Moving seniors: a comprehensive guide

Our aging loved ones deserve the best care we can give. Particularly during the trial of moving which can be quite vexing for young people, too. There is no excuse for not anticipating their needs, especially when there are clear and thorough tips available. Issues that follow moving seniors can be avoided so don’t be afraid.

All the right moves

It is very important that you know how long the trip would last and to discuss travel options well in advance.¬† You already know if your aging parent has a medical issue that can get worse during the move. Maybe they will require medical transport or escort service for the elderly. It would be less stressful if you could arrange for an overnight journey via train or short direct flight. Whether they’re traveling alone or with a hired companion, they should keep their meds and prescriptions close, just in case.

Showing comfort
Take special care of how your aging family member feels about the move

The sooner you start making preparations, the better. Four to six months is the optimal time to settle everything because seniors need to accustom to the idea of change. What else do you need to take into account? Aside from checking the useful tips for preparation, it would best if you could partly involve them in some aspects of the move:

  • Visualizing their new home and planning
  • Organizing possessions and removal of excess items
  • Hire a company and manager specialized in moving seniors
  • Take care of the paperwork, pension, and healthcare insurance
  • Oversee the moving
  • Unpack, set up and restock

Moving seniors efficiently and thoughtfully

After living for so long in a home you sculpted to your needs, relocating feels like someone is pulling the ground from your feet. Add to that the fact your parent is leaving their neighborhood, connections, and everything that used to make their everyday life. It is not hard to imagine that being pulled from a comfort zone is not only extremely stressful but it causes a spectrum of emotional reactions. To make moving seniors smoother, you need to invest a lot of patience and understanding while you discuss it with them. Start with pointing out all the positive aspects of the relocation and how it is in their best interest. Continue showing them blueprints of their new home and ask them to help you plan. Asking close family members and your children for help will greatly help reduce emotional stress.

Balance between what your senior wants and needs
Find the balance between what your senior wants and actually needs

Sort and downsize

While you’re in the planning phase, first check which pieces of furniture can fit your senior’s new home. It will give you both a clear picture of what you can move. Enlist their belongings and expect they will want to keep it all. Don’t throw away anything without their approval, and respect their emotions and memories. Go through all the items in their inventory and consult if you should better sell it, donate it or throw it. Consider contacting local charities together, it is soothing to donate to someone in need. It may happen that even with your best effort you can’t or won’t dispose of certain items. If you want to keep them but don’t have room for it, rent a storage unit from your local storage facility.

Professional senior relocation

We recommend selecting a reliable moving company well in advance. You wouldn’t want anyone but dependable professionals to handle the relocation and at the right time of the year. Consider asking companies specialized in moving seniors for packing and unpacking services, aside from loading and unloading the vehicle, and compare prices.
No matter how many articles you read and tips you find, you should think about hiring a professional senior move manager, like those from Senior move managers are specialized in moving older adults and can help you in every aspect of the relocation. They assist in the disposal of items you sorted out either through auction or donation or both. They can search for the reputable moving company on your behalf, interview and supervise the movers.

Make a thorough research and find reputable companies for moving seniors
Make thorough research and find reputable companies for moving seniors

The most trusted organization that gathers certified Senior Move Managers is the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and it guarantees for their members’ competence and professionalism.

Deal with paperwork

With all the inevitable stress, it is certain that¬†dealing with the paperwork would be overwhelming for your elderly parent. We advise you to make sure yourself that the necessary documentation and services are gathered and arranged for in time. Note that you should arrange for the change of address, and find and keep medical and financial records. It is very important to have and keep your moving contract and following documents. It covers you in case of any loss or damage in transit. Your parent’s pension benefits or health insurance coverage may be affected if they’re moving to another country or state. If you need further assistance, you should call an attorney specialized in elderly law and ask them to review necessary legal documents.

Be present and supervise

Of all the things you did to help in moving seniors nothing will be as appreciated as your presence. Not only that you need to double check that nothing is forgotten, but you also need to wear a cloak of confidence. Focus on the emotional state of your aging parent and take special care to help them avoid any injuries. Make sure they have a bag with first-night necessities, IDs, and valuables with them at all times. Carefulness during this time will reward you greatly once your parent is safely in their new home.

senior photographer
Search for activities that will preoccupy your aging parent in their new neighborhood

Once the move is over

Wherever their new home will be, after moving senior you need to help them settle. As mentioned before, involve them as much as possible in the process. It is their home, after all, and if they want to keep things as before, indulge them. Make sure they can navigate through their living area safely and freely. Make certain that your elderly parent can easily reach assistance if they are moving to a retirement community. Getting to know their new neighborhood is of utmost importance and there’s nothing better than taking a stroll together. Google in advance the location of clinics, pharmacies, parks, markets, and senior clubs. Take time to meet their neighbors and introduce them – why don’t you throw a party?