is impossible without the internet. It will cost you about 67 C$ per month. That is something you cannot live without. The additional cost is for transportation. A monthly pass is 146 C$ and a gasoline per one liter is 1.30 C$.
After all, for one month in Toronto, you will spend 34,6% for a rent, 32% in markets, 9,4% for transportation and about 5% for utilities.

Things you should know about Toronto

What you should know before moving from Vancouver to Toronto and what are some interesting facts about Toronto? Vancouver and Toronto are very different cities. It is a big move, from one side of the country to another.

Weather in Toronto

Toronto weather will probably become a serious conversation topic like you are living in Great Britain. It will dictate you how to dress that day or sometimes you will be late for work because of the weather. The weather is unpredictable. It could be -15 one weekend and 15 degrees the next weekend. You should learn how to survive a winter in Toronto and to be ready. There are no rules.

Transport in Toronto is different than in Vancouver

Many people, before moving, think that transit in Toronto is similar to transit in Vancouver. But, it is not. In Vancouver, delays are rare but, in Toronto, it is a common phenomenon. First, learn how to navigate the subway. After that, learn how the cars and busses work. You will learn after a month or two, and you will not be late anymore.

A train.
Experience will teach you how the transportation works in Toronto.

Street meat is very popular

No, it is not an old meat. In Vancouver, when you are hungry after the nightclub, you will go to the nearest McDonald’s or to the pizza spot. But, in Toronto, people are usually going to eat street meat. It is very delicious and popular food here. Maybe it will be your favorite outdoor fast-food snack. You should try it.

You cannot be bored here

Toronto is a city where you always have to do something. For example, new art shows or festivals. If that is not your thing, find a great place to drink your favorite drink. There are some festivals in Toronto you must visit.

Sports in Toronto are a big thing

Everyone likes sports in Toronto, playing or watching, whatever. Especially watching a major sports game. Sports players enjoy playing because their fans truly support their teams. Watching a Leafs or Raptors game is exciting and almost everyone is preparing all day for watching the game. When a Toronto team plays bad, the fans also support them, no matter what.

Ice hockey game.
Choose your favorite sports team and watch the game with your new friends.

Moving from Vancouver to Toronto will be an exciting life event, but you should be prepared. From choosing a moving company to learning interesting facts about Toronto. A good organization and preparation will solve all your problems and concerns. Learn as much as you can and save money before moving. As we mentioned before, Toronto is more expensive for some things than Vancouver. Good luck with relocation.