How to plan a long distance move?

Starting a new life in Canada is very exciting! However, when moving, you can run into many difficulties and issues. This is especially common when you want to move far away. So, in order to help you plan a long distance move, we made this guide. Follow our tips and you’ll have successful relocation!

Decide on the location

This should be the first and the foremost thing you do when you plan a long distance move. Knowing where you’ll relocate will make it easier for you to prepare. If you’re not completely sure where you’d like to move to, you can see this guide on how to pick a perfect city in Canada for your family. Once you’ve decided on the location of your new home it will be easy to get all the things ready. Apart from this, naming where you want to move is important for you too. Since long-distance relocations can be tough, having a specific place in mind will do wonders for your morale during the relocation.

Plan a long-distance move well in advance

Planning and preparation are the two most important aspects of your long-distance relocation. Before you call your long distance movers from Toronto, you’ll want to be ready! So, how can you prepare for your faraway relocation? It’s easy! You just need to stay organized and work hard. You should also:

  • plan a moving budget – Deciding on your moving budget is the most important thing to do when you plan a long distance move. This will help you determine what movers you’ll be able to hire and what services you’ll enlist.
  • give yourself plenty of time – One thing you’ll want to have more in any relocation is time! If you want to have enough of it, you should start preparing and planning your long-distance relocation early.
  • make a system – Whether it’s packing all at once or dividing the entire process into manageable tasks you’ll need to have a system. Being organized will make your work seem halved.

Apart from all of this, you’ll also want to get your family ready for the move. If you have kids, this may prove difficult, since they might not be as open to change as you are. If you need any help with this, check out how to prepare your children for Toronto move.

Pack smart, not hard

When you’re planning a long distance relocation you’ll usually want pack as little as possible. Since the main part of your moving costs will be the weight of the items you want to be moved, you could reduce the price by bringing fewer items.

Plan a long distance move by packing smart!
Packing smart will save you time and money.

Clean and purge

Once you decide you’d like to move, take a good look at what you own. You should not bring all your things with you when you move. This will only make the job harder. So, before you call the local movers you should clean your old home. While you’re doing so, you could throw away some things you don’t need or can’t use. A good idea is to apply the “one year rule”. Namely, the point of this rule is to toss or get rid off anything you haven’t used in a year. Of course, this does not apply for decorations or any special items you may have.

Don’t throw, sell

Once you’ve gathered all the things which fall under the “one year rule” or any other items you’d like to get rid of, don’t throw them away. You could use them to help with your relocation. First, try to sell them. Next, take what’s left and donate it. Not only will this help fund your move but you’ll also help those in need. Finally, what can’t be sold or donate should definitely hit the dumpster.

Label, label, and label

Since you’ll be moving a long way, you will probably forget where you packed what. This is why it’s crucial to label boxes when you plan a long distance move. This will give you an X-ray vision when you’re unpacking and it will allow you to enjoy your new place sooner, rather than spending days looking through boxes.

Be organized when you want to plan a long distance move
Labeling is a good way to keep things organized.

In the end, there is another way you can make your packing quick and easy. If you have a lot of things to move then hiring Toronto movers would be the best decision. Good movers will help you pack and transport all your items safely and in no time.

Consider the new location

When you plan a long distance move you should consider the place you’re moving to. This will help you decide what furniture or decorations you can bring. Apart from this, if you check out your new home before the moving day, you’ll have a good idea of where you can place all your items. This way you won’t end up with a ton of things you’ll have no room for. And also, if you make a floor plan of your new home, you’ll be able to tell the movers directly where they should place your things once they bring them in.

Decide how you’ll travel

You’ll need to decide how you’re going to travel when you plan a long distance move. Since you might decide to ship your things to the new location or move them in a different way you’ll want to be there when they arrive. But this doesn’t mean you need to be with them the entire time.

Ship your items and buy a plane ticket.
Plan a long distance move so you could travel in style.

One of the best advantages of a long distance relocation is that you can meet your things at your new house. Why drive for hours in a moving truck when you could just ship your items and buy a plane ticket? However, this can have its drawbacks as well. You won’t be able to look after your things, or they may arrive before you. This is why it’s crucial to hire reliable movers to help you! With the right help on your side, any relocation will be easy.