Rental DIY decoration ideas for beginners

In this article, we will help you redecorate your rental. Small decoration projects can freshen up your new Toronto apartment after a move and make it feel like home. Most of us get a bit discouraged when we are renting because we don’t own the place. Do not allow that to stop you from decorating your space and enjoying where you live. Also, the tricks that we are about to show you are inexpensive. Instead of dropping a ton of cash on new furniture, craft your own with a little effort.

Start with the walls

With a little bit of effort and a little bit of time, you can really make a big impact on your rental. A fresh coat of white paint will make your living space look clean and spacious. You can also use few brighter colors to make a contrast. Try chalkboard paint on a wall or door to add some fun. This works particularly well in kitchens, mixed with home electronics metal finishes. Avoid wallpaper. Sure it’s stylish, but wallpaper is really hard to remove, especially if you won’t be in this place for long. Use the creative side of your brain to create an interior that you will absolutely love! And if worse comes to worse, you can always pain it back.

Invest in things that you can take with you when you move

  1. DIY decorating ideas for rentals
    Make your rental comfortable

    Don’t buy everything at once. You will make mistakes.  Spend a tiny bit of time on Pinterest trying to figure out what your style is, before making any final decisions.
  2. If you have not so pretty floors, a rug is a great way to mask it. Also, it will add a dimension and really ground the space.
  3. Buy a mirror that will add character. Choose your style and size. Hang it, or lean it. Either way, it makes space look brighter and bigger, which is always a good thing.
  4. Hang some curtains. There is something about curtains that just drips luxury. It adds so much to space. It makes it feel bigger, cozier, and much more like a home. When you hang them, make sure rods are close to the ceiling, not right next to the window. Make sure you don’t just buy them. Wash them, dry them and iron them. This makes all the difference in the world.
  5. There is nothing nice about plastic tv stands. Hang your electronics. It may seem intimidating, but it is not that hard. Use cord covers to hide any cables.
  6. Invest in things that you sit on. When you are furnishing a rental, and trying to keep your budget low, there is a big temptation to go cheap when it comes to investing in the sofa. There are plenty of other things that you can compromise and save money on. Choose wisely!
  7. Buy some lamps and add extra balance. They can transform a space in a minute.

Choose standing bookcases for your rental

Make sure everything fits in,
Make sure everything fits in.

That way you will avoid putting a bunch of holes in the wall. You can still have some fun accessories standing, hanging or leaning without causing damage and adding costs. No holes – no problems. Use removable hooks for things such as picture frames and clocks.
Since rentals usually lack storage, add your own with affordable bookcases. Make sure you have found space for everything. If necessary, add some containers. Hide all junk and clutter that will make your home look messy.
Accessorise your bookshelves per shelf. You want to make sure you have an odd number of items on each shelf. That way you can oppose heights, depths and sizes to give it some interest. Find some fancy book covers and give your shelves a new look. Add some flowers to the mixture. Fake greens will also fit in perfectly.

DIY to save money on decorating rentals

Make rental house feel like your own.
Make a rental house feel like your own.

DIYing stuff is my number one tip for budget decorating. Build furniture, make pillows, the options here are endless. Think outside of the box and get creative.  You are almost guaranteed to save money if you make something instead of buying it.
Don’t buy expensive artwork and antiquities. Find some patterns, photos or different prints online and frame them. This can end up great if you use some super cute frames. Having this deco price in mind, you can easily change prints whenever you like.
Accessories are a place to try to save your budget. Even though these items are not very expensive, it all adds up. It’s best if you can find some old, used pieces. Somebody’s trash can be your treasure! Go to some local yard sales or second-hand shops and find your new accessories.
The bedroom is often the last room we turn our attention to when renting. Focusing on the place you spend one-third of your time should make sense to you. The texture is a great place to start. The cozier the better. Tossing a nice knitted blanket on a bed is an easy way to make the bedroom feel warm.

Here are some extra tips:

Add a little elegant touch note to your rental by adding some wooden or marble surfaces. For this small project, you will need marble or wooden contact paper. Apply it to the top of the desk or any other flat surface. It actually looks real, and it is super cheap.
Breath new life into your space by painting your furniture, everything from a bench to an armoire. The update will go a long way. Old radiators can be really ugly. Instead of repainting them install a cover, adapting the unit into a shelf for books and framed photos.
Don’t invest in new doors or cabinets for your rental, just change up the hardware. You can replace hardware such as doorknobs and make a big difference. Just make sure to put original parts in a safe place, and remember where it is. That way you can put them back when you decide to move out.