Reasons to move to Ottawa

If you are currently living in Toronto and thinking about a move to Ottawa, that can be a very good decision. Any move you are thinking about making regardless where, from Toronto to Montreal, from Toronto to New Jersey, etc., should be well thought through. You have to have all the facts before moving from Toronto to Ottawa. Ottawa is a great place to live but Toronto has its charm as well. And one very important thing to be aware of. If you are moving alone to Ottawa there are chances that you will find a place only for you and you will be able to pay the rent even if you live alone. If you try to do the same in Toronto, well you will probably have to have a roommate in your thirties.

Moving from Toronto to Ottawa is a great decision
            Ottawa has beautiful sightseeing

Move to Ottawa and get familiar with the capital

Ottawa is modern, urban city of Canada. Similar to Toronto, Ottawa has very cold winters and let’s say warm summers. If you consider warm weather under thirty degrees Celsius. By living in Toronto, you probably already got used to cold winters but be ready for even more snow in Ottawa. So, you can say that summers are very pleasant in Ottawa. Your move to Ottawa will make you realize very fast that this is a city of sport. You cannot think about hockey without thinking about Canada and its capital. But, not only hockey there is soccer as well and basketball. Definitely a city with a sporty soul. And just an important FYI  heads up when finding movers in Toronto.

Culture and education

Ottawa is well known for its great schools and Universities.  Also, if you want to study in some Uni in Quebec you can easily do so. Because Quebec is very near to Ottawa, and transportation in Ottawa is great as well the transportation from Ottawa to other nearby cities. Ottawa is known for as bilingual, the majority of residents speak french next to English as well, it’s the same situation in Toronto but in a smaller percentage. There are pros and cons of moving to Toronto or from Toronto or anywhere else, but that is up for discussion what is pro and what is con regarding this precise decision, but culture and education that Ottawa can provide is definitely a pro. One more great known fact is that Ottawa has a large number of Museums.

Always a battle between these two cities

As a Canadian, you probably are well aware that there is some animosity between Toronto and Ottawa. People are even wondering often is Toronto capital of Canada? People that aren’t Canadians of course. Therefore, your move to Ottawa should be a well-thought decision. Because you are transferring maybe not only to another city but to a rivalry city. So, maybe friends you are leaving behind in Toronto won’t be happy with your decision. Not only because you are moving away from them but because you are moving to a city that they are probably not fond of. But, this decision should be only yours and your family if you are moving with them. And that is another plus for Ottawa. It’s a city that is a great place to be with your family and to raise your children. 

Any difference in living costs?

When comparing Ottawa to Toronto, and that is a must when moving from Ottawa to Toronto, you will probably notice that a lot of people comment that life in Ottawa can be in fact way cheaper from life in Toronto. Even though Ottawa is the capital of Canada and by some logic, Ottawa should be a more expensive place to live. However, that is not so. Starting from rents, you can rent a cheaper flat in Ottawa than in Toronto. Maybe the reason behind that is that when celebrities want to have fun in Canada they go to Toronto and to their famous nightclubs. Therefore, prices vary, from high rents to more expensive milk in the store. Because if a celebrity can afford it so can you. Ironically speaking of course. So, there you go another great reason to move to the capital of beautiful Canada.

Silver coins
                      Life is cheaper in Ottawa

Is Ottawa any fun?

When coming from Toronto, the city that has so many nightclubs and diverse places to go out, you cannot help but wonder when moving from Toronto to Ottawa what my life when the night falls will be? Will I have to go to sleep by ten? Is there anything to do there? And the answer, logically is that there are nightclubs, of course, you are living now in the capital of Canada. And Ottawa can show you the time of your life. First thing first, Ottawa has so many great festivals, like:

  • Ottawa Jazz Festival
  • Ottawa Bluesfest
  • Westfest
  • Escapade Music Festival
  • City Folk Festival

Fireworks above river
  Ottawa has amazing festivals

And so many more festivals to count. What is important is that for any music taste there is something. Ok, you don’t like jazz so you won’t go to jazz festival you will go to Escapade and listen to more commercial things. The point is, that you can enjoy yourself with any music throughout the year, and it’s nearby. Few kilometers away, maybe not even that much.
When moving from Toronto to Ottawa you should be well aware that you are not leaving some extra fun city to move to some slow, low-key city. Ottawa is as much as fun and has as many of the events as Toronto has, if not more. And not to mention all the nightclubs that Ottawa has to offer. We will be honest and say that the capital of Canada doesn’t actually have as many clubs as Toronto. But sometimes if not always it’s about the quality, not quantity. Your decision to move to Ottawa is a great choice to make. Yes, you will miss Toronto, that is completely normal. But that feeling of missing won’t last long once you meet and feel on your own skin the beautiful Ottawa. It has so many things to offer, and it’s a privilege and pleasure to live in a such a great city.