Toronto immigrants getting along tips

You took the main steps when it comes to moving to Toronto as an expat. The packing and moving are already started and the moving day is coming soon. We already gave you the instructions what to be careful of as a Toronto newcomer. Also, we informed you what to take care of when choosing a professional moving company in Toronto. After you secured yourself from moving scams and prepared everything needed for the Toronto move, there are still things to do. You must be aware of some of the most important things when it comes to relocating to Toronto as an immigrant. That’s why we are writing this -Toronto immigrants getting along tips- article. You will learn what you must do so you could be able to live normally in Toronto. 

Tips for Toronto immigrants getting along in Holywood North

When it comes to moving to Canada, as an expat, you should know you’re moving to a completely different system than the one you got used to. You need to adjust, and you need to adopt a new lifestyle. Starting with the most important things:

Toronto immigrants getting along tips- learn how to be part of Toronto
Before moving to Canada learn about Toronto immigrants getting along tips

  • New home for newcomers to Toronto- Check out what to expect from the housing matter here. Toronto newcomers moving guide helps you inform about that from your current home.
  • Healthcare system, and how to acquire it when you move to Toronto- Get to know what kind of healthcare waits for you when you have moved to Toronto. Also of great importance for families with children.
  • Money issues Toronto newcomers should be aware of- Without proper information about taxes, currency, laws etc, you can’t live normally anywhere. Therefore, you can’t live normally as an immigrant in Toronto too.

An immigrant moving to Toronto should secure the housing prior to the relocation

Toronto is a huge city. If you are a newcomer moving to Toronto from a small city or village- prepare for the shock. You’ll need some time to fit in. That’s why we advise you to secure the housing prior to making a Toronto move. An expat should at least contact the housing owners and agree to terms with them while still back home. That way, Toronto immigrants getting along would be much easier. Having in mind that you have a place to sleep. It is something that would give you freedom to start getting to know Toronto immediately.
Imagine the situation that you come to Toronto, and don’t have a place to stay. An immigrant to Toronto, not knowing the city, rushing to find the housing- seems like a good idea? In case you can’t find suitable housing from back home, at least secure temporary accommodation. There are lots of hotels and hostels offering you quite a good accommodation. With bathrooms, telephone, tv etc. Enough for start, until you secure the permanent home. We will give you some tips on how an immigrant can find a suitable accommodation:

  • Toronto immigrants getting along- Secure at least a hotel to stay when arrive in Toronto
    In case you can’t find suitable housing, be a wise immigrant and secure at least a hotel to stay in when moving to Toronto

    An expatriate moving to Toronto may use Yellow Pages website searching for hotels and hostels numbers in Quin city;
  • Also, what the expats could do is to do the research over the Internet. Search for travel organisations in Toronto, and check the accommodations they offer
  • The newcomers are advised to do a general Internet search for hotels and hostels in Toronto
  • In case an expat to Toronto didn’t manage to secure the accommodation prior to arriving in Hogtown, he/she should pay a visit to the information desk at the airport after you arrive
  • An immigrant might also try booking online a hotel or a hostel in Toronto over some website for the online booking

How an expatriate may obtain a health care in Toronto

Toronto immigrants getting along- secure the health insurance prior to moving to Toronto
Toronto newcomers must think of health insurance prior to making a move to Canada

The core design of Canadian health care system guarantees health care for all Canadian residents. What the catch here might be is that you cannot acquire it from the very beginning of your expat life in Toronto. In the beginning of your immigrant life in Toronto, acquire a private health insurance. Until you get the possibility to use the national Canadian health care.
The main thing that you should know about Canadian health care is that it is not controlled by state authorities. The system is controlled by provincial authorities. Being that we are talking about Toronto moving, you need to check the health care system in Ontario province. That way you will be informed of what an immigrant needs to do for being able to use health care in Toronto for free. This is maybe the most important tip for Toronto immigrants getting along.

Important things an expatriate to Toronto should know about money in Canada

First things first. As a Toronto newcomer, you need to know the basics about the currency in Canada. We will give you information about metal coins and paper money used in Canada:

The coins of Canadian dollar:

  • 1¢ – penny, with maple leaves on the back (the penny was removed in 2012);
  • 5¢ – nickel, you will recognise it by an image of a beaver on the back;
  • 10¢ – dime, with Bluenose on the back;
  • 25¢ – quarter, with picture of caribou or elk on the back; •
  • $1 – dollar or “loonie,” carrying the image of a common loon from the back side
  • $2 – two dollars or “toonie,” polar bear lies on the back of this coin.

The most important Canadian dollar paper bills:

  • $5 – blue colour, with a portrait of former PM Sir Wilfrid Laurier; •
  • $10 – purple, with a portrait of another former PM Sir John A. Macdonald
  • $20 – green, with a portrait of Queen of Canada, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • $50 – red, with a portrait of yet another former PM W. L. Mackenzie King
  • $100 – brown, also with a portrait of former PM, Sir Robert L. Borden

The first tip for a Toronto immigrant-  after you are informed about what Canadian money looks like- is to exchange your money into Canadian dollars prior to your moving to Toronto. That way you will probably get the best exchange rate, and also avoid problems when you arrive in Toronto. Because your currency might be not that much present in Canada.

Toronto immigrants getting along- learn about taxes in Canada
Collect the information about taxation in Canada before you become a Toronto newcomer

Taxation for Toronto immigrants

The other important thing when it comes to money is- taxation. Like in other countries, you must pay the income tax on the income you earned throughout a year. There are various ways of paying this kind of tax, and you should get informed about once you get to Toronto. In case you don’t want to have problems with Canadian authorities, as Toronto immigrants getting along. Another tax that is the most important for you is the GST tax, being that it will be added to the price whatever you are buying.