How to prepare for a long-distance move?

Changing a location is very stressful, even if you are not doing it for the first time. New people, neighborhood, maybe a language, job, there is a lot going on. Prepare for a long-distance move like a pro and with ease. People are moving all the time, it is hard but not impossible.

Moving home requires organization and preparation. How much work and stress you will have, depending on where are you relocating. Canada is a large country, so a long-distance move may not include leaving a country, but if you do leave Canada you will need to change more documents and maybe to learn a new language. Changing your life and location takes a lot of work and time.

Plan in advance

When planning a move, time is valuable, especially in international moving. So, do not waste your precious time and start to plan as soon as you decide to relocate. It is a major life event, and if you need to do it on short notice, this could be a problem. The goal is to everything go smoothly and relatively easy. One of the best options is to create a checklist and you will not forget anything and you will stay organized.

A girl learning how to prepare for a long-distance move
Make a checklist and follow steps

Set moving budget

Costs of a long-distance move depend on many factors such as distance, items weight and size, storage service, packing supplies, travel fees, insurance, and additional fees. For example, moving from Canada to Florida will be more expensive than moving From Toronto to Quebec City (for the same size of moving boxes and household items). Set the budget you can spend on relocation and try to stick to it. When you need to prepare for a long-distance move, money is one of the biggest concerns. 

Prepare documents and paperwork

If you are changing a country (moving from Canada) you will need to prepare lots of documents. Visa, transferring medical records, school records (if you are moving with kids or for education), changing location on documents, etc. Usually, it takes a couple of months to collect all the paperwork, especially if moving with a family, so you need to prepare everything for them too.

A long-distance moving company

A long-distance move is more complicated for transportation. Finding a company you can trust and give all your belongings is not a simple and easy task. Hire international household relocation specialists and do not worry. But, what to check when choosing and hiring a company?

  • License and insurance are the most important items to check. No matter how much you like a company, if they do not have a certification and insurance, do not work with them.
  • Reading online moving reviews about companies is also part of the preparation.
  • Prepare for a long-distance move by choosing experienced movers.
  • Ask for referrals (3-4 is enough).
  • Also ask about additional services, such as storage and packing services.
5-star rated moving company
Choose the best company you can trust and hire them

In-home moving estimate

Move representatives should come to estimate all the belongings you need to transport to a new home. There are many online moving calculators, but to get the most accurate price, you should get an in-home moving estimate. It is important to show all the items you want to move, even the smallest decorations. This will help you calculate the costs for transportations and to be fully prepared. If they do not want to give you an in-home survey, it is probably a red flag.

Get help to prepare for a long-distance move

Doing every task on your own is almost impossible and also boring. Packing all the house is a long and complexed process. People often get too emotional when packing, so they need support and a friend. Having help from friends or family members to watch your kids, so you can pack household items without distracting. Also, having help to search for a new home and to explore a new city where you will move to is very helpful too. It is useful just to have a company to make a move easier and more fun.

Friends help a friend to prepare for a long-distance move
Ask your friends for help, because you will have a lot of work to do

Separate household items

Before you start to pack boxes, collect them of course (if you will pack by yourself). Also make categories of what to toss, take, and sell or donate. Try to transport just the most important items because your move will cost more with more items and probably your all furniture will not fit, in your new apartment. If you are moving to a hot place, most of your clothing will stay in Canada. Donate clothing to some organization and get rid of them.

Start packing early

Packing will take you a lot of time, so start early. Pack a couple of items every day by starting with items you will not need before a moving day. Most people start with a basement or a garage. The last box should be an essential box, also called “an open first box”. Label each box, especially pay attention to fragile items. Make sure that shipping your stuff overseas will be without any damage.

Labeled moving boxes, scissors and packing tape
You should have different size moving boxes and label them

Throw a party before you move

One of the saddest things is that it will be a while until you visit your old town. So, make sure you notify all the people you know about your relocation and throw a party or dinner, whatever you prefer more. Prepare for a long-distance move and say goodbye to your friends, family, and colleagues. Make sure they have your new contact and stay in touch with old friends.