Organize your bathroom: clever ideas for more storage space

Not all of us can afford the big, spacey bathrooms we often see online, but that shouldn’t stop us from turning the one we have into a perfect, functional oasis of health. No matter how big our bathrooms maybe, we keep lacking space to store everything necessary in them. The crucial thing is to organize your bathroom in a way that is accessible and practical for use and cleaning. Whether you are planning to do the work yourself as a DIY project, or have someone do it for you, you could use few tips to make the process easier.

Keep it neat!

Most of the germs and bacteria reside in the bathroom space. Keeping hygiene at all times is a must, but often we are lacking time to dedicate our time to constant thorough cleaning. The most practical way is to have fast access to most of the surfaces. In order to do so, we have to minimize the surface covered with unnecessary things and supplies.

bathroom brushes and toilet paper hanging on the wall as an example how to organize your bathroom
Rods, hooks and hangers are clever use of space, but they can also be very decorative

Add hooks for towels, robes and other hanging stuff

By customizing them, you can make it even as a decorative element. Adding some rods with s-hooks for your bathtub/shower can save a lot of space too. All the sponges, brushes, and even cosmetics can be stored there.

A shelf above the door

This is one of the best ways to organize your bathroom storage space, especially for keeping your towels.

…And some more shelves

Many times space above the toilet is not used properly. Adding shelves as bathroom storage ideas with inverted brackets, where you can put some small towels, spare q-tips, bath salt, and even some scented candles or air fresheners will give that space a good purpose and a cute look.

small clean customized bathroom with sink, toilet, cabinet and a tub
Your bathroom may be small but that doesn’t stop you from adding some charm to it with few decorative details

Inside of cabinet doors can be customized as well

But make sure not to hand anything big or too heavy! It is an ideal place for your hair accessories, flat irons, brushes, hair dryers. Adding some magnet strips on the inside can also help with some hairpins, tweezers, and basically every small metal accessory.

Give purpose to weird, unpractical surfaces

If you have unused narrow spaces (usually between the toilet and the sink), you can try adding a customized cabinet, that will perfectly fill that space. They can be bought at any place that sells bathroom equipment, or maybe you can make it your own DIY project and improvise.

Hand in rubber glove cleaning the bathroom sink
Keeping your stuff “out of sight”will help you clean the bathroom much faster

Same goes for the room below the sink

If you have some spare room below the sink, try adding stash drawers. The purpose of these drawers is entirely up to you. However, some sinks have already covered that space. The drain tubes will take up a lot of space and make them impractical for use. But, if you add a couple of shower caddies on the sides, you can maximize the use of the surface. It’s perfect for keeping your cleaning supplies and extra bottles of shower gels and shampoos!

Adding up some cute-looking baskets to shelves for some supplies that are not-so-nice-looking lying around

The baskets are light, and therefore they could be hung practically anywhere – on the walls, above the shelves, or on the sides of the cabinets. Usually, we have a problem with storing extra toilet paper. This might be just the right solution for that.

organize your bathroom with clever use of storage space
Adding some baskets and practical wooden elements will give your bathroom a warm, classic look

For someone who lives in a small apartment, with limited storage space, a well-organized, practical bathroom is a lifesaver. All the tips above can help you a lot when you decide to organize your bathroom space, but you still need to get rid of all the unnecessary things that might lay around. That way, maintaining hygiene will be effortless, and yet, you will have everything you need within your reach.