Toronto vs Vancouver – Which is better for job seekers?

If you are considering relocating to Canada from some other country or inside Canada, you have definitely considered two of the most popular places, Vancouver and Toronto. It is sometimes difficult to choose between these two cities, owing to their differences. Toronto has an east coast vibe to it, and many people consider it to be a Canadian New York. In contrast, Vancouver has a unique west coast vibe. It’s more reminiscent of San Francisco or Seattle. Let’s see how these two cities compare according to our experts from Toronto Local Movers and which one is better for job seekers, Toronto vs Vancouver!

Toronto vs Vancouver: Economy and job market

British Columbia is the spot to be if you’re seeking work. The British Columbia economy is broad and healthy, with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. People in Vancouver work as software engineers, accountants, marketers, advertising, and in a number of other fields. Outside of the municipal borders, there are several outdoor jobs available for people of various skill levels. This is not a new trend. In general, British Columbia has one of the most healthy and varied economies in the country. That is why many people are moving from Toronto to Vancouver. If you decide on moving to Vancouver, you should hire professional help and settle in without stress and too much work.

Toronto skyline
Toronto is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange which makes it great for people working in finances.

Toronto’s economy is likewise strong, although not as strong as Vancouver’s. A large part of this can be attributed to diversification. Toronto has a large presence of banks and financial institutions. The Toronto Stock Exchange is located in downtown Toronto. While this indicates that Toronto has a powerful banking industry, it also implies that the majority of Toronto’s key sectors are tied to finance. This is wonderful if you work in banking. However, if you wish to work in other industries, Vancouver is frequently a better option. If you are a banker and decide to move to Toronto, you should take a look at our guide for newcomers to Toronto! After reading our guide you will feel like you have been living in Toronto for years!

Toronto vs Vancouver: Activities

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Vancouver is the place to be. The view in Vancouver is breathtaking. Mountains, forests, and magnificent rivers and streams all contribute to Vancouver’s spectacular beauty. If you take the boat to Vancouver Island, you will see breathtaking scenery along the way. There are several hiking trails in Vancouver. Driving up to Whistler will present you with a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities, such as skiing in the winter. Vancouver is a fantastic spot to spend time outside.

Forest in Vancouver
Vancouver takes the crown because of its wonderful nature!

On the other hand, this is not available in Toronto. There aren’t as many hiking possibilities in Toronto. Toronto also lacks the same rugged landscape. As a result, while there are ski resorts outside of the city, they are not as stunning as those in Vancouver. If you enjoy being outside, Toronto is probably not for you. But, this has its perks. For example, if you decide to move out of Toronto, it will be much easier because there are moving companies like, that will move you in no time. This is much more practical because it’s a more urban area!

In conclusion

Both cities have their perks, but Vancouver takes the win in the job opportunity match. But, don’t overlook Toronto in this Toronto vs Vancouver matchup, because it has its perks too. It depends on your personal preferences and which one will suit you better!