Tips for Americans moving to Toronto

Many Americans move to beautiful Toronto

      For the most of US citizens, Canada, and Toronto being part of it, is considered some kind of a northern province of the USA. But not only that is a big mistake, being that Canadians love their nation very much, but it is also not that easy for an American to move to Canada. As Toronto is the very attractive destination for different people of the world, especially for citizens of the USA, we are going to say some things that might help you if you come from the States, and you think of moving to Toronto, so it would be an easier move for you. We already mentioned in one of the previous articles what are pros and cons of moving to Toronto, so we are only saying some tips what to pay attention to if you decide to move to Toronto.  

Paperwork needed to work in Canada

The most important thing when moving to Toronto is to check what do you need to apply for a job

      When you move somewhere, you need to be sure that you are able to work there. In case you work in one of NAFTA professions on the temporary basis, you have working permission guaranteed. Also if you work for a company that has an agreement with Canada to have their workers working there. But, if this is not the case, then we advise you to check on what is required to get the permit to work in Canada, so you would be able to work after you move to Toronto, being an American there.
      If you are a doctor, an engineer or some other expert in a profession that requires a licence or special permit, you need to get the information what you need to do to get that. Your licence issued by USA authorities might be recognized in Toronto, so you need to get that information. If not, check who issues the licence for the Territory of Toronto, and make sure that you acquired it before you make your move to Canada, so you wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t, because that way you wouldn’t be able to work. Therefore, we will repeat once again, thoroughly examine what are the requirements to get a permission to work in Canada for your profession.

Bank accounts

You want to establish your bank accounts as soon as you moved to Toronto

What an American should do to open a bank account after the move to Toronto.

First thing you wants to know about Canadian banking system is- it is different than the one in the USA. In Canada, the banks are regulated nationally– which is the main difference from the States where each state regulates the system within her borders. When you, an American, move to Toronto, you want to establish the bank account. In Canada, you need to give the permission that the bank accesses your US credit record. If an American is moving to Toronto without a job secured there, you need to have the amount as big as 6 months income as a reserve in the bank, because there could be a while until you make the transition to your new job, and Toronto is very expensive city, even compared to many cities in the USA.

Health insurance

Although you do have health insurance for free as a guarantee from authorities of Canada after short time, you want to be secured as soon as you move to Toronto

      Canada does offer free insurance to citizens, and also to residents of Canada, but, at the beginning, you will need to secure private insurance, until you are granted a free one. That Is the procedure for the American who moves to Toronto. You do not want to find yourself in trouble if something happens during that gap of three months, and you haven’t purchased private health insurance. There are exceptions to every rule. Therefore, if you are a refugee you may receive the free health insurance from the beginning. But in any other way, you need to secure it yourself, for up to 3 months

Improve your language skills

An American moving to Toronto should at least speak French, besides English, of course

      Although you got the right information that an American may move to Toronto, live there, deal with institutions and work using only English, remember that Toronto is in Canada. And Canada is a bilingual country. Therefore, you never know when you might need a good knowledge of French language. The job might require that after a while, you will maybe meet some interesting people from French community, which is well-established here, and who knows what other reason. That is why, in case you do not speak French, or you speak it but you are very weak at it, you should take classes to improve your skills. After all, you are an American moving to Toronto, you want to blend in.
      We only said some things that might be a problem for you if you move to Toronto, so you could avoid them by preparing for the move. We didn’t mention every important thing, though, just those we consider the most important, and also that could cause you the worst problem if neglected. Some other important things are that you are advised to make sure you secure the job before you make a move, also, pick a neighbourhood where you want to move, and we discussed neighbourhoods of Toronto in our previous articles Toronto movers guide I and Toronto movers guide II, and pre-arrange a home there, because it is not that easy to find a good home at an acceptable price for your budget etc. In case you are not at all sure of how an American could move to Canada, we suggest you watch the video: