Tips for moving your art collection

So, you want to move, but you have a large art collection with you? Moving your art can seem like a tough, but beautiful problem to have. Art pieces are usually very fragile and sometimes heavy, so that means that moving them requires a lot of attention. Pieces of art can come in different kinds of shapes and each of them requires a special kind of handling. There is a difference between moving pieces of art and moving ordinary things one can find at home. So, here we are going to offer you some tips for moving you art collection.

First of all, moving your art on your own is a no-no

People tend to think that moving on your own can actually save you money. While that can seem like a logical conclusion, that can’t be further from actual truth. Yes, moving on your own can be less expensive when you’re moving few blocks, or few neighborhoods away, but in no situation can that be more efficient when you’re moving more than a mile away. Especially when you’re living in a city, and even more when you have an expensive art collection with you. It is good to find affordable movers when you are moving your art, but it is more important to find movers who can move your art safely to your chosen destination.

You won’t hurt yourself

Moving art is not so different than moving specialty items. Art pieces can be quite heavy and hard to transport, and moving them can lead to injuries. Health is the most important part of one’s life, even more than art is. Sometimes, medical expenses can be more expensive than some pieces of art. So, make sure to hire a reliable moving company which specializes in moving pieces of art. If some of the movers get hurt, their medical expenses will be covered by a moving company they’re working for.

There is almost no chance that they’ll break something you own

Professionals who are specialized in moving art usually won’t damage art while they’re moving it. Their job is to take care of your art, and in no way they want to allow some of your art pieces to be damaged. If you’re not a professional mover, there is a higher chance that you’ll break or damage something. Stress tied to moving can easily lead to damaged art. And you don’t want your art to be damaged while in transport. Specialized moving companies have a special kind of transport for moving valuable art pieces. So, do a wise thing and hire a moving company that specializes in moving art.

You need a storage for your art

One of the essential tips for moving your art collection is to have a storage for it. There are companies like Neeley’s Van and Storage, that have specialized storage for your art. They even have a right temperature and humidity for your valuable pieces of art in their storage system.
If you’re moving your art in or out of Toronto, you are in luck. There is a great storage for your art in Ontario. So, do a right thing and safely store your possessions in Ontario.

Know your art

As mentioned, different pieces of art require different kinds of attention. Some of them are larger, and some of them are opposite of that. Some of them can even be just a few inches in size. Art can be more or less fragile, and there is a difference between handling sculptures and handling paintings. So, you need to know your art, and understand the needs of your different pieces of art.

For your smaller pieces of art use medium sized boxes

If you want to pack your boxes like a pro, it is best to put your smaller pieces of art in one place, for example in a single medium sized box. Putting them in one place reduces the chance of damage, since they’ll be tightly packed. Vibrations that are tied to transportation can’t be avoided. If you have your small pieces of art tightly packed, they’ll be supporting each other, and it’ll significantly reduce the risk of damage. But, remember to pack each piece carefully. Wrap each piece you own with protective materials, such as protective wrap or even newspaper. Your box should be filled with packing peanuts to avoid movement during the transportation.

Use crates for your large pieces of art

For your larger pieces of art it is best to use wooden crates. They are sturdy and unbreakable, so your art will stay safe in them. Crating artwork gives a next level of protection that a box could never give. It is best to have a special crate for every piece of large art you own. It is not expensive to make them, and that means that it is not so expensive to get them. Yes of course, they are more expensive than boxes, but it is the safest way to move art. It will give you the best protection you can have while you are moving your valuable pieces of art, especially over longer distances. So, do a right thing and have your larger pieces of art moved in a pre-built or custom wooden crates. It’ll make your life easier, and your large and valuable art safe.

Have an insurance before you start moving your art

If you have very valuable pieces of art, you can ask a moving company of your choice for extra insurance. Make sure that you have an insurance based on value before you start moving your art. There is an insurance that is weight based, and you don’t want that kind of insurance. Ask specifically for a value based insurance.