Moving from Toronto to New York

If you are currently living in Canada and you are thinking about moving to New York, you came to the right place. Here you can find some tips and tricks on how to move from Toronto to New York, and how to get used to a somewhat different lifestyle and habits. Toronto and New York are different but at the same time, these two cities have a lot of similarities. Stay tuned for some insights on what will change when you move from Toronto to New York.

Moving from Toronto to New York brings a lot of new things
Toronto is beautiful as much as New York

How to pack for your move from Toronto to New York

When you are moving from Toronto to New York you have to know how to pack. Keeping in mind that New York is a city that is more expensive than Toronto, therefore it is good to have a strategy when packing. For example, you should know that the weather conditions are pretty much the same. Both cities have four seasons, and winters in New York can be harsh as well as in Toronto.
So, winter clothes are a must. However, it is good to declutter. That is always a good idea. Everything you don’t need you can sell by arranging a yard sale. That is the best way to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore and at the same time, you will earn some money. Also, it makes a difference if you are renting or buying an apartment in New York. Depending on that you will bring everything from your furniture, or you won’t.

Why you should stay in Toronto

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. Therefore, it has so many happenings on a daily basis. It is never boring in Toronto. So many festivals, restaurants, museums, concerts, and so many other things and there is something for anyone. Also, career possibilities are endless. There are a lot of opportunities for a number of careers. So, whatever you do you can try and find your happiness here. Not to talk about sport and sports events. Canada is definitely the center of hockey and other sports. So, if you are a fan, then this is a place for you. However, we are here to talk about your move to New York, and New York has so much to offer as well.

Let’s go to New York

You know that saying, that if you make it in New York you will make it anywhere. Well, it is true. New York can be harsh. However, it is a great challenge for anyone, and definitely, if you make it there you will just know that you have to make it in life in general. New York is a bit expensive and challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tips and tricks you can follow in order to live a good life in New York. There is no need to look for an apartment in Manhattan, as it is the most expensive borough of the five boroughs that New York has.

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • And Manhattan

Manhattan is definitely the most expensive one to live in, but it doesn’t mean that is the best.

Street in New York during the night
New York has five boroughs that you can choose from

New York and its boroughs

New York is such an interesting and multicultural city. It truly has it all. People who visit New York often say that they would go back and stay there forever. When it comes to boroughs it is important to know how to handle your new lifestyle. In a sense that there is no need to live in the most expensive borough, which is Manhattan. You can rent a great apartment in Brooklyn for example for almost half of the price that you would have to pay in Manhattan.
Fun fact is that you can come from Brooklyn to Manhattan in a matter of half an hour using the subway. Another great fact that New York has to provide you with is that you don’t need a car. It is even better if you do not own one, because traffic jams are something normal in a city such as New York. So, it is better to use the subway.

New life

When you make any kind of move, anywhere, it means that you are starting something new. You are getting a chance to start fresh. Meeting new people in New York is easy. Making friends has never been easier than nowadays especially in New York. Even though there are so many smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., some people do want to talk. There are so many coffee places that don’t even have a Wi-Fi for this reason, so that people would actually talk to each other. Do not be shy, go out, enjoy in a great nightlife that New York has to offer.

New York at night
               New York has a lot to offer

Toronto vs. New York

Toronto indeed is a great city to live in. Even during those harsh winters, Toronto is still a beautiful town to be in. However, New York has that something that makes everyone go there. It is really a special town. Yes, it has its flaws, but if you ask a true New Yorker about its flaws you won’t hear even one. When you live in New York for some time, you learn to love it more than anything, it crawls under your skin. So, moving from Toronto to New York can make a huge change in your life, in a positive way.
Moving can be stressful, but when you have that chance to move to New York stress kinda reduces. It actually disappears. You just feel the excitement. Moving from Toronto to New York can be a great idea, just investigate a bit before you decide to make that move. Enjoy Toronto and enjoy New York, when these two cities are in question chances are slim to none that you will get disappointed.