All you need to know about moving your startup to Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to startups. From having a strong economy to providing a large pool of skilled people, Canada has all that a growing startup could need. But, in order to move your startup to Canada successfully, there are numerous things you will have to take into consideration. So, let’s not dilly dally, and let us take a look at what moving your startup to Canada is all about.

Before moving your startup to Canada

Business relocation is, arguably, the most complicated type of relocation. The reason for this is that most business owners do not want to close shop while they move. And, if possible, neither should you. But, to make moving your business possible, while simultaneously running it possible, you will have to deal with weeks if not months of preparations and various moving-related tasks. And, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that moving your startup to Canada is going to be the right business decision. So, before you start preparing to move to Canada, let us go over a couple of important points.

People sitting at a table with laptops facing them.
The hardest part of relocating a startup is organizing your business around moving.

Is Canada the right place for you?

Moving your startup to Canada should be a strategic, well thought out business decision. This shouldn’t be a spur of the moment, on a whim kind of thing. Both moving and running your business in Canada will take a lot of time, money and effort. And it is up to you to figure out whether the relocation will be worth it. A lot of business owners move their business in the hope of reviving it, but only end up spending the little money they have left. So, make sure to carefully consider whether moving to Canada is really the right choice before you go after it.

Where to go

The second thing to consider is that Canada is big. Simply stating that you are going to move your business to Canada is not quite precise. Instead, you need to consider where in Canada you are going to go. Running a business in Toronto is much different from running it in Whitehorse. So, carefully consider the place you are moving to before you start relocating your startup. Larger cities are usually a better choice, especially for new, risky startups.

A photo of Toronto showing it to be one of the places you should consider when moving your startup to Canada.
Toronto can be a terrific city for startups.

They provide more opportunities and a larger pool of capable people to hire. But, on the other hand, smaller cities usually have far less competition. Also, depending on the region, you might need to speak French. So, think long and hard before you settle on your future city.

Legal requirements

In order to run a business in Canada, there are various legal papers you will need to acquire. You will need to verify your startup in order to get the proper visa. Make sure that you start looking into this long before moving. Keep in mind that some of these papers can take weeks if not months to acquire. So, do yourself a favor and start looking into them the moment you decide that you are going to move your startup to Canada.

How to deal with startup relocation

Once you decide that Canada is the perfect country for your startup, you will need to deal with moving it. Now, as you will soon learn, there are many aspects that you’ll need to take care of. And, even more, if you plan on having a cost-effective relocation. So, along with looking into legal paperwork, start preparing for your relocation as soon as possible. Head on to sites like and learn as much as you can about commercial relocation. The more research you do, the easier your relocation will be.

When to move?

Knowing the right time to move your startup to Canada is vital. Now, there are two major aspects that you need to consider here. First is the state of your business. And the second is the general cost of moving your startup to Canada and how timing can affect it. The ideal time to move your business if just as it is starting to pick up. Most people move their business because they are not going well, and simply end up wasting money. Remember, there are a thousand reasons why a startup may not be doing well. And being situated in the wrong area is just one of them. So before you move, make sure that it is precisely what your business needs.

Finding commercial movers

Trying to move your startup to Canada without having capable commercial movers at your side is almost impossible. If you want to tackle this difficult relocation properly, we advise you to start looking for commercial movers as soon as possible. Your best bet is to start with local moving companies. Know that you will have to deal with a lot of packing and planning, both of which will be much easier if the moving company is nearby. Therefore, if you want to move your NJ business elsewhere, look for commercial movers in NJ. Keep in mind that your movers need to have experience and reliability in order to relocate you properly. So, keep looking until you’ve made sure that you’ve found the right ones to help you with moving your startup to Canada.

A person shaking hands with a commerical mover.
The only way to tackle moving your startup to Canada properly is to have capable commercial movers by your side.

Organizing your business around moving

With commercial movers by your side, you should start planning your relocation. Now, this will take time to get in order. But, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to organize your business around moving. Movers can take care of transporting your office furniture and supplies. Meanwhile, you need to find a way to keep your startup running for as long as possible. Even during moving preparations. Notify your clients, organize your staff and try to find a way to keep your business operational with minimum office supplies.