Moving to Toronto in 7 days

In the best case scenario, for moving to Toronto in 7 days you will have enough time to prepare everything. However, sometimes that may not be the case. If you are in a situation to move in 7 days, you will have to be efficient and fast when organizing your last minute move to Toronto. Keep reading and find out how you can organize everything without any stress.

 Get organized and plan your move on Day 1

The first day is all about good organization. Make sure to get help from the most reliable movers when moving to Toronto in 7 days. Consider getting references when searching for movers. When on a budget and you have to do everything by yourself, consider making more than one to-do list. It will help you make a good plan. Also, with a list, you can make sure not to forget anything. High Level Moving & Storage Toronto will help you plan your move and offer the best storage solutions if need beOn a second day, you should start sorting out our belongings. When you do make sure to make a basic inventory list. That way you will be able to put aside the items you no longer need or have a use for. If you are on a budget, consider getting rid, donating, or selling the items you don’t need. If you do that you will save money while moving to Toronto in 7 days.

make a plan
When it comes to last-minute moving, organizing is essential.

More Tips for the Day 3

On the third day, you may be a bit overwhelmed. But there is no reason to panic. You can get everything packed and moved by week’s end. To make the most of the day number three, consider dealing with your paperwork. If you already have a good moving company in Toronto, make sure you handle other things. Get your medical records and change your credit card address. Also, make sure to handle paperwork if you need to transport your vehicle. Don’t forget about your pet and his documents if you are taking him. 

Pack the rest of your belongings on Day 4

It is best to pack your belongings before your movers arrive. The first thing you should do is to get all the packing supplies you may need. That includes moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, plastic wrapping paper and packing tape and paper. If you are moving on a budget consider using shirts, blankets, towels, newspapers, and sheets to secure your breakables inside the moving boxes. It is best to start packing early so you finish on time.

Storage space and other tasks on Day 5

Day five is also reserved for packing. On a day no. 5 you should finish packing the most of your belongings. Make sure to use the help of professional movers when on a deadline. Keep in mind that one of the most important things is to clean your fridge and let it defrost. That way it will be ready before the moving day when movers arrive. Also, remember to use up all the leftover food and cleaning products when moving to Toronto in 7 days.

the boxLast minute tasks on Day 6

One of the things you should do on the sixth day is to pack the box with essentials. Consider putting all the things you may need for first few days in your new home before movers arrive. Keep in mind that you should take important documents, medical records, passports, money, and jewelry with you.

Final Day of your move Day 7

On the seventh day, you should relax, take a big breath and let your movers take care of the rest. Consider having cool water and maybe a snack or two when they arrive. They will be grateful, work efficiently and take care of your belongings and good luck with moving to Toronto in 7 days!