Pros and cons of moving to Toronto

move to Toronto
Move to Toronto

Here you are, sitting in a cosy chair, imagining what it would be like to live somewhere else. Various cities come to your mind, and you are trying to figure out how would it be to move there.  You are doing some research, and after a while, there are a couple of moving opportunities and Toronto seems like the most attractive option for you, for many reasons. What else would we say besides CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to make one of the best decisions in your life, you are about to decide to relocate to Toronto. Although we are the group of people that lives in Toronto, and also would never leave it, there are some things you must know before you make your move to Toronto. There are good characteristics of it, and there are also some potentially bad. You need to check both, pros and cons of moving to Toronto with the intention of being sure that you have made the right choice by choosing to here. So, let’s begin!

Pros- or the reasons to move here

-Why moving to Toronto might be the best idea ever-

  • Chance to make a step forward in your life by making a move to Toronto

One of the top criteria when talking about moving, in general, is- do I have the opportunity of getting a good job there! So, Toronto is not the exception. Therefore, talking about pros and cons of moving to Toronto, the top pros ace from the sleeve is that you have the chance to get a very good, and very good paid job in fields of arts, culture, technology or media. If your come from aforementioned professions, moving to Toronto might be moving up the ladder in your career. We could mention just some of top employers here – Google, Uber, Shopify, Vice- and mention the information that there are 200.000 internet and tech-related jobs to make you want to teleport here immediately.Together with the information that Toronto is welcoming movers with an entrepreneurial spirit, and there are as many successful start-ups as you may imagine, reading this text, and finding out how to get here might change your life forever.

  • Toronto is a synonym for the excitement

Discussing pros and cons of moving to Toronto, we must say a strong cons argument- all kinds people are welcome here- sports lovers, people who like fashion, artists and those who love to enjoy in art– it doesn’t matter. Name it, Toronto certainly has it! We give you just a couple of bigger events where you can have fun in case you are moving to Toronto:

Cons of moving to Toronto
Cons of moving to Toronto

As one of the most multicultural cities around the world, Toronto offers a warm welcome to you, no matter on your interests, your origin or any other difference that separates you from the others. Writing down pros and cons of moving to Toronto, make sure you write that you will be accepted there no matter who you are.  What makes it clear is that around a half of Toronto inhabitants were not born here, so, if you move to Toronto- you are likely to find someone to share your story with.

  • Large city- small crime rate

It is stunning how safe Toronto is, having in mind the size of it. It has the safety index of 97, which means that it is safer than 97% of cities in the USA. The top argument for pros and against cons of moving to Toronto, especially for families with children is the information that the number of crimes per 1000 citizens a year is unbelievable-2! These statistics make Toronto one of the safest cities in all of the world. Talking about pros and cons of moving to Toronto, the safety of it would probably be one of the top arguments to persuade you to relocate there.

  • Easy winters for Canadian territory

The winters in Toronto are cold, we cannot say that they are warm. But if I am choosing to place winters here between pros and cons of moving to Toronto, I choose to place them on the side of pros. Because although the temperature in winter is almost all the time below 0°C, it is not that much below 0°C as it is in the most of the rest of Canada, and it is acceptable to live in Toronto in winters to(watch a video). That is why I think that winters here are mild comparing to those conditions in the other territories.

  • There is an airport in downtown of Toronto

You moved to Toronto, but your friends are somewhere else. You are questioning your decision to come here, away from friends and family. You are making notes of pros and cons of moving to Toronto, trying to see if you made the right decision, and you forget all the good things. That is the time you should consider travelling back home to solve the nostalgy problems. You are ready to do that, so why don’t you? There’s Billy Bishop Airport of Toronto at the very centre of the city!  It is well connected with the airports in Chicago, New York and Montreal, and by that, to the rest of the world. Now you look again at your pros and cons of moving to Toronto and it looks like there are no any cons, you are as happy as the pig in the slop! So, you cannot wait any longer before you see your dearests, hit the road, Jack!

Cons- possible problems with moving to Toronto-The reasons why moving to Toronto may make troubles in your life-

Among other expensive things that you may avoid, the one that you certainly cannot escape is housing. The housing in Toronto is pretty expensive, which is very important for movers to Toronto, and when looking at pros and cons of moving to Toronto, this might be the invincible obstacle. In case you do not have enough money, you have nowhere to stay for a while until you get settled, you haven’t already made a deal with some employer- our advice is to wait a while before you move, at least until you find a good job and a place to stay. We will mention only a couple of reasons why we are saying this:

  • The average home price is 1.2 million dollars.
  • The lowest renting price, for one bedroom home, is around 1200$

In case that you move with a family, you would need a bigger place to stay, and therefore much larger monthly expenses. So the most important question before you decide to move here is- are you able to survive in Toronto until you start earning a decent income?

  • Too much time lost in transportation from one place to another

Even though Toronto has the amasing infrastructure of roads, with 8-12 lanes expressways, the congestions are still unavoidable. That is why you must ask yourself are you prepared for a long time commute from your home to work and back. Also, when discussing pros and cones of moving to Toronto, we must mention the good side of Toronto, and that is that there are many ways of commuting, so many citizens even do not have a car. What is a problem when travelling further is losing time on paying for crossing regional borders. Although there is an information that this will be solved by implementing the new payment method that will speed it up, it is yet to be implemented so we must wait and see.

  • Very hot summers

The most interesting thing about pros and cons of moving to Toronto is that it is in Canada, and still, the winter is among pros to move there, and the summer is among cons. Pretty odd, isn’t it? But, when we tell you that there are over 7000 square miles, and the temperature in the summer is almost always above 20°C, and very often above 30°C, you may understand why we made the choice to put summers into the cons group.

  • Hard to make friends

In one of the paragraphs, we mentioned that you are welcome to this city no matter who you are and where you come from. It is the truth. But how is it difficult to make friends, you might ask? Well, we mentioned how it is a big, big city(we said something about 6 districts of Toronto in one of our previous articles), and also we mentioned that you spend much time in transportation. The reason why talking about pros and cons of moving to Toronto we put friendship on the cons side is that Torontonians are too busy to make friends- they are always in a hurry, trying to loose as minimum time a day as possible, and that is why you may find them unfriendly.

  • Conclusion

So, what would be the conclusion about pros and cons of moving to Toronto, which side wins? Well, in truth, both of them. It depends on you what is the crucial factor for you personally. If the cons are not too important for you- you have enough money, you got used to spending a lot in transportation, you have enough friends around, and you love high temperatures- this is the right place for you! In case any of those make a problem for you, take some time to think about it and see if that problem is solvable. One thing I know for sure- everybody who came to Toronto, not having to face troubles, fell in love with it at first sight!