Toronto newcomers moving guide I

We discussed in our previous articles what are the pros and cons of moving to Toronto. Also, we provided you with the tips for moving to Toronto from the USA. What we are going to provide you now with is the Toronto newcomers moving guide. This guide we prepared consulting immigrants to Toronto, as well as immigrants to Canada. They gave us tips what newcomers to Toronto should pay attention to, and here we are presenting it to you.

Toronto newcomers moving guide- get the information what you need to move to Toronto
Toronto newcomers coming from abroad must have the complete information what that really takes!

What you need to do is to carefully examine this guide for newcomers to Canada. Follow the links with further information about the things that need to be explained more detailed. Prepare for new life, because moving to Canada means relocating to completely new country and completely new laws. That is the main reason why we repeat it, examine what people coming to Canada from abroad said was the most important. Because some of them had problems not doing some things that we will mention here. It is better to learn from someone else’s mistakes, than on your own. And we will serve you here with the most important things to know when moving to Canada, specifically Toronto! Being that we did a detailed research, this ‘Toronto newcomers moving guide’ will come in two parts. The first part is about the coming to Toronto, and what you need for that.


-The things newcomers must know when relocating to Toronto-

  • Things to know before you move to Toronto- Inform yourself about what you should prepare before you even start thinking of packing your stuff
  • Know your rights and responsibilities before you become Toronto newcomer- Be wise and examine what are your rights once you arrived in Toronto. Also, find out the most important things about the law there.
  • Sources of information needed for newcomers to make the move to Toronto- If you have questions about what is needed for immigration to Canada; What documents you need to collect; Other questions that might arise- we will give you the information where you can check that.

Things to know before you move to Toronto

Toronto newcomers moving guide- get to know Toronto before you move there
Find out what paperwork you need to become Toronto newcomer

-Documents to collect before you relocate to Toronto-

It is very important to collect all the documents while still in your country. Collect all the documents for all family members moving with you. It makes it easier to take it with you before you get on the plane than after you landed to Toronto. And having documents as a newcomer to Toronto is essential!
Toronto newcomers moving guide tip I: List of documents you need to bring:

  • birth certificates
  • regular passports
  • marriage certificates (in case you are divorced-divorce certificates)
  • death certificate in case you have a deceased spouse
  • adoption records for adopted children moving with you to Toronto
  • diplomas and certificates for your education, and for the education of those newcomers coming with you to Toronto- together with the transcripts listing the courses you took to obtain a degree
  • vaccination records officially issued by a regular institution in your country
  • medical records together with dental records for each member of a family
  • driving licence and, if necessary for the country you move from to Toronto, International Driving Permit

Although some documents listed above you don’t need right away, have it anyway with yourself. Once the need any of them arises, you will have no headaches. Otherwise, you might get into trouble trying to reach it from back home.

-Prepare for first days after the relocation to Toronto is conducted-

You successfully collected all those boring paperwork, waiting in long lines and managed to save your nerves. Now you finally made to Relocate to Toronto, and officially became a Toronto newcomer! It will feel good only if you planned some things before relocating to Canada. First of all, you need to plan where you are going to stay in the beginning. You don’t want to be in a hurry and rent the first place you run to because you haven’t got where to sleep.
Also, you need to purchase private health insurance. You want to have health insurance until you are granted the one from Canada authorities. We suggest you purchase it prior to the moving, so once you come and become a Toronto newcomer you don’t need to think about that.
Get to know Toronto, and get to know the transportation system there before you relocate Toronto and become a Toronto newcomer. Don’t find yourself lost in this big city. That is one of the common problems we noticed while preparing to write the Toronto newcomers moving guide. You may collect this kind of information on the official webpage of the city. Also, you may find out more about Toronto reading our previous articles.

-Get ready for what’s to come in first two months after you became a Toronto newcomer-

It is wise to collect the information about things you are going to do when you moved to Toronto. Why loosing time on wondering around the city, when you can find the information now? That way you prevent possible problems with getting around in Toronto first days.

  • Find out where to address as a new immigrant to Toronto
  • Explore how a Toronto newcomer applies for a government health insurance
  • Do the same about the social insurance number (SIN), being that it is essential
  • Check on how to provide Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), to receive your permanent resident card
  • Get to know how you make calls and accessing the internet after you relocated to Toronto
  • Search the web to find out how Toronto newcomer registers children in a school

Know your rights and responsibilities before you move to Toronto 

Toronto newcomers moving guide- Get to know Canada's laws before you relocate to Toronto
Being a Toronto newcomer brings you rights but also responsibilities, according to the Canada’s law

When you are moving to another country, you are moving to another law system. We advise you to read the most important laws of Canada and get the full information about your rights and responsibilities prior to your packing and moving to Toronto. While doing the research for the articles regarding Toronto newcomers moving guide, most of the newcomers told us they experienced at least some kind of problem because they didn’t have proper information about the law. To avoid it, you can read shortly some things about Canadian laws, and we will mention some of the most important here:

Your rights in Canada:

  • Canadian citizen may express his/hers beliefs and opinions freely
  • You are allowed to associate with anyone you want and interact peacefully with other people;
  • You are free to practice your religion;
  • Where you want to live in Canada is only up to you;
  • In Canada, every individual is equal before and under the law, so no matter what crime you are accused of, you may defend yourself. The government must respect all your rights guaranteed to you by the law;
  • With no discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, your right is to have the equal protection and also to gain equal benefit of the law
  • You have the same rights, regardless of your sex;
  •  You may require Federal services in both languages- English and French.

Your responsibilities in Canada:

  • Toronto newcomer must respect Canada’s laws
  • At least one of two languages- French or English- you must learn
  • You must have a work to take care of you and your family
  • Moving to Toronto means you need to help other community members
  • As a newcomer to Toronto, you must Protect Canada’s heritage and natural environment

 Read important Canada’s laws, not to get in trouble once you moved to Toronto

Now you have basic information about what you are allowed, and what is required from you in Canada. But to be fully informed, read more carefully, and more detailed about the laws, so you wouldn’t get in trouble because of not knowing it.

Sources of information needed for newcomers to make the move to Toronto

When making a move to another country, it is a big step. There is not one person that may claim to be sure of having everything needed for that. In those situations when you are not sure of what you need for immigration and whether you collected everything for that, you need a source of information. We will mention here only top 3 places where you can collect them.

In case you can’t find what you are looking for using these websites, or there is something we didn’t mention in Toronto newcomers moving guide, you may always contact us from Toronto Local Movers, and we will find the information you need!
In the end, before you go to our next article with Toronto newcomers moving guides, relax watching the video of Toronto, the most beautiful city in the world: