Toronto immigrants moving guide II

Here we are again! We proceed with informing you what you should know when immigrating to Toronto from abroad. In previous article’s guide for Toronto expats, we said some basics about how to move to Toronto. We based this information on the documentation needed to come and on starting few days when you arrive. This Toronto immigrants moving guide is giving you further tips on what to pay attention moving to Toronto as an expatriate.

Find out everything you need about immigrating to Canada, so you would blend in and feel like home in Toronto.

It is important to read it for what is to come after first couple months of your newcomer life in Toronto.
Since you are probably reading this text prior to your coming, you need to start doing what is about to be mentioned here as soon as possible. That way, you will come to Toronto prepared, and experience it in all of the beauty that Toronto might offer you! In case you are reading this article close to your moving day, then you better be quick in applying everything you will read here. Trust us and don’t make your Canadian move before you are completely 100% ready for it!

Toronto immigrants moving guide- Top tips for newcomers:

  • Learn languages before you commute to Toronto- Canada is a bilingual country. Toronto is in Canada. Get to know how good your knowledge must be of both of the languages spoken here.
  • Jobs for Toronto newcomers- How to get the employment, and what you should know about working conditions in Canada, being the same when moving to Toronto.
  • Education in Toronto for those moving to Toronto with children- This matter would be of significance especially for families moving to Canada with children.

Languages you should learn prior to your immigration to Canada

Toronto immigrants moving guide- learn english and french
Toronto immigrants must speak English and French before the relocating to a bilingual Canada.

If you are moving to Canada from non-English or non-French speaking area- get ready to improve your language skills. You should speak excellent least one of two official languages in Canada. Being that most of the people speak English, it could do it for you in Toronto. Nevertheless, although in Toronto you may live with no problems using only English, we suggest you improve French to at least medium level. You never know when the need might arise for using it in communication with the authorities of Canada. And when that comes, you don’t want the lack of knowledge to be an obstacle. Take classes to improve your English and/or French prior to collecting the documents for the immigration to Canada.

What to know about getting a job as a Toronto newcomer

This is probably the most important part of Toronto immigrants moving guide. You need to find a job. And you need to find it immediately after, or even better prior to, arriving in Toronto. Toronto is an expensive city. Don’t be careless about earning money for you and your family.
Good news for you is that Toronto has one of the highest growing job markets in the world! But remember, there are so many people trying to get the same job as you are. It is not easy at all to get a good job here in Toronto. Especially as an immigrant. Being that the law in Canada forbids a company in Canada to employ an immigrant for a position that could be filled by a Canadian citizen.
So, before you even think of coming to Toronto, get informed about what degree or licence or some other document you might be required to apply for a job as an immigrant in Toronto. The matter of finding a job is strongly connected to language knowledge. The employers commonly require job applicants to speak both of languages spoken in Canada.  You may check on what you need to get a job in your profession in Canada visiting immigrant services

If you are relocating to Toronto with the children, find out where they can get a good education

Toronto immigrants moving guide- provide your kids with decent education
Toronto newcomers having kids must provide them with a good education!

There’s no question about your desire to provide your children with the good education immigrating to Toronto. That is why you should explore carefully the Canadian education system, as well as where in Toronto you may find top quality schools. For the budget available, of course. Also, an important matter for the education is to check if you need to apply kids for the schools before you relocate to Toronto. Because if it is required, you might find yourself in trouble once you make your move.
When looking for information about education, it is important to know where to look. There’s now such thing as national or federal government department for education. Everything you need to know about the education in Toronto, you search by contacting provincial and territory education administer. These are institutions for helping parents get the information about the education in Canada.
Being that this is Toronto immigrants moving guide, we will give you information on who to contact regarding education in the province of Ontario. So here is a website where Toronto immigrants may find information about elementary and secondary education. Also, for those Toronto newcomers seeking for further education, here is a website with the information for post-secondary education.

Let’s run through the most important tips from today’s part of Toronto immigrants moving guide:

  1. Languages you should learn before you relocate to Toronto– Canada is a bilingual country, an immigrant must be able to use both of official Languages, English and French. 
  2. Job seeking in Toronto– Collect the proper information on what are the requirements for your profession in Canada. Do that prior to your Toronto moving day.
  3. Canada education system– There’s no an official education department for all of Canada. Inform yourself about education in Ontario. We provided you with where you should look.