Vehicle shipping – 8 things you need to know

If you’re going to partake in the process of vehicle shipping, you need to make sure everything is right. We all love our cars and care about them dearly. Just the thought of something going wrong is something that we want to avoid when looking for car transport services. Unfortunately, the car shipping industry is not regulated as much as it should be and there’s a lot of shady companies out there wanting to take your money while not providing a great quality of service. The same thing applies if you are moving to Toronto as well. If you are doing so in Birmingham, check these guys out – In order to avoid this, we compiled a list of 8 things you should check out before choosing an auto transport company. In no particular order, let’s get into it.

Check the company profile on Yelp before vehicle shipping

Seeing what previous clients say about a company is the best way to determine their quality of service. If the reviews are bad, avoid the car shipping company. If they are good, go for it. It’s that simple. Well not really. People leave fake reviews. Take every review with a pinch of salt, but if the majority is bad or if you see the same problem being mentioned multiple times, 9/10 times the company should be avoided when car shipping. Out of all different options, Yelp really is the best one. They have the most credible reviews and present the most trustworthy option. Make sure to check out the company on Yelp before even making the call.

A question mark implying you should ask questions when vehicle shipping
By looking at reviews you can get answers to most questions you have.

Don’t be afraid to spend more in order to get a better quality of service

Better companies cost more money. Do not think they are trying to scam you for more money or they are snake oil salesman. If you run a vehicle transport company and provide premium quality of service, of course, you are going to charge more than the average guy. Additionally, if you see that a company has good and credible reviews, long history of business and good marketing/website, you can right then and there conclude that the price is probably going to be high. If you want your shipment to go without any issues and for everything to be done in a timely manner, you will have to pay more. That’s just how things are.

 Empty out your vehicle before shipping it

According to the law, all vehicles that are being shipped have to be empty of all personal belongings. Some companies risk it and allow you upwards of 100 pounds in the trunk. Anything more is considered cargo and has to be moved in a separate truck. Unless you really have to, do not put things in the vehicle. If the vehicle is inspected by the police they might fine the driver and seize the items. There are a lot of better ways to move your items safely. Furthermore, the company that is doing this is breaking the law and if they are doing it here, as a result, they are probably doing it somewhere else. Avoid this when vehicle shipping.

Rut the company details through the DOT system

The company that you are going to use needs to have all needed licenses and insurance. There are a lot of bad things that can happen when you ship a car if you go with a company that is not even licensed. The Department of transportation checks every licensed carrier regularly and makes sure they comply to all standards before giving it their stamp of approval. Before signing any type of a binding agreement, go to the DOT Website and put in their details to make sure the company is legit.

A picture of a government building
The government can help you make the right decision when shipping a vehicle.

Use the Better Business Bureau as a guideline

By going on the BBB Website and typing in the company name, a lot can be learned. The complaint history, how long they have been in the business and some reviews as well. The best thing about the BBB is that they vet their businesses. If a company has the Accredited Business stamp on their profile, that means that they went under a vetting process by the platform. You will find this true if you are looking for a moving guide as well. And it’s a very thorough one, to say the least. As a result, a BBB Accredited business is probably the best way to make sure a company that provides car transport services is a good one.

If they are using stock photos, it might be a bad sign

If a company is a broker or a shady one, they probably do not have their own pictures. No trucks, no buildings, no employees = no pictures. This is something that should not be taken as a strict rule, but in general, it’s often true. A reputable company Website should have pictures of their movers in action. Similarly, some pictures with happy clients are a plus too. Again, do not use this as a general guideline when you decide to ship a car, but it might be the last drop that makes you not choose a company.

Take pictures on the pickup

Not everyone has a perfect memory. I know I don’t. By taking pictures when the driver comes to pick up the vehicle, you can instantly get proof if something goes wrong. If you do not, it’s hearsay. The driver will be claiming the scratch was not there and you will have no facts to present otherwise. Make sure to snap a few pics when vehicle shipping in order for the process to be as safe as possible. By the way, the driver should be doing this as well as part of the usual protocol. If they are not, it can also be a sign of a bad company. Heres a couple of things to note with your camera when the driver comes:

  • Any prior scratches
  • Lumps or dents
  • Door area is always something that might suffer damages when vehicle shipping
  • Windows

 Ask the company what you need to know

If you have questions, ask them. Do not be afraid to ask every single thing you are wondering about. Raise all your concerns before binding to anything and if you do not like the answers, move on. Auto transport goes a lot smoother if you do this. Do not hesitate when vehicle shipping. See a bad review? Ask what happened there. Found a complaint history? Ask about it. The way they respond can seriously help you make the final decision.

a sign that says questions answers
Ask the hard questions to ensure your shipment going well.