Top-rated neighborhoods in North York for renters

If you are looking to move to Toronto, there are many options! There are so many options that it can become overwhelming at times. But, luckily for you, our experts from Toronto Local Movers know a lot about this topic, and they will help you out. That is why they assisted in preparing this guide on top-rated neighborhoods in North York for renters! Let’s see what are those!

Best neighborhoods in North York

North York is considered one of the best areas to move to if you plan to rent an apartment. those neighborhoods are:

  • Amesbury
  • York Mills
  • Willowdale
  • Humberlea 
  • Downsview
  • Lawrence Manor
  • Humber Summit
  • Emery


Amesbury is a middle-class, family-oriented neighborhood. Despite its tiny size, this neighborhood has its own schools, community center, public library, and sports groups. The Black Creek Valley and Black Creek Drive split Amesbury in the center. Moreover, the geology of the Amesbury neighborhood includes pockets of ravine woodlots, several hills, and a plethora of mature trees, all of which contribute to the neighborhood’s natural beauty.

Park in Amesbury
Amesbury is a great neighborhood filled with greenery!

If you plan on moving to Amesbury, you should know that pros from the area can jump in and help you out. Having professional movers by your side while moving into any of the neighborhoods of North York, especially Amesbury, can mean a lot. Moving is a complicated affair, and you can even get hurt if you don’t pay attention. That is why it is better to hire movers and let them handle your move to one of the best neighborhoods in North York for renters.

York Mills

York Mills is one of Toronto’s wealthiest communities. Its mills have long since vanished, replaced by gleaming office buildings and opulent apartments. Its principal arterial highways, such as Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue, were originally inaccessible by automobile but today serve as vital thoroughfares to and from the city center. Despite these changes, York Mills has managed to retain a calm tranquillity and natural beauty that has contributed to its status as one of Toronto’s most attractive neighborhoods.


Willowdale is a thriving and modern urban neighborhood. It is filled with luxury apartments, amazing homes, glass office buildings, and many more things. Earl Haig Secondary School, which was recently constructed and has an excellent academic reputation, is also located in Willowdale. Earl Haig is also known for its Claude Watson Arts department, which offers students the opportunity to major in dance, theater, music, or visual arts. Willowdale is a great option if you are moving to Toronto for work. Many people are moving from California to Canada for work, and if they are in higher positions, they often opt for Willowdale for their new home.


Humberlea is a peaceful, family-oriented neighborhood. Weston Road runs through the heart of this community, which is bounded on the west by the Humber River Valley, on the south by Highway 401, and on the east by the Canadian Pacific railway and industries. The initial inhabitants of Humberlea were British. But, in recent years, a sizable Italian community has moved into the area, adding to the neighborhood’s diversity.

Toronto skyline
Humberlea is a contrast to Toronto’s urban areas and one of the best neighborhoods in North York for renters.

Humberlea is a great option if you are looking for reasonable rent prices and a great community. Moving to Humberlea will be much easier if you get professional help. Many moving companies like will happily help you move to Humberlea! So, make sure to get yourself a break, and hire a moving company for your move to Humberlea!


Downsview is one of Toronto’s most populous areas. It features a big Italian community in the Keele Street area, as well as a substantial Jewish community in the Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue areas. Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the Allen Expressway are two neighborhood icons in Downsview. Downsview Park, which is located on the old Canadian Forces Base, is now a new neighborhood landmark. This park is unique in that it is the country’s only national urban park. Moreover, Downsview Park is a multi-use venue that hosts activities and programs for people of all ages all year long. It also has a multi-sport facility, a private school, and a driving test and licensing center called Drive Test.

Lawrence Manor

Lawrence Manor is a primarily Jewish Orthodox neighborhood with a strong sense of community. This neighborhood’s eastern edge is Bathurst Street, which is lined with Jewish schools and cultural centers, synagogues, restaurants, and retail establishments. Moreover, The Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, which provides hospital and nursing home care, is the neighborhood’s most prominent landmark. Baycrest’s well-acclaimed nursing care facilities are now undergoing a substantial restoration and expansion.

Humber Summit

Humber Summit is a tiny, middle-class town in North York’s northwestern reaches. The Humber River runs through this neighborhood to the west, while industry runs through it to the east. Steeles Avenue, which also acts as the border between the cities of Toronto and Vaughan, is the northern edge of Humber Summit. Humber Summit is a close-knit neighborhood with a strong Italian presence. In recent years, Humber Summit has attracted a large number of new East Indian and Asian families to the area. When moving to this neighborhood, it is best to hire a moving company. Just make sure to watch out for the signs of a moving scam. Before hiring movers, do research on their company!

Aerial view of Humber Summit
Humber Summit is one of the most diverse areas in North York.


Emery is a neighborhood in Toronto’s northwest. The breathtaking splendor of the Humber River Valley borders it on the west, while the Canadian Pacific freight railway line borders it on the east. Milvan Drive is a commercial and industrial corridor and is located near the north end of the neighborhood. It contains an unusual mix of vehicle sales and service shops, a church, wholesalers and importers, a Latin American-themed retail complex, and even a range of specialty type companies.

Moreover, Emery is one of the most culturally diverse areas of Toronto. The local high school boasts pupils from 45 different ethnic origins, and the commercial areas are brimming with restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines.

In conclusion

There are many great neighborhoods in North York for renters to choose from, but these are our top picks. They have the best prices and the best communities. Just make sure to do some more research on them before your move, and find the best area for you! That way you will be the happiest!