Stress-venting while moving to Toronto

There are few things in life that will cause you as much stress as moving can. The sheer concept of such a large-scale change is emotionally over-whelming. Not to mention all the challenges that await you before and after moving. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are very glad that you decided to make a new beginning. And what better way than going to Toronto, where you’re always welcome and celebrated for adding to the diversity of the city.
So let us tell you what’s going to happen here. You are going to beat yourself senseless over-thinking every detail and decision through. You will constantly question yourself whether you’re doing the right thing, whether you’ll regret moving etc. Then you will read this easy-going article and feel a bit lighter and relaxed. Stress-relief through reading and understanding.

Stress free
Never be afraid of exploring new places

A short guide to reducing your moving stress to a minimum

1. Understand and overcome your fear from moving to a new place

Most people will tell you that moving causes the same amount of stress as would losing your job or suffering from a serious illness. And the worst thing is that they are absolutely right. Routine and knowing ones surrounding is what keeps us in check. The order of it all is what provides us with inner security and a calm state of mind. And now, all of a sudden, that order turns into complete anarchy due to a life-changing decision. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Well, it might, but only at first. Once you learn how to adjust and correct your point of view, everything will make more sense.
The important thing to remember is to always focus on the good and not the bad. You’ve already made a great choice when you decided to move to Queen City. No matter the reason, you need a positive new environment to help you grow. Another relevant fact is that with new beginnings come new people – new friends (as well as new loves for all you single people). And finally, you have to look at this as a blank sheet, waiting to be filled with new adventures just around the corner.

The key is time-management
Take a deep breath and let time slow down.

2. Plan out your move well ahead of time.

If you think that Rome was built in a day, you are sadly mistaken. Moving is a long and tiring process, but if you start planning it in time, it can go quite smoothly. And this is really something you want since the goal is to reduce stress. So clear a part of your daily schedule for some important moving steps:

  • Secure your new home and everything that goes with it. Whether your move is inspired by personal desire or business necessity, you need to make sure that you find the perfect Toronto home for you. And this includes preparing the obligatory paperwork and resolving any current issues that might be haunting you here.
  • Hire a reliable moving company to help you move stress-free. It’s important that you leave your valuables in capable hands. So read up on reviews, dial some numbers and schedule meetings with high-rated movers. The less you need to worry about the moving process, the better.
  • Start packing early and without rushing. Consider starting the packing process two or three weeks before the actual move. It gives you ample time to pack everything properly and securely, while also reducing the risk of forgetting anything.

3. Relieve yourself of existing stress by purging.

Take advantage of the packing process by making it a fun activity for you. Think of de-cluttering as a way to relieve your worries. If you’re planning on selling those extra things, have fun while taking some pictures and organizing a yard sale. Perhaps you’re more in the mood to donate those clutter items, giving away to others and letting all the negative energy disappear in the process. Or you might simply want to gift some of those memories to people close to you – seeing them smile because of something you did for them. No matter what path you choose – make it count.
Finally, don’t forget that you need to get rid of the food and alcohol storage, which can be so much fun. You can conduct some culinary experiments if cooking relaxes you or you might simply want to make a farewell party and go all out. This will give you the chance to have some laughs, make new memories as well as plans on seeing all those friends in the near future.

4. Find ways to cope with post-moving depression.

It’s important for you to understand that everyone goes through three stages while moving:

  • Letting go – packing up everything and saying “goodbye for now” to your friends.
  • The in-between – looking back at what you’ve left behind while on your way to your new home.
  • New beginning – setting yourself up in your new residence and setting down roots.

Given that we’re already went through the first two stages and how to best cope with them, let’s focus on the third phase. You’ve arrived at your new apartment,everything is unpacked and in place – now what? Well, to start off, introduce yourself to some of your new neighbors – nothing like new acquaintances to help you fit in. It’ll give you the chance to get some recommendation about the neighborhood, where to go, what to look out for etc.
Next step would be seeking out new adventures – go out for a walk and explore. Toronto has a lot to offer to newcomers, so you never know what might be waiting just around the corner. Two important gains from this – you’ll most likely make new friends along the way and you’ll end up establishing some new routines in your life, which will help smooth the transition significantly.

Stress relief.
Step by step, it will all sink in and work itself out.

5. See the full potential in front of you

As we go on, we experience constant changes in life. It’s what makes us grow and establish ourselves as persons we will be one day. So try not to think of this as an ending so much as a new adventure. And the faster you embrace it, the more you’ll be able to take from it. So put your stress to sleep, go out and see what happens – simple as that.