Moving to Montreal from Toronto

There are a lot of great reasons why you should move to Montreal. If you are currently living in Toronto and thinking about moving to some other place in beautiful Canada, then Montreal is a place for you. There are a lot of perks of living in Toronto, of course, but moving to Montreal can be one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you have a family or you want to create one. Montreal is known for low crime rate and has some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Canada. And we won’t forget to mention one of the most important pros for Montreal, and those pros are great restaurants serving most delicious food in whole Canada. Just because of this reason you should be already on your way to Montreal.

Montreal in a rainy day
    Beautiful architecture of Montreal

The main difference between Montreal and Toronto

Moving to Montreal will make you see that not all life happens in the cities that are the biggest. There’s life in other cities in Canada and Montreal is one of the most interesting ones. In Montreal, you can raise a family without worrying where will you send your kids to school. Montreal has one the best education systems and schools. There is the best Uni in Canada. So, you can mark that off your list. In Toronto, you can find great colleges in Toronto as well, but you should think wider. In both Montreal and Toronto, there are English speaking and French-speaking citizens. However, there are a lot more chances that you will meet a French speaker in Montreal than in Toronto, however in Toronto there a lot of languages spoken. You can go by with only English but there are a lot of chances that people in Montreal and Toronto speak more than just one language.

Is there any diversity in transportation?

Are you sick of vehicle crowded Toronto? Well, even if you are, the situation doesn’t change much in Montreal. However, this is something on what the authorities are working on to fix the situation at least a little bit. There aren’t many places where you can run from the traffic, especially in the rush hour. So, when looking a place to move there isn’t much use to check how their traffic is, because chances are that you will be disappointed.  Good thing is that if you have decided on moving to Montreal there is a great way to travel to Toronto, by using Montreal’s famous rail. Not only to Toronto but to New York USA as well. So, you don’t have to use a car every time, at least not when you are going to Toronto from Montreal.

Will your budget change when moving to Montreal?

Even though Toronto and Montreal are both in Canada, cost of living is way cheaper in Montreal. Everything you can think of is cheaper in Montreal than in Toronto. From your first day of living in Montreal, you will feel the difference. So, when thinking about where to move from Toronto let this be your main choice because there are all pros. Fun fact is that people are calling Montreal uncostly Paris. So, why not live in Paris and still stay in Canada if you can. If you are renting a place to live you will definitely want to move to Montreal since the rents cannot even compare. Yes, in every way possible Montreal is cheaper from Toronto. Even when it comes to a carton of milk.

Moving to Montreal will help you see just how this city is so exciting
            Fireworks in Montreal at night


As you already probably know and you felt on your skin since by assumption you are currently living in Toronto winter in Toronto can be harsh. It can get even worse in Montreal. There are some cons for Montreal of course but not necessarily. If you like the winter in all of its glory than again, Montreal is a place for you. Both Toronto and Montreal have nice summers so you cannot go wrong there. Either way, whether in Montreal shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you to start a new life there since it’s pretty similar to Toronto. If you don’t like winter you won’t like it wherever you are in the winter time.


Nightlife in Toronto is to say at least crazy. People are partying all night long. A similar case is in Montreal. People are dancing until the sun comes up, and you have some awesome clubs for any taste in music you may have. Some of the most famous clubs in Toronto are:

  • Stereo after hours
  • Club Unity
  • Electric Avenue

And those are only a few. The main difference in partying in Toronto and Montreal is that you can go dressed casually anywhere you like in Montreal, emphasis on everywhere. Put your flats and jeans on and go party comfortable all-night long. While when partying in Toronto depending on the place you want to visit it takes some dressing up to do. So, make your choice, what is more, appealing to you? And just think, you are legally entitled to start drinking at eighteen years old in Montreal. And when you start partying as a student you will come to the point to know how much should you drink and when is enough.

Girl dancing to a song
  Exciting nightlife in Montreal

Moving to Montreal can be a very special step in life. You get to experience a different style of life and still, you can visit Toronto any time you want, without having to live there and spending a lot of money. Montreal has beautiful constructions, great casual nightlife, great clubs, rail that can take you back to visit Toronto, harsh but beautiful winter and lovely summers, cheaper rents, and all that under so many reasonable costs than in Toronto. What else could you want?